Sermons by Fr. Rodríguez: 2021

Three Meanings of Holy Name of Mary View description ▼ The holy name 'Mary' has many meanings. Three notable ones which demand our reflection are: Enlightener, Star of the sea, and Sea [of all graces]. Heed St. Bernard's advice: "In dangers, doubts, and difficulties, think of Mary. Call upon Mary. Let not her name depart from thy lips; never allow it to leave your heart." This continual reliance upon Our Lady is the hallmark of a good and faithful Catholic. An excellent aid for meditating more upon Our Lady is the Marian Creed written by St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows. Always do you best to pray the name of Mary with love and devotion, and to console her more on account of all she suffered for our salvation. September 12, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Our Lady Within St Annes Womb View description ▼ Within St. Anne's womb, the Blessed Virign Mary was continuously occupied with ten pious exercises. These express the sentiments in her Immaculate Herat. They did not require external activity as she was still a tiny infant. Thus, we can practice them at Mass. We will thereby more actively participate at, and derive more spiritual fruit from, the Holy Sacrifice. Too often we doubt - deep down - that God is all-good, all-wise, and all-powerful. If we had greater confidence - faith! - then we would have nothing to worry about. Strive to foster a greater devotion to Mary's Immaculate Heart and to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion with the same disposition as She received Him at the Annunciation. September 5, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Sancutuary of Divine Love View description ▼ St. Paul exhorts us to "walk in the Spirit" which is another way of saying "be devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary." The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Ghost are a perfect description of Mary's Heart. Choose one of those gifts (e.g. benignity, goodness, longanimity, mildness, faith, modesty, etc.) and ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to form this virtue in your heart in her likeness. Like the Mass, Our Lady's Heart is an altar. Christ's Sacrifice is renewed therein as she offers her Son and herself with unspeakable love. At Mass, we too must offer Jesus - truly present - to God and offer ourselves with Him. The more we love Jesus - after Mary's example - the more this offering will also be a martyrdom! August 29, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Glowing Maternal Heart View description ▼ There is a deep connection between Mary's Immaculate Heart and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Our Lady pondered and preserved in her heart all the wondrous events of her Son - especially His Passion (cf. Lk 2:19, 51). As a very real mother, Our Lady took note of the slightest details regarding her Son. Her heart is a sacred depository of God. Now Holy Mass makes all these mysteries - contained in her Immaculate Heart - present for us! We are meant to ponder and preserve the Passion, marvelous mysteries, and events of Christ's life. Imitate Mary thus and you will grow in great sanctity. August 22, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Spiritual Lessons from the Assumption View description ▼ All the mysteries of our Lady's Assumption proclaim the greatness and the goodness of God. They also indicate in what the Christian life consists. Her death was joyful and beautiful because it was free of the three things which make death better: attachment to the world, remorse for sin and uncertainty of salvation. We in turn must strive to detach from the world, grow in humility and resign ourselves to the divine will. Our Lady is all-powerful by grace because she was perfect and sinless. The more we grow in sanctity, the more powerful will be our prayers and intercession. August 15, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
The Greatness of the Mass View description ▼ Over the centuries, the Church - guided by the Holy Ghost - has adorned the Mass with holy prayers, hymns, lessons, and ceremonies. The Church has enveloped the celebration of this adorable Sacrifice in a mystic veil in order to fill the faithful with religious awe and profound reverence, urging them to earnest pious contemplation and meditation. Pope Innocent I (~400 AD) affirms that the Roman liturgy comes from St. Peter and all must observe this rite. We do not know how this grave attack upon the Mass - upon the Catholic Faith, upon Christ Himself - will play out, but we can make reparation to the best of our ability. Approach the Mass as a penitent, offer yourself with Christ, and make a fervent thanksgiving. Merit special graces and greater glory in Heaven by gazing upon Christ during His Holy Sacrifice with greater love and devotion. August 8, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Offer Reparation for the Lack of Faith View description ▼ The great tragedy of 'Traditionis Custodes' is that Catholics today have almost completely lost faith in the infinite grandeur, sanctity and richness of the Mass. What was most sacred and filled with graces for past generations must remain so for us. If anyone, even the pope, wanted to radically change the Bible, hopefully you would respond that no one has the power to do that. Yet the Mass is even more sacred than the Bible. Consider four truths about the Mass. It is [1] The mystery of the Incarnation made present; [2] The birth of Jesus Christ; [3] The same sacrifice as Calvary; and [4] The work of Christ. Assist at Mass with more fervent faith in these truths. Thereby make reparation for lack of faith in the Mass. And strive to restore the Mass for everyone! August 1, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
The Mass is a Divine Work Not a Human One View description ▼ The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not about us (man), but about God! This is an extremely important principle, but it has largely been forgotten on account of the diabolical changes proposed to the Mass in the aftermath of Vatican II. Holy Mass must be offered in a way that pleases God not man! It is the Holy Sacrifice of Christ which gives perfect glory, adoration and thanksgiving to God. It perfectly satisfies God's justice for the terrible offense of man's sins. God is eternal. He does not change nor do His great works. The truth He reveals does not change. The way He reveals man is to worship Him does not change. A distinctive feature of the Roman Rite is how it places all the focus on God and His Truth. As Catholics we must strive to place God - not self, not man - at the center of every aspect of our lives. Sadly, in many ways, we have replaced the worship of God with the worship of man. This is a grave error of our times and we are suffering from its consequences. July 25, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Tuy and the Great Mysteries of Our Faith View description ▼ What does it mean to express true belief in God, in the Holy Trinity? To accept the Truth of Who God Is, for example, means we whole-heartedly believe in Corpus Christi, the Sacred Heart, the Precious Blood, and the Immaculate Heart. The Church's liturgical year imprints these great mysteries of the Faith upon our minds and hearts. They are reinforced by our piety and prayer (e.g. by praying the monthly litanies of the Church). They are reaffirmed by God and Our Blessed Mother for our times in the Message of Fatima. The spectacular Vision of Tuy highlights these mysteries and reveals our grave disobedience against God, which is the great tragedy of our time. June 27, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Deeper Problem of the Motu Proprio View description ▼ Over the past sixty years, the Catholic world has been losing Faith in the Mass. It is not an imitation or memory of Calvary, but the same Sacrifice that Christ offered on the Cross, differing only in the manner of offering. Nothing gives God more glory or provides men with more benefits than the Mass. If one believes this infallible dogma of God, then how could on ever dare make radical changes to something so perfect and divine? July 23, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Fathers Provide Truth and Obedience View description ▼ During the Miracle of the Sun, the saintly children received a vision of St. Joseph holding the Christ Child and blessing the world. Fathers, bring Christ into your marriage and home. Fathers, imitate and teach two very important virtues of St. Joseph: truth and obedience. This is why God has given you authority over your family: teach the truth and obedience to Christ's doctrine and the inspirations of the Holy Ghost. Fathers, you do this primarily by example (though words can help). The world, the Church, and families are in dire straits on account of the many failings on the part of fathers. If you children have gone astray, be willing to make reparation for their sins and offer penance for their conversion. The Message of Fatima is key here! The faithful Catholic father must be ready to sacrifice. He will suffer a great deal. June 20, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Resist the False Attack upon the Mass View description ▼ A terrible document aimed at destroying the Mass of All Time is upon us. It goes against the Church's ancient Tradition; against God Himself. Hence we cannot obey it. We must stand fast despite being persecuted. Sadly, many Catholics do not realize that there are limits to the authority of the pope and bishops - limits witnessed to by the Church Herself. The hierarchy has authority so as to guard, protect, and transmit the Catholic doctrinal, moral and liturgical tradition - not to eliminate it! We have been infected with the falsehood that the liturgy is our work. No. It is about God. It is the supremely sacred work of Christ Himself! Altering the liturgy is to forget God - and that is the most imminent danger of our age. July 18, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
The Holy Ghost is the Power of God View description ▼ The Holy Ghost has infinite power. He is frequently symbolized as the 'Mighty Hand' or 'Finger' of God. He multiplies, perfects, confirms, and establishes grace in man. He seeks to guide the faithful Christian. Yet in addition to the True Faith and True Worship, one needs humility and docility to be attentive to His promptings. The Holy Ghost awakens in us an urgency to fight against the world, the flesh, and the devil. He reminds us that the devil goes about as a roaring lion (or monstrous serpent) seeking to devour us. As an example, consider Sister Lucia's "Vision of Tuy," which took place 92 years ago. This Vision is a summary and culmination of Our Lady's Message at Fatima. This is the day when God commanded that Russia be consecrated. This spectacular revelation points out three principle channels by which God dispenses ALL His grace: [1] Christ's sacrifice on the Cross; [2] The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; [3] The Blessed Mother. June 13, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Thou Hast Redeemed Us In Thy Blood View description ▼ Beware of false prophets, whom you shall know by their fruits. There is much 'rotten fruit' in the Church. Things are not good. The faith is very weak. Few make Holy Hours, vocations are scarce, and the Mass is everywhere shut down. Even worse, the Mass of All Time - which yields much good fruit - is being persecuted. The grave crisis should be obvious to everyone. In response, grow in your devotion to the Precious Blood and seek to imitate Christ in His Passion and Sacrifice. At Mass, "see" with faith our Bloody Lord (instead of the priest), for thus Christ appeared to many saints. Three certain fruits for those who meditate upon the Precious Blood with faith are: [1] Profound contrition for sins. {2] Immense gratitude to Christ for His Passion. [3] Stronger commitment to love Jesus and sacrifice for Him. July 11, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Participate at Mass Through the Precious Blood View description ▼ The Mystery of the Precious Blood is extremely important to our Catholic Faith and the truth about God. It is very neglected today and few appreciate it. This is one of the reasons why we are suffering through such a grave crisis of Faith. The Feast of the Precious Blood was eliminated from the new liturgical calendar; yet Holy Mother Church's tradition dedicates the entire month of July to this Mystery. In order to believe in God, you must believe in the Precious Blood. It is deeply connected to the Message of Our Lady at Fatima. A marvelous way to participate at Holy Mass is through devotion to the Precious Blood: [1] Adore It, [2] Offer It to the Eternal Father, [3] and invoke Its power. As you pray, enliven your faith in Christ's Precious Blood! July 4, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Two Great Obstacles to Grace View description ▼ The Church gives us the lengthy time of Pentecost to grow in grace. There are two great obstacles which prevent us from responding to the Holy Ghost: the world and the flesh. These are ever-present and unceasingly attack us. Do your best to constantly fight against these two nefarious influences upon your soul. June 6, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Affirm the Real Presence View description ▼ True Faith in Jesus Christ means that we MUST receive Our Lord in Holy Communion - for He has commanded this! It is not just a faith of words or feeling, but the act of receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ and conforming our life to this truth. If we truly believe, we must do our best to receive Him well; to fast, to prepare well and to thank Him abundantly. An excellent preparation is to renew your baptismal vows and make an Act of Fatih as our First Communicant does. June 3, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Walk in the Spirit View description ▼ The Catholic religion exists in order to make the Mystery of the Holy Trinity known and to glorify God. We give Him glory by praising and adoring Him, by thanking and loving Him, by serving Him, and by leading other souls to Him. Reflect upon this often and ask yourself each day, "Am I glorifying God?" How does man render special glory to God the Holy Ghost? By obeying Him, by responding well to the graces He offers, and by begging Him for more grace. Yet how can one differentiate the Holy Ghost's promptings from the devil, the world, and the flesh? Two fundamental rules: the Holy Ghost always abides by [1] authentic Catholic doctrine and [2] authentic Catholic worship - for He is the Spirit of Truth and of Prayer. Knowing this makes it abundantly clear why we have such a grave crisis in the Church today: few are following the Holy Ghost. May 30, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
St Alphonsus on Queenship of Mary View description ▼ In the Church's prayers, we address Mary as Queen. St. Alphonsus explains her queenship. As Our Lady's merits exceed that of all the saints and angels, so too does her glory. Let us dedicate ourselves to the service of our Heavenly Queen. May 31, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Vatican Two Had the Spirit of the World View description ▼ This Pentecost, we highlight just one aspect of the Holy Ghost's mission, that of sanctifying and saving souls. In order to receive the Holy Ghost, we have to 'make space' for Him. In so far as one is filled with the spirit of the world, of the flesh, and of self-love, one does not allow Him to work in our souls. The choking spirit of the world is ubiquitous within the Church. The doors were flung wide for this false spirit at Vatican 2 and it remains the single greatest source of the Church's evils today. Note how tell-tale signs of the Holy Ghost were set aside at this council: [1] The Creed and True Faith; [2] True worship and prayer with greater devotion and fervor, and [3] A rejection of the spirit of the world which is always opposes itself to to Christ. Pray for wisdom and the other gifts of the Holy Ghost, which always serve the salvation of one's soul. May 23, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Mission of Grace and Truth View description ▼ The mission of the Holy Ghost is to give testimony of Jesus by leading men into all truth and bestowing that grace which divinizes souls, forming Jesus Christ in them. But He does not do this work alone. He does it in union with the Blessed Virgin Mary. This pattern is clearly seen at the Incarnation and at Pentecost. He descends in response to Mary's prayer, faith and love. With the Holy Ghost, Our Lady forms Christ in souls, enabling one to think and act like her Son. With the Holy Ghost, Our Lady always witnesses to the truth. For example, at Fatima she emphasizes the dogma of the Faith, so necessary in our times plagued by error and deceits of the devil. Devotion to Our Lady and Her Immaculate Heart May 16, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Aspire to be a Holy Catholic Mother View description ▼ Motherhood is so important, that in the order of grace, God gives us two mothers: His own Mother and the Church. The world devalues motherhood because it is so lost. Resist this temptation. Look to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be your model. Pray that the Holy Ghost will shape your heart after hers. Three recommendations: [1] Our Lady never ceases praying and offering sacrifices for us her children. Imitate her. [2] Live and teach the virtues opposite the great vices of heresy, blasphemy and impurity. [3] Feed and nourish you children spiritually. Bring them to the Holy Eucharist. May 9, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
First Holy Communion View description ▼ In the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist, Our Savior Jesus Christ gives us the gift of Himself, so that every single time we approach this great Mystery, we are able to express our Faith in Him. We should tell Him, from the depths of our heart, that we love Him above all things and that we desire to possess Him in our soul. To strengthen your Eucharistic Faith: [1] See in the human priest of flesh and blood that Jesus Christ is always the Eternal High Priest at Mass. [2] Detach your heart from the things of this world. [3] Turn to your holy and Blessed Mother, as Christ received His Body and Blood from her. May 5, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Holy Communion and Fatima View description ▼ The mission of the Holy Ghost is to bring Christ's work of redemption to fulfillment. He brings to souls the grace merited by Our Savior in His Passion and Death. He judges the world as to wether one believes and accepts - or rejects - Christ. Just as our Lady cooperated uniquely with Christ in Redemption, so she cooperates uniquely with the Holy Ghost in His mission, particularly through her apparition at at Fatima. She comes to warn the world of sin and judgment. She also brings the grace of her Son in a beautiful and special way, through devotion to her Immaculate Heart. There is also a very strong connection between Our Lady's Message at Fatima and Holy Communion: both in terms of growing in faith and grace, and in being aware of our time's terrible sacrileges and apostasy. May 2, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Faith in Christ is a Eucharistic Faith View description ▼ Our Savior gives us Himself in the Blessed Sacrament so that we may truly believe in Him. All the Easter Octave gospels emphasize that belief in Christ is centered upon the Holy Eucharist. Anyone who calls himself a Christian, but does not have this faith, is very confused. A conception of Christ without the Eucharist is terribly erroneous. Yet even those who profess this belief have a very weak and frail Eucharistic Faith. Has it been completely lost? Consider our lack of forgiveness, or our fear over sickness and death, or our willingness to believe the media and others to the point where we abandon the Eucharist. Pray to grow in a Eucharistic Faith, especially as you prepare for, and give thanks after, Holy Communion. Blessed are those who believe even when they do not see or understand. April 18, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Easter, Baptism and Faith View description ▼ All the Gospels of the Easter Octave clearly have in common Our Lord's call to faith. This is of great significance. Christ exhorts us to truly place our faith in His passion, death and resurrection. In fact, with two words we can easily summarize the Church's focus during the Easter Season: Baptism and Faith. By Baptism we die and rise with Christ. What overcomes the world is our faith. A great danger is for the world to contaminate, and thereby overcome, our faith. To fight against such danger, pray for a lively faith and a greater devotion to Holy Communion. Know for certain, there is no such thing as belief in Christ apart from the Holy Eucharist. Blessed are they that have not seen and yet believe! April 11, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
The Crucified One Is Risen View description ▼ The Apostles give witness to the Resurrection, but they speak of Christ as our Pasch who is sacrificed. If one is looking for easy living and good times with Jesus - one will not find Him. We must seek Jesus of Nazareth who was Crucified. This is the Easter Message proclaimed by the angel. We make steps in faith by drawing near to the [glorious] wounds of the Risen Lord. Christians, to the Paschal Victim offer your thankful praises! April 4, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
The Holiest Week of the Year View description ▼ The Passion and Death of Our Savior makes this week the holiest of the year. Holy Mother Church has us listen to the Passion narrative as told by each of the evangelists. After all, there is nothing more conducive to eternal salvation than to think—every day—upon the pains which Jesus Christ suffered for love of us. How can sin ever reign in such a soul? Be truly Catholic by observing this week as the holiest of the year. Make the extra effort to pray, fast, and offer sacrifices. Above all, make the resolution to live your life for God (more so than you have up to this point). March 28, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
You Exist For God View description ▼ You are on this earth to praise, reverence and adore the Lord your God. You are on this earth to serve God - not yourself. Think about this and act on it. Let us praise and reverence God in HIs infinite perfections. God is immutable. God is omnipresent. God is eternal. Blessed art Thou o God, worthy to be praised and glorified forever. March 22, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Rejoice Over the Crosses God Sends You View description ▼ Today, the Church calls those who have been in sorrow to rejoice. This joy is not one connected to pleasures of the senses, but is a fruit of the Holy Ghost which brings great peace and tranquility of soul. It is a spiritual joy that comes from following Christ. It is a lenten joy that does not come without the Cross. It is a joy that comes through much pain and sorrow, yet it endures (unlike the passings joys of the senses). The Cross alone nourishes our love of God. So rejoice and be glad when God favors you with one of His choicest crosses. Without realizing it, you are being blessed with the greatest gift of Heaven. If you accept your cross and bear it courageously, it will carry you to Heaven. March 14, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Never Jesus Without His Cross View description ▼ We must always adore Christ - that is at the center of our holy religion. We just die to our self love and offer Him our body, mind and heart. Yet no one can truly adore Christ without adoring His holy Cross. Our love of God is weak because our love of the Cross is weak and our rejection of the Cross all too frequent. Attachment to the world and love of self are so strong in us, that we must unceasingly strive to purify ourselves by fasting, prayer and almsgiving. This is the only way to grow in our love for Jesus. Love of the Cross and death to self-love go together. Like the saints, pray for the desire to suffer something for Him Who has suffered so much for us. Let us constantly bear in mind the sufferings of our Crucified Lord. March 7, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Pray to Accept and Love the Cross View description ▼ Without the Cross, there is no growth in holiness. If we eliminate the Cross, we eliminate Christ. The sign of the Cross is a most terrible weapon against the devil. And yet the Cross remains a scandal and stumbling block - even for very devout Catholics. In theory, we praise it; but in practice, we lose courage, complain, and run away as soon as the possibility of suffering arises (just think how Mass and the public practice of our faith have recently been cancelled). The Cross is precious because: [1] It make us resemble Christ. [2] When well carried, it is the source, food and proof of love. [3] It brings everlasting glory. Embrace the Cross with faith and trust in God. Pray for the grace to accept and love your cross. Whenever anything disagreeable or displeasing happens to you, remember Christi Crucified and be silent. February 28, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Crux Fidelis View description ▼ The Cross has has the power to convert and sanctify, even the most hardened sinners. Lent brings the Cross before us in a more spiritually intense way. Consider the Good Friday Liturgy as a powerful example. Jesus prays and fasts in the desert for forty days and endures temptation, especially to prepare Himself for His passion and death on the Cross. Should not we catholics do the same? Do your best this Lent to grow in devotion for the Cross. Prayer, fasting, and alms giving are the means to detach us from sin, the world, selfishness and attach us profoundly to the Cross. Everything in our holy religion points to the Cross. Pray to love you cross(es). The Cross brings many graces. Have gratitude for the cross(es) that God sends us. February 21, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Requiem for Francelia View description ▼ Only one things is necessary, the salvation of our soul. Baptism is necessary to enter a state of grace, but we must die in a state of grace. The sad reality is that today there are many problems in our beloved Church and the path to salvation has been greatly obscured. I encourage you to: [1] Pray for the eternal rest of Francelia. [2] Give thanks to God. All too often man is tempted to question God, especially when confronting death. [3] Take to heart the example Francelia gave of working for the salvation of her soul, by loving God above all things, loving the Catholic Church, and striving to recover and restore the Catholic Faith. February 16, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Three Pillars of Penance View description ▼ Prayer, fasting and almsgiving are at the very foundation of our spiritual life as Catholics. We must practice them in order to grow in God’s grace. All three require a profound interior disposition. Prayer grows our love for God, almsgiving increases our love of neighbor and detachment from the world, and fasting requires our death to self. These pillars of penance are the most important ways to store up treasures in Heaven and combat the obstacles to receiving God’s grace. This Lent, I exhort you to pray the Rosary more devoutly, meditate upon the Stations of the Cross, grow in your devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows, and pay close attention to the readings of the Septuagesima season. Today’s gospel focuses us upon Heaven, the Passion of our Lord, and ‘the blind man’ who represents us. Beg our Lord to open your eyes so that you can see more clearly how great is His love for you and that you see more clearly the horror of sin. February 14, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Immensity of Gods Infinite Goodness View description ▼ God, and His infinite perfections, is always the starting point of our religion. For example, He always teaches us the truth. His patience and kindness is unfathomable. God bestows His graces so liberally; yet man remains terribly unappreciative. God is disposed to give us whatever we need, if we but turn to Him with faith. The more we become aware of how good God is, the more our hearts shall be inflamed with love for Him. So what are the obstacles to God’s word and grace taking root in our hearts? The devil. The weakness of our mind, heart, and will. The world, with its cares, distractions of wealth, and pleasures of life. Lent is a time to turn away from these by focussing upon God’s infinite goodness. February 7, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
The Rematch View description ▼ Our Lord is driven into the desert by the Holy Ghost to pray, to fast, and to train for upcoming demonic temptations. The desert is a harsh environment for man, but Christ thrives therein. He embraces forty days and forty nights of complete fast in order to reverse the defeat of Adam in the Garden. Christ calls out the devil for a rematch. Adam lost in the early rounds and satan sought to defeat this New Adam with the exact same tactics. He attacks the lower appetites, then tries for vainglory, and finally the pride of life (which caused his own fall). Christ is victorious in all three rounds. Yet His work continues in us as He seeks to reproduce His victory in all the elect. Let us therefore train well during this consecrated season of Lent. February 21, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
God Loves the Cheerful Alms Giver View description ▼ A perfect Lent requires prayer, fasting and giving alms. Our Lady at Lourdes and the Angel at Fatima insisted upon a three-fold ‘Penance! Penance! Penance!’ The Archangel Raphael reminds Tobias, “Prayer is good with fasting and alms more than to lay up treasures of gold: For alms delivereth from death, and the same is that which purgeth away sins, and maketh to find mercy and life everlasting” (12:8-9). The world undergoes terrible temptations towards materialism. In fact, the grave crisis we face is due in no small part to men failing to piously use their wealth to combat evil and support the mission of the Church. Never forget, God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:7) and that He is never outdone in generosity. February 7, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
The Mass Must Instill Deep Reverence for God View description ▼ The foundation of the Catholic Religion is a very deep reverence for the supreme majesty of the true God. As Catholics, we must be filled with this reverence. At the start of the year, leading into Lent, the Church presents us with examples par excellence of those who rightly adore Jesus as our God and King. More than anything else, it is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass which imbues this profound reverence for God within us. And a lack of this reverence lies at the root of the grave crisis in the Church, in families, and in society. Insufficient reverence and a lessening of God’s majesty are extremely grave defects in the New Mass. Serious reflection on this point would lead any Catholic to commit himself totally to exclusively assisting and promoting the Traditional Mass. January 31, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Lenten Spirituality of St Francis de Paola View description ▼ St Francis Paola (1416-1507), an extraordinary miracle worker, founded an order of Franciscan hermits: The Minims. They were to be ‘minimal’ in their possessions and diet and in the eyes of the world. They also took a fourth vow: to perpetually live in accordance with the Church’s ancient Lenten discipline. Theirs was a lifelong fast and abstinence from meat and all animal products. St. Francis required this rigor as a heroic act of mortification and to make reparation for the laxity that had entered into Christians’ lenten practices — in the 15th century! He knew that any austerity can be embraced with God’s help. In his day, ecclesial authority had mitigated lenten penances to tolerate the lukewarmness of believers. What would St. Francis of Paola say of the 21st century? We are far too soft and comfortable. This has dire consequences. The observance of Lent is the very badge of Christian warfare. Well do we know that we deserve divine chastisement. Yet where is our penance to appease the wrath of God? Live this Lent like no other before! February 14, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius

Sermons by Fr. Simplicius: 2021

Never Deformed Never Reformed View description ▼ St. Bruno of Cologne (+1101) founded the Carthusians after witnessing the revival of the corpse of a man condemned for all eternity. This order is considered to be the most ascetic. It has never experienced radical change. The Order has never needed to be reformed because has never been deformed. The Carthusian motto: 'The Cross Stands Still While the World Turns.' The world is always restless. Modern man is rarely at peace and easily distracted. Covid and the vaccine have caused great disruptions. The Church too is greatly agitated from within. Yet tradition remains firm and consistent. Our love for the faith and the Holy Mass will unite us and keep us focussed on what really matters. October 10, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
The Debacle View description ▼ The United States' exit from Afghanistan has been an utter debacle. It has resulted in humiliation, chaos, and death. We must re-evaulate our entire strategy. We should return to the traditions of our past. Yet in our modern day, the ruling class of elites never suffer consequences for the destruction resulting from their erroneous ideologies. The same holds true within the Church! For decades now, we have had to deal with decisions of the hierarchy that has devastated the Church. Nevertheless, Church leaders now intensify their attack on Tradition, which is the area of the Church showing the most vitality. August 29, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Pharisaical vs Publican Liturgies View description ▼ Today's gospel provides a powerful analogy by which to compare and contrast the Traditional and New Mass. We have a pharisaical liturgy for modern man where man stands with pride before God making it 'all about himself.' We have a publican liturgy for the marginalized man who kneels in recognition of his nothingness and God's greatness, not daring to enter the sacred sanctuary. With the new motu proprio, are we doomed to repeat the terrible errors which overtook the Church in the 60s and have left a loss of faith and devastation in their wake? How could anyone forget the ancient truth: lex orandi, lex credendi. In other words the Church believes as she worships. This means that the Church's liturgy is the most effective means of preserving and interpreting the one True Faith. If man radically changes the liturgy, then man is likewise radically altering the True Faith which God has revealed. August 1, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Critical Theory is Destroing Our Nation View description ▼ 'Critical Theory' is being advanced in every facet of society. Fueled by lies, it compels men to see structural and systemic evils in all of traditional western civilization. It promotes self hate, alienation, and despair. Why? Because it is ultimately a marxist ploy aimed at furthering global revolution to enthrone a new world order based on the errors of Russia. Our country does have its original sins. It failed to recognize God as the source of authority, embraced naturalism and free masonic principles, and did not proclaim the social kingship of Christ. However, we do well to appreciate the good in our nation and its founders. The Catholic Church rejects critical theory; she instead carefully discerns what is true and good in every culture, while rejecting what is erroneous and evil. July 4, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Take Back the Moral High Ground View description ▼ In any battle, it is more advantageous to hold the higher ground. John the Baptist held moral superiority over adulterous Herod. John's preaching based on divine authority trumps the opinions of fallen men. Yet today's cultural war suffers from a revolutionary inversion. Church leaders ceded the high ground by choosing to dialogue with the world, trumpeting tolerance and coexistence. Religious indifference and moral ecumenism dominate our pulpits. The anti-prophets now demand affirmation and approval of heinous sins, while condemning and silencing all opposition. They are moral crusaders fully committed to their cause while the Church weakly whispers and compromises. One may not respect the opinions of any man which are offensive to God! Oh, how again need voices like that of The Baptist. June 27, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
The Cloak of St Joseph View description ▼ Holy Joseph of the Old Testament serves as a type prefiguring St. Joseph. Numerous details lead us to this spiritual insight, including his parentage, his cloak, his purity, his royalty, and his dreams. Yet the fulfillment is always greater than the prefigurement. He was Christ's example of manhood and an icon of God the Father for the Christ Child. He is the exemplar of what all human fathers should be. See good St. Joseph as a true example of holy masculinity and as a real father to you every day. The Church also possesses several relics from him: his leather belt, holy staff, wedding ring, and holy cloak - which we shall venerate this year as part of the "Year of St. Joseph." June 20, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Eucharistic Miracles View description ▼ The priesthood has a higher dignity and honor than any other office in the world. Consider, God binds Himself to obey the words of an unworthy man as he says: 'Hoc Est Enim Corpus Meum." This mystery of Transubstantiation is difficult for many to accept. Yet Christ clearly stated one must eat His Flesh and Drink His Blood to have eternal life (Jn 6:55). God gives us faith to compensate for what our senses can not grasp. Moreover, in His mercy, He assists our faith with eucharistic miracles. Pray that He grant you a stronger faith and love for the Real and Substantial Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. May 30, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
The Virus of Cowardice View description ▼ It is extraordinary what fear has done to us as a people. Despite the tremendous decline in virus related cases, which happened well before the introduction of any vaccine, the fear continues. Masks have become part of everyday life. Segregation is back: the vaccinated are ‘privileged’ but others are treated as ‘lepers.’ We have become silly and weak. We are afraid to die. Why? Because we are filled with a worldly spirit as opposed to the Holy Ghost. Can we ever see in our day anything similar to what martyrs and previous Catholics did for the glory of God? Consider the example of St. Venantius, a 15 year old martyr. Pentecost transformed the Apostles, yet the emption of fear has changed us. May we stir up the graces of confirmation, that cowardice may be transformed into courage. May 23, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
The Harrowing of Hell View description ▼ By His Incarnation and Death, Our Lord employed a 'Trojan horse' type strategy. In His human nature, Christ could suffer and die. Contending with Death, Christ descended into, and conquered, the netherworld. His spoils of victory were the holy souls from the Limbo of the Fathers. The traditional doctrine of Christ's 'descent into hell' is summarized by four main points. These dispel the blasphemous error, in vogue today, that Christ suffered fire and despair in hell, similar to the souls lost for all eternity. May 2, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Mary Our Mother and Queen View description ▼ No matter how old we are, we owe devotion to our mothers for all they have done in forming and loving us. One must also have devotion to Our Lady. We all owe her our very salvation. Unlike with the saints, devotion to Our Lady is NECESSARy for salvation. Without her we would not have the Mass, the Church, nor salvation in Jesus Christ, true God and man. She is a most tender Mother and worthy Queen. May we confidently entrust to her all things that are ours; our joys, our troubles, our hopes—especially as more difficult times fall upon the Church. May 9, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Our World is Being Forever Altered View description ▼ A new social ethics has been created with its own twisted sense of virtue, false commandments, and moral imperatives. That in itself is terrible. Yet even more sickening is how these values—of a materialistic God-denying culture—have become the standard for so many within the Church Militant. The eternal good of the soul, and those things necessary for salvation, are discouraged or cancelled. The opinions of men are believed over the divine word of God. Any wonder why many are leaving the Faith? May God forgive us! April 25, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
All Hangs Upon the Physical Resurrection View description ▼ The Catholic Faith infallibly teaches Christ's physical resurrection. It was not just spiritual or a resuscitation; for Christ defeated death and will never die again. Yet there are those 'catholics' who deny this dogma. Pius XI says such they - not militant muslims, atheistic communists or secular jews - are the greatest enemies of the Church. Such modernists attempt to change Catholic dogma and worship. If they are right, the Faith is worthless and we are left with nothing but despair. Yet if He is risen, then our Faith is infinitely worthwhile. Christ's resurrection is the proof of all He stands for. It compels us to crucify the old Adam within us and bury our rebellious spirt in the tomb. We are Catholic because it is the Truth. April 11, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Cause of Joy or Fear View description ▼ Our Resurrected Lord appeared to His Mother first. The other women at the foot of the Cross approached the tomb despite guards, a sealed tomb, and a heavy stone. Love overcomes all fear and obstacles. They found an angel who proclaimed 'He is Risen.' No greater words have ever been announced in human history. This is a cause for joy which fills all true believers with hope and confidence. How can we be fearful or too anxious about worldly matters knowing Christ is risen? In fact, it is the enemies of Christ and of His Church who should fear such news. Sadly, many shepherds fear to preach the unchanging Catholic faith. They preach a secularized gospel that lacks any spiritual potency. Yet if Christ is risen, and He is, then all He teaches must be true. Then His kingdom must be the Roman Catholic Church, outside of which no one is saved. April 4, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
St Sebastian and the Purge View description ▼ St Sebastian joined the Roman army to assist Christians being persecuted by pagan officials. Yet he so distinguished himself by excellent service to the empire that he became commander of the emperor's personal praetorian guard. He survived one execution, rebuked the most powerful man in the world, and suffered a 'second martyrdom.' We have experienced many disappointments this past year and are filled with concerns. I encourage you to fight for the faith and endure whatever trials may come your way. Be alert! A great purge is in progress. Nevertheless, like St. Sebastian we can live and work in this passing world; and by God's good grace may we remain true to the one True Religion, outside of which there is no salvation. January 24, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Te Deum Laudamus View description ▼ Many people were longing for an end to the year 2020. But perhaps we overestimate just how bad the year was. The Church officially responds to the end of every year by giving thanks to God and providing indulgences. Yes, there were many terrible things, but like the saints and holy Job, let us recognize the Hand of God in disasters and thank Him for it. As Christians we know that all things, save sin, come from the will of God. Let us thank God for 2020. It was a year in which we learned more about ourselves as a people and a country. It was a year in which many things were revealed and exposed which had perhaps been hidden. And through it all, God's will was accomplished. Thee, O God, we praise! January 10, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
A Spirit of Entitlement View description ▼ There is a an entitlement complex among many youth: as if the world owes them something. Bitter complaints follow unrealistic and unmet expectations. This problem is not new. Man wishes to divorce Christ from His Cross and take the glory of Tabor without the passion of Calvary. The post-Christian West has created a cheap effeminate Christ by expecting resurrection without a cross. Today’s feast reminds us that these two mysteries of Christ (His transfiguration and death) are intimately related. This connection between glory and humiliation both moderates our joys and comforts us in our trials. A price must be paid for anything worthwhile. There is no success without sacrifice. February 28, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
The Rematch View description ▼ Our Lord is driven into the desert by the Holy Ghost to pray, to fast, and to train for upcoming demonic temptations. The desert is a harsh environment for man, but Christ thrives therein. He embraces forty days and forty nights of complete fast in order to reverse the defeat of Adam in the Garden. Christ calls out the devil for a rematch. Adam lost in the early rounds and satan sought to defeat this New Adam with the exact same tactics. He attacks the lower appetites, then tries for vainglory, and finally the pride of life (which caused his own fall). Christ is victorious in all three rounds. Yet His work continues in us as He seeks to reproduce His victory in all the elect. Let us therefore train well during this consecrated season of Lent. February 21, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Lenten Spirituality of St Francis de Paola View description ▼ St Francis Paola (1416-1507), an extraordinary miracle worker, founded an order of Franciscan hermits: The Minims. They were to be ‘minimal’ in their possessions and diet and in the eyes of the world. They also took a fourth vow: to perpetually live in accordance with the Church’s ancient Lenten discipline. Theirs was a lifelong fast and abstinence from meat and all animal products. St. Francis required this rigor as a heroic act of mortification and to make reparation for the laxity that had entered into Christians’ lenten practices — in the 15th century! He knew that any austerity can be embraced with God’s help. In his day, ecclesial authority had mitigated lenten penances to tolerate the lukewarmness of believers. What would St. Francis of Paola say of the 21st century? We are far too soft and comfortable. This has dire consequences. The observance of Lent is the very badge of Christian warfare. Well do we know that we deserve divine chastisement. Yet where is our penance to appease the wrath of God? Live this Lent like no other before! February 14, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Gender Confusion within Gods Sanctuary View description ▼ The liturgical revolution has turned God’s sanctuary into a place that mirrors the grave errors of our day. Ancient tradition established seven steps leading to the priesthood (minor and major orders). Yet in 1972, Paul VI suppressed the minor orders and subdiaconate or turned them into “lay ministries.” Women then began to assume “lay ministerial roles” - even within the sanctuary. Francis is now accelerating this liturgical collapse with his revolutionary change that women may be permanently enrolled in the office of lector and acolyte. The next obvious step is to ordain women to the diaconate. If women can receive the Sacrament of Orders, there there will be nothing to prevent them from being ordained priests. Gender confusion, only possible among a people who have accepted a contraceptive and sodomitical mentality, is now rampant in the sanctuary. (It has been for years!) These grave abuses threaten the very hierarchical institution of the Church as divinely instituted by Christ Himself, and should induce ALL to flee the modern ruptures, finding liturgical and doctrinal sanity in tradition. February 7, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Do You Want Christ to Come View description ▼ Everyone wants to be ready for a crisis: stocked up on food, supplies and ammunition. But do we prepare as well for the Coming of the Lord? Catholics act as if they will never see the Judgment and Coming of Christ. However, the hour of death - and each one of us will die - is when Christ comes and judges each one of us. We are so ill-prepared that one wonders if we really want Him to come. People who are comfortable and distracted are too busy enjoying an easy life to eagerly await Our Lord. We cling to sinful habits asking God to make us virtuous... but not yet. Do not delay. Cast off sinful attachments now. He is Coming. December 6, 2020 by Fr. Simplicius