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Mission of Grace and Truth View description ▼ The mission of the Holy Ghost is to give testimony of Jesus by leading men into all truth and bestowing that grace which divinizes souls, forming Jesus Christ in them. But He does not do this work alone. He does it in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary. This pattern is clearly seen at the Incarnation and at Pentecost. He descends in response to Mary's prayer, faith and love. With the Holy Ghost, Our Lady forms Christ in souls, enabling one to think and act like her Son. With the Holy Ghost, Our Lady always witnesses to the truth. For example, at Fatima she emphasizes the dogma of the Faith, so necessary in our times plagued by error and deceits of the devil. Devotion to Our Lady and Her Immaculate Heart May 16, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Aspire to be a Holy Catholic Mother View description ▼ Motherhood is so important, that in the order of grace, God gives us two mothers: His own Mother and the Church. The world devalues motherhood because it is so lost. Resist this temptation. Look to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be your model. Pray that the Holy Ghost will shape your heart after hers. Three recommendations: [1] Our Lady never ceases praying and offering sacrifices for us her children. Imitate her. [2] Live and teach the virtues opposite the great vices of heresy, blasphemy and impurity. [3] Feed and nourish you children spiritually. Bring them to the Holy Eucharist. May 9, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Eucharistic Miracles View description ▼ The priesthood has a higher dignity and honor than any other office in the world. Consider, God binds Himself to obey the words of an unworthy man as he says: 'Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum." This mystery of Transubstantiation is difficult for many to accept. Yet Christ clearly stated one must eat His Flesh and Drink His Blood to have eternal life (Jn 6:55). God gives us faith to compensate for what our senses can not grasp. Moreover, in His mercy, He assists our faith with eucharistic miracles. Pray that He grant you a stronger faith and love for the Real and Substantial Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. May 30, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Root Out the Deadly Poison of Anger View description ▼ The world is not at peace because man has forgotten God and systematically removed Him. We are imbued with distraction that focus on self; so we are slow to hear and swift to anger. Anger darkens our judgment, prevents prayer, and leads to resentment - even depression and despair. The angry man always thinks he is right. Yet anger is a waste of time, energy, and sacrifice. Anger gives a place to the devil and opens the door to many additional sins. It even hurts us more than that which caused the anger. Consider the following remedies: [1] Do you best not to get angry, avoiding those situations which lead to it. [2] Strive for truth, as it calms our mind and ameliorates anger. Errors, inconsistencies, changes that ought not be, and deceptions all throw the intellect off balance and lead to anger. [3] Do your duty as God's grace protects you there. [4] Channel your anger into something constructive. [5] See those things causing your anger as coming from the hand of God. [6] Draw near to the Precious Blood. [7] Meditate on the Passion. [8] Invoke Saint Juanuarius. May 2, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus

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Recent Videos

[13 May 2021] How to Refute the Error that Russia is Consecrated - A round table discussion led by David Rodríguez as part of The Fatima Center's "Bunker Talk" series. (27:14)

[3 June 2021] The Litany of the Blessed Sacrament - Pray this Litany in honor of the feast of Corpus Christi and in reparation for sins committed against the Holy Eucharist. Audio-version only of the prayer HERE. Text can be downloaded HERE.

How to Refute the Error that Russia is Consecrated
The Litany of the Blessed Sacaemnt


[1 June 2021] "The Litany of the Sacred Heart" - Pray this litany with Fr. Rodríguez every day of the month. Audio-only version of the prayer HERE. Text can be downloaded HERE.


Second Sunday after Pentecost - 6 June 2010

Father's Day - 20 June 2010

Prayer to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

From the sermon given on 18 April 2021

Jesus, my Lord and my God, I adore Thee present in the Sacrament of Thy love. Thou art the same almighty God, Who has existed from eternity, by Whom all things were made, and without Whom was made nothing that was made.

The very same God and wonderful Being Who is heaven’s beatitude. The same Who, from the summit of Mount Sinai, commanded the Israelites not to approach near Him, lest the terrors of His greatness should destroy them.

Dearest Jesus, I believe most firmly that Thou, the second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, art verily and indeed contained in the Most Holy Eucharist, under the appearances of bread and wine. I firmly believe that in the adorable Sacrament I am going to receive, there is the same living God and man, over Whom the angels sang at Bethlehem, “Glory to God in the highest,” and over Whom on the Mount of Transfiguration, a voice from the clouds was heard saying, “This is my beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased.”

I declare, with an unshaken faith, that in the holy Sacrament of the Eucharist there is the very same Soul that was sorrowful in the garden, even unto death; the very same Body that was scourged at the pillar, and fell under the pressure of the cross; the very same Flesh that quivered with agony upon Calvary, and the very same Blood that purpled the hard rock.

Most sweet Jesus, this is my faith; make it take deep root in my soul, so that it may mold all my thoughts and feelings; intensify my faith and give me a vivid realization of Thy greatness, the King of kings, Who in Holy Communion is coming to dwell in me. Grant me the clear, distinct, and practical faith of those countless saints who ever live in Thy adorable presence; and of the blessed angels who are ever adoring and praising Thee; and of the twenty-four elders who bare their heads and bend their knees, and cease not to cry out day and night: “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God almighty!” O all ye angels and saints! Obtain for me this great gift of faith in the divinity of our Blessed Lord, Who is truly present under the sacramental species in Holy Communion. Amen.

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