Theotokos, Mother of God


An introduction to Mariology and a study of the dogma that Mary is the Mother of God given by Mr. David Rodríguez, M. Th.

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PRODUCT INCLUDES: 39 mp3 audio files, 2 pdf files: slide notes

DESCRIPTION: Devotion to Mary is necessary for our salvation! - thus teach the saints and the perennial tradition of Holy Mother Church. Therefore, every Catholic, every person, ought to be extremely concerned with having such a devotion. Yet a proper devotion (orthopraxy) always depends upon right doctrine (orthodoxy).

In this course on Mariology we study the true doctrine concerning our Blessed Mother - from the doctrinal, scriptural, apologetic, liturgical and historical perspective.

We begin with a basic overview of Mary in Sacred Scripture. Then we study the fundamental Marian dogma on which all others hinge, namely that Mary is the Mother of God (Theotokos / Dei Genitrix). This dogma is elucidated from infallible Church teaching, Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and faith and reason. The controversies surrounding this title and the heresies about Christ's person, that led some to deny Mary's Divine Maternity, are studied and critically exposed. Finally, we study several important spiritual and practical implications of this dogma.

This is the first course in the series on the Blessed Mother and Marian Dogmas.


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