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Dear Friend of St. Vincent Ferrer,
Do all you can to help recover and restore Catholic Tradition! This will now be even more difficult after the publication of Traditions Custodes. More than ever, we must support good priests willing to offer the Mass of All Time. It is urgent that we pray more, especially for the Church hierarchy, and do more penance. We must also study our Faith and be ready to explain it. For example, study Quo Primum (1570) and read an article by Mr. David Rodríguez: You Must Disobey a Pope.
May God have mercy on us!

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The Mass is a Divine Work Not a Human One View description ▼ The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not about us (man), but about God! This is an extremely important principle, but it has largely been forgotten on account of the diabolical changes proposed to the Mass in the aftermath of Vatican II. Holy Mass must be offered in a way that pleases God not man! It is the Holy Sacrifice of Christ which gives perfect glory, adoration and thanksgiving to God. It perfectly satisfies God's justice for the terrible offense of man's sins. God is eternal. He does not change nor do His great works. The truth He reveals does not change. The way He reveals man is to worship Him does not change. A distinctive feature of the Roman Rite is how it places all the focus on God and His Truth. As Catholics we must strive to place God - not self, not man - at the center of every aspect of our lives. Sadly, in many ways, we have replaced the worship of God with the worship of man. This is a grave error of our times and we are suffering from its consequences. July 25, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Resist the False Attack upon the Mass View description ▼ A terrible document aimed at destroying the Mass of All Time is upon us. It goes against the Church's ancient Tradition; against God Himself. Hence we cannot obey it. We must stand fast despite being persecuted. Sadly, many Catholics do not realize that there are limits to the authority of the pope and bishops - limits witnessed to by the Church Herself. The hierarchy has authority so as to guard, protect, and transmit the Catholic doctrinal, moral and liturgical tradition - not to eliminate it! We have been infected with the falsehood that the liturgy is our work. No. It is about God. It is the supremely sacred work of Christ Himself! Altering the liturgy is to forget God - and that is the most imminent danger of our age. July 18, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Thou Hast Redeemed Us In Thy Blood View description ▼ Beware of false prophets, whom you shall know by their fruits. There is much 'rotten fruit' in the Church. Things are not good. The faith is very weak. Few make Holy Hours, vocations are scarce, and the Mass is everywhere shut down. Even worse, the Mass of All Time - which yields much good fruit - is being persecuted. The grave crisis should be obvious to everyone. In response, grow in your devotion to the Precious Blood and seek to imitate Christ in His Passion and Sacrifice. At Mass, "see" with faith our Bloody Lord (instead of the priest), for thus Christ appeared to many saints. Three certain fruits for those who meditate upon the Precious Blood with faith are: [1] Profound contrition for sins. {2] Immense gratitude to Christ for His Passion. [3] Stronger commitment to love Jesus and sacrifice for Him. July 11, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Participate at Mass Through the Precious Blood View description ▼ The Mystery of the Precious Blood is extremely important to our Catholic Faith and the truth about God. It is very neglected today and few appreciate it. This is one of the reasons why we are suffering through such a grave crisis of Faith. The Feast of the Precious Blood was eliminated from the new liturgical calendar; yet Holy Mother Church's tradition dedicates the entire month of July to this Mystery. In order to believe in God, you must believe in the Precious Blood. It is deeply connected to the Message of Our Lady at Fatima. A marvelous way to participate at Holy Mass is through devotion to the Precious Blood: [1] Adore It, [2] Offer It to the Eternal Father, [3] and invoke Its power. As you pray, enliven your faith in Christ's Precious Blood! July 4, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Do You Want Christ to Come View description ▼ Everyone wants to be ready for a crisis: stocked up on food, supplies and ammunition. But do we prepare as well for the Coming of the Lord? Catholics act as if they will never see the Judgment and Coming of Christ. However, the hour of death - and each one of us will die - is when Christ comes and judges each one of us. We are so ill-prepared that one wonders if we really want Him to come. People who are comfortable and distracted are too busy enjoying an easy life to eagerly await Our Lord. We cling to sinful habits asking God to make us virtuous... but not yet. Do not delay. Cast off sinful attachments now. He is Coming. December 6, 2020 by Fr. Simplicius

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How to Refute the Error that Russia is Consecrated
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[1 July 2021] "The Litany of the Precious Blood" - Pray this litany with Fr. Rodríguez every day of the month. Audio-only version of the prayer HERE. Text can be downloaded HERE.


Fifth Sunday after Pentecost - 14 July 2019
Note: Sermon has brief portions in Spanish.

The Pope, St. Michael and the Virgin Mary
9 October 2103

Prayer to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

From the sermon given on 18 April 2021

Jesus, my Lord and my God, I adore Thee present in the Sacrament of Thy love. Thou art the same almighty God, Who has existed from eternity, by Whom all things were made, and without Whom was made nothing that was made.

The very same God and wonderful Being Who is heaven’s beatitude. The same Who, from the summit of Mount Sinai, commanded the Israelites not to approach near Him, lest the terrors of His greatness should destroy them.

Dearest Jesus, I believe most firmly that Thou, the second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, art verily and indeed contained in the Most Holy Eucharist, under the appearances of bread and wine. I firmly believe that in the adorable Sacrament I am going to receive, there is the same living God and man, over Whom the angels sang at Bethlehem, “Glory to God in the highest,” and over Whom on the Mount of Transfiguration, a voice from the clouds was heard saying, “This is my beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased.”

I declare, with an unshaken faith, that in the holy Sacrament of the Eucharist there is the very same Soul that was sorrowful in the garden, even unto death; the very same Body that was scourged at the pillar, and fell under the pressure of the cross; the very same Flesh that quivered with agony upon Calvary, and the very same Blood that purpled the hard rock.

Most sweet Jesus, this is my faith; make it take deep root in my soul, so that it may mold all my thoughts and feelings; intensify my faith and give me a vivid realization of Thy greatness, the King of kings, Who in Holy Communion is coming to dwell in me. Grant me the clear, distinct, and practical faith of those countless saints who ever live in Thy adorable presence; and of the blessed angels who are ever adoring and praising Thee; and of the twenty-four elders who bare their heads and bend their knees, and cease not to cry out day and night: “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God almighty!” O all ye angels and saints! Obtain for me this great gift of faith in the divinity of our Blessed Lord, Who is truly present under the sacramental species in Holy Communion. Amen.

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