Duties of Men: Husbands and Fathers

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Duties of Men: Husbands and Fathers


This is the first course in the series on Duties of State in Life, given by Mr. David Rodriguez, M.Th.


PRODUCT INCLUDES: 25 mp3 audio files, 1 pdf file: Duties of the Father

DESCRIPTION: Men have three principal roles in the family, that of Husband, Father and Provider. God has divinely decreed that the man is called to be the Head of his family and this is a heavy responsibility. The man ought to be the spiritual leader in his family. He must share the faith, work hard, give correction, and provide for his family. He must love his family, which means he does what is truly good for them no matter the sacrifice to himself. He puts the family's needs above his own desires. In order to attain Heaven, he must faithfully fulfill these duties.


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