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The World Beyond View description ▼ The Church's feasts at the end of the liturgical year lead us to contemplate the Four Last Things. The enemies of Christ mind earthly things but those who seek to follow Christ contemplate the world beyond us. Tell yourself often, "I am going to die and I will be judged." This judgment shall be rigorous; are you prepared? Man must perfectly submit his mind to the truths of Christ, which always flow from the truth about who God is. And man must live in accordance with truth. As an example, consider the Church's teaching on Purgatory. It must be true for it is based upon the perfections of God. November 5, 2023 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Thou Shall Not Make a False Peace View description ▼ Why is the Synod discussing so many un-Catholic things? Why is the Latin Mass being suppressed? Why is Russia once again at war? We must seek the cause. And we shall find an all encompassing answer to these problems. Christ's truth requires that man first conquer in the interior life; then he can conquer on the outside. Yet modern man has sought new avenues according to his own wisdom. He seeks an easy way apart from the cross. He chooses compromise with the world to accomplish only an external peace. Yet false peace brings perpetual war. As we ignore Our Lady of Fatima, the errors of Russia proliferate within the Church. We need instead devotion to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart. November 12, 2023 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
Be a Master of Your Craft View description ▼ Here are three means to progress and excel in the spiritual life. [1] An ability to identify defects. We usually don't want to hear any critique of ourselves. Yet seeing our [minor] defects, which aren't easy to self detect, is the only way to make progress. [2] Humility in the spirit of collaboration. Every criticism has an element of truth, so be hungry for criticism (not paranoid or angry). [3] Love what you do and study your craft. Be obsessed with being Catholic. If you love your state in life, then at every moment you will try to learn how to be better at what you do. November 12, 2023 by Fr. Iacomus Paulus
Great Pearl and Irrelevance of Novelty View description ▼ False religions deny Christ and thus have the spirit of anitchrist. Modern Jews are defined by their rejection of Christ. Protestants identify themselves by their denial of the Church. This same pattern, of finding one's identity by denial or rejection, is found in the novus ordo liturgy. Many of its advocates harbor a virulent animus against Tradition, wishing to sentence the traditional liturgy to death.  Revolutionaries long for the complete destruction of the old order, otherwise their revolution can't fully succeed. Traditional Catholics should not fall prey to identification by being against the new order for they have the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven. Why waste time and energy focusing on the irrelevance of passing novelties when one has the Pearl of Great Price. November 12, 2023 by Fr. Simplicius

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with Fr. Michael Rodríguez
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by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
2010.11.13 - [Audio Only]

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Who Pushed Bishop Strickland out?
Hail Mary: Pregnant with All Truth

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Ep. 2: Who is Man?
by David Rodríguez
2020.07.21 - [Podcast]

Our Lady's Shocktroops

Simple Thomistic Psychology for Discerning Spirits by Kevin Roerty
2023.11.25 - [Podcast]

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[November] Litany for the Holy Souls - Pray this litany with Fr. Rodriguez. For an audio-only version of this novena, click HERE. Text can be downloaded HERE.

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Prayers to Our Lady of Sorrows to Better Participate at Mass

Fr. Rodríguez mentioned these prayers in his sermon 'The Fourth Sorrow of Our Lady' given on September 10, 2023

Eternal Father, I unite myself with the intentions and affections of Our Lady of Sorrows on Calvary and I offer Thee the sacrifice which Thy beloved Son, Jesus, made of Himself on the Cross and now renews on this altar: to adore Thee and give Thee the honor which is due to Thee; to thank Thee for the innumerable benefits received; to appease Thy justice irritated against us by so many sins and to make satisfaction for them; to implore grace and mercy for myself, for all afflicted and sorrowing, for poor sinners, for all the world, and for the holy souls in Purgatory.

O Mary, offer to Jesus all the adoration, thanksgiving and reparation which thy holy Mother's heart made before Him in His passion. Let the fervor of thy acts of faith and love supply before God for the coldness of mine.

Holy Mary, Mother of Sorrows, obtain for me, by the merits of thy indescribable pain and suffering in the passion of thy Son, a perpetual remembrance of our blessed Savior's cross and death, and a true and tender devotion to all the mysteries of His most holy Passion, and the grace to carry my cross after thy example.

A SPIRITUAL COMMUNION: My Jesus, I firmly believe that Thou art present – Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity – in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief. Lord, increase my faith. I love Thee above all things and desire Thee in my soul. Yet my love is weak and inconstant, strengthen my love for Thee evermore. Since I cannot now receive Thee under the sacramental veil, I beseech Thee, with a heart full of love and longing, to come spiritually into my soul. As though Thou were already there, I embrace Thee and unite myself wholly to Thee; permit not that I should ever be separated from Thee; Thou in me and I in Thee, in time and in eternity, in Mary and Her Immaculate Heart. Amen.

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