Our Lady always fulfills Her promises! Persevere in faithfulness!

Dear Friend of St. Vincent Ferrer,
Do all you can to bring about the proper Consecration of Russia by Living out the Message of Fatima. This will now be even more difficult (after March 25, 2022) because many Catholics will think it has already been done. (Read Did the Recent Consecration Fulfill Our Lady's Request?) Practice the First Saturday devotion every month. Pray the Rosary daily. Wear your Brown Scapular and live chastely according to your state in life. Do you daily duty. Offer all discomforts, sorrows and trials in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray for the Pope and the hierarchy. We must cease offending God. And spread the Message of Fatima to others! Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Most Recent Sermons

22LM_08 Gate of Heaven and Mother of Hope View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - Fourth and Final Conference: St. Francisco Marto offers us a great model of hope. Yet the most perfect example comes from Our Blessed Mother, especially when She received into her arms the body of her dead Son. The mission concludes with ten practical ways by which we can grow in the supernatural virtue of hope. March 31, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
22LM_07 Unite with the Immaculate Heart at Mass View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - Fourth Sermon: The sorrow of Mary's Immaculate Heart was the greatest during the Passion and Death of her Son, but so too her hope. At Mass, Jesus offers us the grace to unite our heart to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to hope as she hoped in the Cross and in the Precious Blood. Uniting with Mary is one of the best ways to participate in Holy Mass. March 31, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
22LM_06 Keep Your Gaze Fixed Upon Eternity View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - Third Conference: The man of hope is not looking for a reward here on earth, but keeps his gaze upon eternity. Hope is a longing desire for a future good that can be attained, albeit with difficulty. So hope for the pardon of your sins, victory over temptations and a holy death. To increase and fortify hope, meditate frequently upon the magnanimity of God. March 30, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
22LM_05 Hope in the Precious Blood View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - Third Sermon:The Precious Blood is never more present than at Mass. Three great mysteries which are hidden to our human nature at Mass are : {1] The shedding of His Blood is renewed; [2] His Blood is sprinkled upon those present; and [3] Intercedes before the Father for us. May we firmly hope and confidently trust in the Precious Blood! March 30, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Teach Catholic Men to Fight View description ▼ Catholic manhood is under attack. Modern men suffer from effeminacy of the body, mind, and will. Man is attached to pleasure and fears that which is difficult. He suffers an inability to seek the truth, preferring emotion over truth. He rationalizes and justifies everything to get what he wants. Christ's rebuke of the Apostles during the storm illustrates three points integral to a manhood: [1] Christ wanted them to face something difficult and overcome fear. [2] Christ was intentionally asleep; wanting them to wake Him. [3] Christ called the Apostles to get into the boat, to cast out into the deep. Look to Christ as the perfect example of real man. Consider these four masculine qualities, all of which are violently being attacked. [1] Christ was dominant, because he stood in the truth. [2] Christ was competitive; be perfect; be stronger than the enemy. [3] Christ was aggressive, driving hundreds out of the temple. [4] Christ was disciplined; He was perfectly self-restrained. Build up these characteristics in young men! Every day we must fight, not for ourselves, but for Our King! February 6, 2022 by Fr. Iacomus Paulus
Vox Clamantis in Deserto View description ▼ Each candle on the Advent Wreath represents a millennia and bears a name. The third candle is named after St. John the Baptist. This great prophet and martyr gave his life for the sanctity of marriage. On account of his moral courage, he was imprisoned and decapitated. He was also the Precursor of Christ. His spirit, which we are called to emulate, is embodied by his words: "I must decrease, He must increase." December 12, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius

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2022 Lenten Mission: Hope in God
2022.03.28 - [Podcast]
Man Needs Supernatural Hope (Conference 1 of 4)

The Illuminative Stage
2022.04.16 - [Podcast]
Our Lady's Spiritual Shock-troops (13th episode)


[1 April 2022] "Litany to the Holy Ghost" - Pray this novena with Fr. Rodríguez during the month of April. For an audio-only version of the prayer, click HERE. Text can be downloaded HERE.

The King, The Lady and Russia

Part One: Only She Can Help Us

Live Stream Video

Interview with David Rodriguez, Chris Ferrara, and Brian McCall
2022.03.25 - Live Reactions following the Consecration

Part Two: The Devil Attacks the King and His Vicar

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Interview with David Rodriguez, Eric Bermingham and Gene Zannetti
2022.03.24 -Will it Be a consecration of THE Consecration?

Prayer to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

From the sermon given on 18 April 2021

Jesus, my Lord and my God, I adore Thee present in the Sacrament of Thy love. Thou art the same almighty God, Who has existed from eternity, by Whom all things were made, and without Whom was made nothing that was made.

The very same God and wonderful Being Who is heaven’s beatitude. The same Who, from the summit of Mount Sinai, commanded the Israelites not to approach near Him, lest the terrors of His greatness should destroy them.

Dearest Jesus, I believe most firmly that Thou, the second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, art verily and indeed contained in the Most Holy Eucharist, under the appearances of bread and wine. I firmly believe that in the adorable Sacrament I am going to receive, there is the same living God and man, over Whom the angels sang at Bethlehem, “Glory to God in the highest,” and over Whom on the Mount of Transfiguration, a voice from the clouds was heard saying, “This is my beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased.”

I declare, with an unshaken faith, that in the holy Sacrament of the Eucharist there is the very same Soul that was sorrowful in the garden, even unto death; the very same Body that was scourged at the pillar, and fell under the pressure of the cross; the very same Flesh that quivered with agony upon Calvary, and the very same Blood that purpled the hard rock.

Most sweet Jesus, this is my faith; make it take deep root in my soul, so that it may mold all my thoughts and feelings; intensify my faith and give me a vivid realization of Thy greatness, the King of kings, Who in Holy Communion is coming to dwell in me. Grant me the clear, distinct, and practical faith of those countless saints who ever live in Thy adorable presence; and of the blessed angels who are ever adoring and praising Thee; and of the twenty-four elders who bare their heads and bend their knees, and cease not to cry out day and night: “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God almighty!” O all ye angels and saints! Obtain for me this great gift of faith in the divinity of our Blessed Lord, Who is truly present under the sacramental species in Holy Communion. Amen.

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