Duties of Women: Wives and Mothers


This is the second course in the series on Duties of State in Life. The first talk was provided by Fr. Michael Rodríguez, the last was delivered to a group of women only by Mrs. Roseanne Rodríguez, and the other four talks were given by Mr. David Rodriguez, M.Th.


PRODUCT INCLUDES: 50 mp3 audio files, 1 pdf file: Duties of the Mother

DESCRIPTION: Woman has three principal roles in her family, that of Wife, Mother and Nourisher. She is the heart of the family and guardian of the home. Unfortunately, the majority of society no longer values the role of woman in accordance with the truth and beauty given to it by God. This is because the diabolical revolution that has flooded our age, spreading the errors of communism across the globe, ferociously attacks authentic femininity (the ancient serpent has always hated the woman and works hard to seduce her). Thus, we have to recover an esteem for true womanhood and restore feminine dignity. In order to attain Heaven, a woman will have to fight the currents of the world and faithfully fulfill her duties.


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