Recent Sermons by Fr. Rodríguez

Precious Blood and Catholic Devotions View description ▼ Hear O Lord my voice with which i have cried to Thee. Abel's blood cried to Heaven for vengeance. All these prayers are fulfilled and perfected in Christ's Precious Blood, which has infinite power to save, protect, heal and sanctify. Adore the Precious Blood, especially every time you are at Mass. Meditate upon how inanimately connected it is to all our Catholic devotions. Pray the Chaplet of the Holy Wounds or the Rosary of the Five Wounds. Strive for the two greatest fruits of this devotion! July 10, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Public and Social Crime View description ▼ Anyone who has authority - religious or secular - has that power from God and each one who exercises authority must exercise it in accordance with God's law. It is a public crime to act as if there is no God or that the true religion can't be known by a state. In Immortale Dei (1885), Pope Leo XIII explains the duties of the state towards God. He provides the doctrine all Catholics must believe; we must draw out its practical conclusion. July 3, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Absolute Sovereignty of the Sacred Heart View description ▼ What Jesus desires above all is our hearts and He wants to reign and rule in our hearts through His love. The Sacred Heart has a very special love for sinners and a great desire for their conversion. We must promote the kingly and social aspects of His reign. Civil society has to be organized according to Catholic principles. The state has the responsibility to safeguard God's law and make sure it is obeyed by all. Yet Christ's Heart, love, and reign are almost universally scorned, despised and rejected. Incredibly enough, this is also true within the Catholic Church. Do the very best you can, in your own small ways, to offer Him reparation. June 26, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Feasts After Pentecost View description ▼ The Catholic Faith exists to make the truth of the Blessed Trinity known to all men and thereby give God glory. Yet man can't come to know the truth about God on his own. The great liturgical feasts from Pentecost through November are especially dedicated to pray for the help of the Holy Ghost. It is He who reveals the truth about God and conforms men to Christ. Consider, for example, why the pope instituted the Feast of Corpus Christi. If we truly believed in Jesus' Real Presence, how would our life be different? June 19, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Gods Ways Are Far Above Our Ways View description ▼ Too often we complain to God, we doubt God, or even think He is cruel. Our error lies in interpreting God based on our experience and understanding. Instead, the foundation must be the Blessed Trinity. All the mysteries of our faith flow from and lead us to that Ultimate Reality. God's was are incomprehensible to us. We must trust and make continual acts of faith in His infinite wisdom and goodness. In hindsight, I see how great blessings have come from my trials and sorrows. This is true for everyone who remains faithful. June 12, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Father of the Poor View description ▼ Consider what the Holy Ghost does, why we need Him, and how we can more effectively gain His assistance. All the spiritual goods that we possess come from the Holy Ghost, for He is the Love of the Father and the Son. He purifies man from sin and unites man to God. He gives grace upon grace so long as one is disposed and requests. Love, adore, and thank the Holy Ghost. As man is terribly weak and poor, he ought to ceaselessly call upon the Holy Ghost’s assistance. June 6, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Final Christian Perseverance View description ▼ The Church is always teaching us perseverance. She does so, not so much in words, but through her liturgy, sacraments, prayers (e.g. novena), the lives of the saints, and how she calls us to live. From the day of our baptism, we are called to the grace of final perseverance. One of the main purposes of confirmation is to help us persevere. We can never arrive at our heavenly end unto eternity unless we persevere in the True Faith May 29, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Pray for Perseverance View description ▼ Holy Mother Church teaches us perseverance; not so much in words, but more so in her prayers, her sacraments, her disciplines, and her saints. The Catholic life, including every vocation, requires perseverance. If you pray with a sincere and pure heart – and persevere – you will receive. A great failure by many is they simply don’t persevere or their prayers are imbued with a worldly spirit. So pray with ever greater devotion and an ever purer heart. May Our Lady be our model and great intercessor. May 22, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
The Gift of Truth View description ▼ God unceasingly offers us gifts. He gives all men natural gifts, but the ‘perfect’ gifts He bestows are supernatural gifts. For example, He gives truth (through the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church). How necessary is this gift, especially as we live amidst so much error, deceits and misinformation. Powerful forces are even compelling us to accept things which are clearly not true. The world, the secular media, even many in the Church hierarchy believe they can create truth. Let us instead pray for the grace to love what God commands and to desire what God promises. May 15, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Five Saints Model Devotion to Mary View description ▼ Devotion to Mary is necessary for salvation! In giving us the Incarnate Word, Our Lady has obtained all the graces we need and she continually pours them out upon us. So have an ever greater union with the most Holy Virgin and depend more on her intercession and assistance! Here are five saintly examples to help inspire you: [1] St John Damascene, [2] St Ignatius Loyola, [3] St. Philip Neri, [4] Bl. Elizabeth Picenardi of Mantua, and [4] Four year old St. John Marie Vianney. Also, consider ten simple ways to practice devotion to Our Lady. May 8, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
See My Glorious Wounds View description ▼ The world speaks endlessly about love but knows not how to love. This we must learn from Christ on the cross. His Easter message calls us to reflect upon and contemplate His glorious Wounds. The waters of salvation flow eternally from His open side (vidi aquam). Familiarize yourself with the private relations of Sister Marie-Martha Chambon (+1907) concerning devotion to Christ's Holy Wounds (these include a Rosary, a Chaplet, and beautiful promises). To offer to the Father the Sacred Wounds of Christ is to offer to God adequate honor and glory! May 1, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
22LM_08 Gate of Heaven and Mother of Hope View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - Fourth and Final Conference: St. Francisco Marto offers us a great model of hope. Yet the most perfect example comes from Our Blessed Mother, especially when She received into her arms the body of her dead Son. The mission concludes with ten practical ways by which we can grow in the supernatural virtue of hope. March 31, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
22LM_07 Unite with the Immaculate Heart at Mass View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - Fourth Sermon: The sorrow of Mary's Immaculate Heart was the greatest during the Passion and Death of her Son, but so too her hope. At Mass, Jesus offers us the grace to unite our heart to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to hope as she hoped in the Cross and in the Precious Blood. Uniting with Mary is one of the best ways to participate in Holy Mass. March 31, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
22LM_06 Keep Your Gaze Fixed Upon Eternity View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - Third Conference: The man of hope is not looking for a reward here on earth, but keeps his gaze upon eternity. Hope is a longing desire for a future good that can be attained, albeit with difficulty. So hope for the pardon of your sins, victory over temptations and a holy death. To increase and fortify hope, meditate frequently upon the magnanimity of God. March 30, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
22LM_05 Hope in the Precious Blood View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - Third Sermon:The Precious Blood is never more present than at Mass. Three great mysteries which are hidden to our human nature at Mass are : {1] The shedding of His Blood is renewed; [2] His Blood is sprinkled upon those present; and [3] Intercedes before the Father for us. May we firmly hope and confidently trust in the Precious Blood! March 30, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
22LM_04 The Objects of Christian Hope View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - Second Conference: Recognize and resist the devil’s most common traps regarding presumption and despair. To strengthen hope, turn to the example of the saints. And towards what end is our hope directed? Father details the primary, secondary and tertiary objects of the faithful Christian’s hope. March 29, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
22LM_03 O Crux Spes Unica View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - Second Sermon: The Cross is our hope because Jesus has saved us through it. The Cross is precious because it brings grace to our soul and a heavy weight of glory unto eternity. The Cross is never more present – more real – than at Mass. The Mass teaches and enables us to place our hope in the Cross as our means to Heaven. March 29, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
22LM_02 Man Needs Supernatural Hope View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - First Conference: The one thing necessary is to save your soul. To do this you need supernatural grace, faith, hope and charity. Yet few are saved. Many men only have natural hope and succumb to despair and presumption. As faithful Christians, foster a confident and true hope in God’s unfailing promises. March 28, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
22LM_01 Virtue of Hope and Holy Mass View description ▼ 2022 Lent Mission - First Sermon: The title of our Lenten Mission are words prayed at the foot of the altar before Holy Mass begins. They summarize the struggle that we face every day of our life. In these sermons, we shall consider the connection between Hope and the Mass. Three great objects of our hope, all of which are very present at Mass, are: [1] The Cross, [2] The Precious Blood, and [3] The Immaculate Heart of Mary. March 28, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
You Must Work Hard to Save Your Soul View description ▼ The vast majority of men live as if there is neither hell nor Heaven; as if God will not judge us. Perhaps we believe these truths, but don't reflect upon them. Man takes all possible care for worldly affairs, but attends not to the salvation of his soul. Impress upon yourself three great truths. [1] Few shall be saved. [2] The salvation of your soul is the most important of all affairs. [3] You have to work hard to save your soul. Judge the value of all things from the vantage point of your soul's eternity. Do not follow the great majority of mankind. Never relax your efforts, by day nor night. Faithfully strive in the Lord's vineyard and always labor more. February 20, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
All Time Belongs to Christ View description ▼ Time belongs to God. It is not ours to do with as we wish. Time is meant to be used in the service of God and to save our immortal soul. We need much conversion with regards to how we think about time. This is why the Church gives us the Liturgical Year. Every day is focussed upon one of its three great cycles. Do you best to live according to the liturgical year. The better you do this, the more you draw upon the graces you need for salvation. As brief examples, consider how you view and live Septuagesima and Lent. February 13, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
The Flight Into Egypt View description ▼ The latter six Mysteries from the Infancy and Childhood of Christ clearly manifest and admirably summarize the Holy Family. The Mystery of Christ can't be fully understood apart from the Holy Family; for Christ does not just bring us salvation, but He does so with and through the Holy Family. Our response to these Mysteries must not just be to believe, love and obey, but also to reflect upon them -- and to do so with faith! Let us consider the Flight into Egypt. This Mystery provides many important lessons for how we are to save our souls, especially in these times when the family is under such terrible attack. February 6, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Presentation and Purification View description ▼ Consider the Twelve Mysteries of Christ's Infancy and Childhood. The Holy Family suffers much and endures many trials. Why? Because they are obedient to God's holy will. So how should we respond to these Mysteries? With obedience. What of those who are fearful and have heard this 'virus-crisis' excuses them from Sunday Mass? Meditate upon the connection between Christ's Presentation in the Temple, His Sacrifice on Calvary, and the Mass. Imitate Our Lady. January 30, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Mysteries of His Sacred Infancy View description ▼ Devotion to the Child Jesus means devotion to the Mystery of the Incarnation. Meditate on the mysteries of His sacred Infancy to grow in love for Him. These mysteries highlight His humility, poverty, obedience and love. In particular, consider that He purposefully chose each of these events to begin His saving mission on earth. To love Him you must strive to imitate Him. For example, every one of us can be more detached from the world; by this we imitate His poverty. January 23, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Our Response Must Be True Catholic Obedience View description ▼ How are we to respond to Epiphany - to this great manifestation of Jesus' divinity? We must [1] believe, [2] adore and [3] obey. This is the example of Mary and Joseph, the angels, the shepherds and the Three Kings. Obedience is first given to God. The star represents Faith, the light that comes from God. Then obedience is given to the human authorities God places on earth. This priority must be respected. Human authority can be abused; yet the virtue of obedience exists to conform our will to God's holy will. January 16, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
What Gifts Do You Offer the Christ Child View description ▼ Mary and Joseph overflow with joy when the Divine Child is given due honor, reverence and love. This is precisely the mystery and meaning of Christmas. We are to follow the example of the Three Kings. Your gift ought to be those virtues which their gifts symbolize – charity (gold), prayer (frankincense) and mortification (myrrh). Similarly, the epistle (Col 3) tells us how to offer the Christ Child a pure heart. As you pray the Rosary and Litanies, seek the respective intercession of – and offer yourself and family members to – the members of the Holy Family respectively. January 9, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Significance and Spirituality of the Holy Name View description ▼ The Holy Name of Jesus literally means "God saves." As you pray the Holy Name, think of Bethlehem and Calvary. Consider that God makes man and God saves man for He loves man. The Holy Name brings to our lives the Person of Jesus. It expresses His infinite love and His infinite power. Bow your head as you pray His Name. Pray the Litany of the Holy Name, especially this month. Whether you are tempted by devils or attacked by men, invoke the Name of Jesus. And if temptations do not cease to persecute you, continue to invoke Jesus – and you will never fall. January 2, 2022 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Judas Has Plenty of Company This Christmas View description ▼ There is much confusion over what it means to love Jesus. It is not primarily about feelings, thoughts, or scriptural interpretation. The Apostle of Love teaches us the essentials. To love Jesus we must keep His commandments and we must love our neighbor (emphasis on the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy). Ask Baby Jesus for the grace to love Him above everything. Far too many Catholics are willing to sacrifice Christ to maintain friendships and family ties. Even our Shepherds - those who should love Jesus most - are betraying Him. Given that belief in Christ means belief in the Holy Eucharist, why is Mass being cancelled? Jesus Himself commands us to eat His flesh so as to have eternal life with Him! December 26, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Have a Great Desire to Love and Suffer More View description ▼ One Holy Communion worthily received suffices to detach the soul from this earth and inflame it with the love of God. So strive to receive Our Lord worthily. Have a pure heart. Your life will change for the better the more you believe in Our Lord - Truly Present in the Holy Eucharist - and the greater your desire to receive Him with increased love, devotion, faith and a willingness to follow Him whatever the cost. December 19, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Am I Not Here Who Am Your Mother View description ▼ Our Lady of Guadalupe's most precious words (1531) are remarkably similar to the words Pius IX employed for the ending of his infallible definition of the Immaculate Conception (1854). Her apparition and the dogma serve the same purpose. It's not coincidental that these two feasts closely follow one upon the other (Dec 8, Dec 12) - or that they celebrated during Advent. 2000 years ago Jesus came to Bethlehem, and then 500 years ago He came to the Americas: to bring light and salvation. Yet He does so through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He has established His chosen pattern. Jesus will come this way to judge the living in the dead. And this is how He comes to us in Holy Communion. December 12, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Nothing is Hopeless View description ▼ The first example we receive of honoring Our Lady comes from the angel - who was sent by God Himself. The marvelous prayer of the Hail Mary is given to us by God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. A practical consequence of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception is that in dangers, difficulties, doubts and fears we turn to Mary. Fly with utter confidence to Her! December 11, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Grace of the Immaculate Conception For Us View description ▼ How grateful we are that God granted Our Lady the singular privilege of being Immaculately Conceived. This Mystery manifests God's infinite power and marvelous mercy. In Her, sin is utterly crushed. By this grace we, who are not sinless, can fight more courageously and tenaciously against sin. By the grace of the Immaculate Conception, pray for [1] hatred of sin, [2] growth in God's grace, and [3] purity in heart, mind and body. December 8, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Let the Law of Your Life Be Christ View description ▼ The same Jesus born in Bethlehem comes to us in Holy Communion. He is mystically born anew in every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. And if He comes, it is for a purpose. He wants us to be prepared to welcome Him. Through Holy Communion, Jesus is born, develops and perfects Himself within us. Believing this - and acting in accordance with this belief - is central to our belief in Jesus Christ. If we love God and have faith in the Eucharist, then we must live so as to as to receive Him worthily and in a spirit of reparation for terrible sacrileges being committed. December 5, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Be Prepared to Meet Thy God View description ▼ As best you can, stay focussed throughout this Advent on the three comings of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is perhaps during this season that one most dramatically sees how far the Catholic faithful are from the Catholic Faith. Jesus is calling us and we don't hear. Keep the celebrations for the Christmas season (after Dec 25). During Advent, focus on prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Pray novenas, litanies, Las Posadas, and other Christmas devotions. Consider the powerful symbolism of the Miraculous Medal. Come to the chapel, the Blessed Virgin awaits you. November 28, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
The Angels Reflect Gods Perfections View description ▼ God created the angels for His glory, for their happiness, and to help us in saving our souls. The angels appear repeatedly in Sacred Scripture and the Lives of the Saints. They are a great marvel of God's invisible creation: living images of God's Infinite Beauty who reflect His Divine Perfections. Yet so often we neglect them and fail to render that which is due to them. Consider seven things our Guardian Angels do for us. Pray to the angels frequently and may they strengthen your faith! October 3, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
St Martin of Tours View description ▼ Holiness consists in following and imitating Christ and His saints. Consider the life of St. Martin of Tours, a great bishop and confessor. Though born of pagan parents, he had a burning charity for Christ. He destroyed many pagan temples, converted many, and opposed heresies. He built many churches and insisted the faithful act reverently therein. St. Martin performed many miracles, even raising the dead. He practiced intense mortification and is a founder of Western Monasticism. Christian Europe held great celebrations on his feast (Martinmas) and the penitential aspect of Advent traces its origins to St Marin's Lent. May his life inspire you and encourage you prepare for Christmas by fasting on some days. November 14, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Three Brief Lessons on Holiness View description ▼ Holiness consists in being united to Christ. [1] Jesus Himself calls us to holiness through the Church Triumphant and the Church Suffering. [2] We are the Church Militant because we are fighting for what? for holiness! To be Catholic is to strive to be holy. God's plan for our holiness is His Church, and outside His Church there can be no true holiness. [3] Holiness consists in conformity to the will of God. November 7, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Christ the King vs the Virus and Jab View description ▼ Christ the King commands us to be faithful to truth and to life. Archbishop Vigano has written an open letter which I strongly urge you to read. The potential evil of the vaccine far outweighs the potential good. Human babies are being murdered in the continued production of the vaccine. This scamdemic is filled with misinformation, lies, evil, and death. We have to oppose this vaccination agenda with all our strength. What can you do? Recognize the extreme situation we are in. Look to Christ the King on the Cross. Make an act of faith: He is the truth, we follow Him. October 31, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Suffer With Jesus and Mary View description ▼ A basic rule of the spiritual life is to imitate Jesus and Mary. Marian devotion is not something "invented" by Catholics. Rather, Christ requires it — for He Himself gave His Sorrowful Mother to us at the foot of the Cross. We can never fully appreciate her sorrows for we can't fathom the depth of her love for her Son. However, we can pray for many graces to be more like Jesus and Mary: to hate sin and to ensure insults and ridicule with patience as they did. Pray for the grace to love Jesus and suffer for Him as Our Lady did. Today there are many opportunities for us to suffer for Jesus... and many more are headed our way. September 26, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez
Four Virtues for Spouses View description ▼ God speaks to you in the lessons for Mass. Today, God calls you to practice four specific virtues: Humility, Meekness, Patience and Charity. These are the four virtues which Our Lord most clearly exhibits in His Passion. You are called to walk worthily in your vocation, and although we have different vocations, each Christian is called to deny himself and carry his cross daily. September 19, 2021 by Fr. Michael Rodríguez

Recent Sermons by Fr. Iacomus Paulus

Families Need A Spirit of Development View description ▼ We are fighting a battle we can't afford to loose. Catholic families need to foster an environment that is all about continual development. Examine your level of desire to attain perfection and the means you are using to attain it. Spouses and parents must set goals, establish strategies, and provide accountability. This require constant communication, collaboration, and evaluation. Our weakness and strengths play a critical and unique role in how God is calling us to sanctity. When spouses say "I DO" they should be promising that every day, for the rest of their lives, they will slave away to build saints – and nothing less. July 3, 2022 by Fr. Iacomus Paulus
Christian Ambition View description ▼ Christ promises the Christian will be [1] Completely Fearless, [2] Absurdly Happy, and [3] Constantly in Trouble. The exhortation which best sums this up: Be ambitious for God! This is epitomized by both John the Baptist and Our Lord. We can accomplish great things because we have the truth and the Sacred Heart. With God we have all we need. Set goals, accomplish uncommon things, grow in confidence, abhor complacency, and never let up. This is a lesson to be learned from those who never stopped fighting to overturn Roe v. Wade. June 26, 2022 by Fr. Iacomus Paulus
Be Doers Not Hearers Only View description ▼ In the past liturgical year, how many sermons have we heard, and what have we actually put into practice? How do I most offend the Heart of Christ? Periodically, we have to take time to evaluate our spiritual progress. Will I actually hold myself accountable for the things which God is unceasingly asking me to stop doing? May 22, 2022 by Fr. Iacomus Paulus
Do You Live in Suffering? View description ▼ One reason Catholic missionaries had great success is because they preached "the word of the dead man on the wood." This differs greatly from the false gospels of riches, greatness and wonders. But Catholics today are so accustomed to the easy life that we can't relate to such a God. Sacrifice is the only thing that matters for the Catholic because it is the only way for us to be made like Christ. So why do we consistently refuse it? See sacrifice not as a burden to carry, but as God's badge of honor. May 15, 2022 by Fr. Iacomus Paulus
Humility and Greatness of Man View description ▼ Never be surprised when you fall. Be grounded in who you actually are: sinful and stumbling about. Yet you also have the capacity for greatness; so strive for it! Don't let the devil handcuff you to sin; instead, be a joyful soul when you go to confession. Have the humility to witness your great fall but know you can still reach for the stars - and see this in others. "Every man in the light of his ego is a fallen monarch." June 5, 2022 by Fr. Iacomus Paulus
At the Heart of the Mass View description ▼ God's relation to men mirrors the manner in which men relate to each other. A true spiritual friendship is the most intimate union among men. It begins through communication, intensifies in the giving of gifts (symbolic of who one is) and culminates in the giving of one's own self (one's will). True friends give not just what they have, but even give who they are. We see the same dynamic at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! May 29, 2022 by Fr. Iacomus Paulus
Teach Catholic Men to Fight View description ▼ Catholic manhood is under attack. Modern men suffer from effeminacy of the body, mind, and will. Man is attached to pleasure and fears that which is difficult. He suffers an inability to seek the truth, preferring emotion over truth. He rationalizes and justifies everything to get what he wants. Christ's rebuke of the Apostles during the storm illustrates three points integral to a manhood: [1] Christ wanted them to face something difficult and overcome fear. [2] Christ was intentionally asleep; wanting them to wake Him. [3] Christ called the Apostles to get into the boat, to cast out into the deep. Look to Christ as the perfect example of real man. Consider these four masculine qualities, all of which are violently being attacked. [1] Christ was dominant, because he stood in the truth. [2] Christ was competitive; be perfect; be stronger than the enemy. [3] Christ was aggressive, driving hundreds out of the temple. [4] Christ was disciplined; He was perfectly self-restrained. Build up these characteristics in young men! Every day we must fight, not for ourselves, but for Our King! February 6, 2022 by Fr. Iacomus Paulus
Families Recover Catholic Identity View description ▼ The Catholic family is in decay. Two things families are not accomplishing on a wide scale are [1] establishing a firm Catholic identity and [2] fighting against the spirit of the world. Our youth lack a clear identity. Parents, be consistent! Don't give up and allow your family to be entrenched in worldliness. The world is the enemy and is seeking to destroy the souls of your children. Be in love with your vocation - with forming saintly souls for Heaven! January 9, 2022 by Fr. Iacomus Paulus

Recent Sermons by Fr. Simplicius

Saintly Monarchs and Machiavellian Apostates View description ▼ The Church recently celebrated two great monarchs: St. Louis IX of France and St Stephen of Hungary. What a great blessing for a nation to have a virtuous Catholic ruler! But what a curse it must be to have an bad [apostate] Catholic in power – as we do today. Apparently heeding Machiavelli's advice, he acts as if the ends justify the means and prefers to be feared than loved. He eschews natural and divine laws, following instead Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. His cruel methods serve to anger, hurt and polarize. Might this signal a twilight of 'The American Experiment?' September 4, 2022 by Fr. Simplicius
New Mass Amtrak and Coke View description ▼
Why do we not learn from two colossal business failures (new coke and Amtrak)? The New Mass is not a "change" rooted in any apostolic tradition but an utterly new man-made rite of a committee's innovation. Despite hierarchical subsidies and elimination of 'competition,' churches with the New Mass continue emptying. The New Mass does not interest the youth or generate vocations. The Traditional Mass is the most significant area of growth in the Church, yet ecclesial leaders are now seeking to contain and eliminate it. We must persevere in the True Faith!
July 31, 2022 by Fr. Simplicius
Dignity and True Liberty View description ▼ The immeasurable dignity of the unborn is markedly clear at the Visitation. Yet even 2500 years ago, the pagan Hippocrates vowed to oppose abortion. Pope Sixtus V explained that abortion is a 'double murder,' for it prevents the aborted baby from ever enjoying eternal life with God. Abortion is a terrible hallmark of the 'culture of a death.' To overcome it, we need to acknowledge true liberty. It is not just physical, or psychological, but a moral freedom (the power to do the good). Despite the eradication of Roe v. Wade, the unborn children remains a target. To recover his dignity, we must recover the true notion of liberty and acknowledge that we are but creatures before our Creator. July 3, 2022 by Fr. Simplicius
Roe vs Wade is Dead View description ▼ What an extraordinary 'miracle' on the Feast of the Sacred Heart and the Nativity of John the Baptist. These feasts teach us many pertinent lessons. There never was a right to murder the unborn. This 'constitutional right' has been forever eliminated. Truth is on the side of life. Now the real battle begins, in the political area and to win minds and hearts. We must cry out in condemnation of the culture of death and the demons behind it: 'Non licet!' Now is our time to act. June 26, 2022 by Fr. Simplicius
Motherly Instinct and Abortion View description ▼ Saint Monica is a mother par excellence. Her prayers, tears, and sacrifices ultimately converted her husband and children. Today we celebrate motherhood, remembering our mother's love and her labor pains (which often endure into our adult years). Yet our world is trying to destroy femininity and the motherly instinct. Abortion has even become an explicit satanic ritual act. This culture of death is in desperate need of much healing. Even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, we need to win hearts and minds. May 8, 2022 by Fr. Simplicius
A New Pentecost People View description ▼ When John XXIII announced Vatican II, he spoke of a 'new Pentecost.' Many believed a 'new springtime' was due. Such slogans conveyed a general euphoria. Yet to think there can be a greater 'new' outpouring of the Holy Ghost is a grave and condemned error. Sadly, men are fascinated with 'new age' movements, e.g. Joachim de Fiore (+1202). Today's 'new spirit' is an impure spirit of rupture. It has borne the 'fruit' of apostasy and a hemorrhaging of Church membership like never before. Let us instead pray for the promised Age of Peace under Our Lady's Immaculate Heart. June 5, 2022 by Fr. Simplicius
Vox Clamantis in Deserto View description ▼ Each candle on the Advent Wreath represents a millennia and bears a name. The third candle is named after St. John the Baptist. This great prophet and martyr gave his life for the sanctity of marriage. On account of his moral courage, he was imprisoned and decapitated. He was also the Precursor of Christ. His spirit, which we are called to emulate, is embodied by his words: "I must decrease, He must increase." December 12, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
A Formless Liturgy is Unacceptable View description ▼ Who could be so barbarous as to destroy his own past? I am angry at those who seek to destroy the Traditional Mass. They have not been satisfied by an iconoclasm in which ugliness reigns. Now they insist that their formless liturgy is the unique and only liturgical expression of the Latin Rite. I say a liturgical revolution is unacceptable. Yet a righteous anger is not easily controlled. We must have charity. We can be thankful for the clarity this has yielded: they are two different Rites which can't coexist for long. Heed the example of St. Francis de Sales, who converted thousands of heretics by his orthodoxy, charity, and gentleness. January 30, 2022 by Fr. Simplicius
Holy Mother Church Amidst the Storms View description ▼ The Church has many names, each giving insight into her mysteries. Perhaps the most beautiful is 'Holy Mother.' She gives us spiritual life, nourishes us, heals us, and strengthens us. If we make it to Heaven, it WILL be because of Her. Therefore we should truly love her! Never lose sight that she is the perfect and immaculate Bride of Christ despite the sinfulness of her members. No matter how terrible the storm, Christ will preserve and save her. Have confidence too in the powerful intercession of Our Lady and St. Joseph! January 30, 2022 by Fr. Simplicius
Martyrdom of St Agnes View description ▼ Consider, the immemorial witness of St. Agnes of Rome. Despite her young age, she withstood grandiose bribes and horrific tortures. As our world hurtles towards Sodom and Gomorrah, and many Catholics apostatize, will we be given the grace to endure martyrdom? More importantly, are we disposed for that grace? Measure yourself. One must live a white martyrdom now to best prepare for a red martyrdom. January 23, 2022 by Fr. Simplicius
Vax-Cult Opposes Christs Kingship View description ▼ Few remember the destruction wrought by vaccine mandates in 19th century England. If we don't learn from history, then we're doomed to repeat it. Strange how modern governments, which claim to be so enlightened, can be so despotic. The modern state sees itself as absolute. All must submit to its authority and doctrines, while it submits to none. Yet a tyranny sincerely exercised for the 'good' of its victims is the most oppressive. Thus, the vax-cult sets itself up as false religion against the Kingship of Christ. October 31, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
A Child is Born to Us View description ▼ For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given. You and I can now love the Father with the Heart of Christ. We can offer all the sufferings of the Christ Child as an infinite act of reparation. On account of the Christmas Mystery, those in the state of grace can love God with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Divine Infant is born for us; the Messiah has been given to us. Let us use this Christmas gift well so that we may gain the gift of Eternal Life. January 1, 2022 by Fr. Simplicius
Deception and Fraud at Medjugorje View description ▼ How do we know "The Gospa" appearances at Medjugorje are false? Consider the glaring theological problems. The Gospa promotes heresy, including religious indifferentism, near universalism and denies the Mediatrix of all Graces. The 'seers' spiritual director was laicized for sins of impurity and other grave offenses. Church authorities have stated nothing supernatural has occurred. One bishop and exorcist explained that these 'apparitions' are an absolutely diabolical event and that everything there happens for the sake of money. Indeed the 'seers' have grown wealthy and are even able to command the apparitions at will. The Gospa serves Satan. Note that in the Gospa's images, her heel is completely covered. Why? It is Our Lady's heel which crushes the Infernal Serpent and so he is unable to tolerate it being seen. December 8, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
Mandatory Rejoicing View description ▼ The Coming of Christ the highest point of sacred and secular history. The only proper response for us on this day is to rejoice. Pope St. Leo the Great even says it would be unlawful to be sad on Christmas Day. And why rejoice? We must rejoice for the destroyer of sin and death has come to cleanse us and to grant us eternal life. Our Savior has come to free us from sin and satan’s tyranny. December 25, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius
American Kulaks and Catholic Kulaks View description ▼ Communist Soviets vilified and destroyed the Kulaks. They made them the scapegoats for everything going wrong in the Bolshevik Revolution. History is now being repeated. In the American landscape, the powers that be vilify all those who yearn for what made this country great. These 'American Kulaks' and must be destroyed. Similarly, in the ecclesial landscape, modernists who hold power vilify all Catholics who love the Faith and Tradition. These 'Catholic Kulaks' are made scapegoats for the failed spirit of Vatican II. Reasoning with the revolutionaries' hatred and suicidal tendencies is not possible. This only ends with the destruction of the 'Kulaks' or of the revolutionaries. December 12, 2021 by Fr. Simplicius

Recent Sermons by Fr. Ioannes Petrus

Families Need Respect View description ▼ In order to survive, captives have to learn to respect their captors, no matter how hateful they may be. This respect is simply prudence and common sense, for we always ought to have due regard to that which is dangerous or can hurt us. Children ought to respect their parents, wives their husbands, and families the autonomy of other families. If we lack due respect and honor, then God will not bless our endeavors. Instead we may incur His wrath by which He allows us to go on alone without His grace. Respect! Respect! Respect! This will bring much peace and grace upon us, even in the most difficult of captivities. January 9, 2022 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
Mourn With Our Lady of LaSalette View description ▼ God always prepares us, never blindsiding His faithful ones. He uses types and prefigurements. Consider how Our Lord raising the Widow of Naim's son is a type. He also provides us with prophecy; though we must be careful in our interpretation. In 1846 at LaSalette, Our Lady of Sorrows foretold much of what was to come - in those days, in our time, and at the end of time. Other prophecies from approved apparitions of Our Lady and saints help us better understand her terrible message. When one is forewarned, one can be better prepared and the suffering is lessened. We in turn can offer reparation and mourn with Our Lady of Sorrows as the Church passes though a passion. Let us stand with her at the foot of her Son's Cross. September 5, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
Root Out the Deadly Poison of Anger View description ▼ The world is not at peace because man has forgotten God and systematically removed Him. We are imbued with distraction that focus on self; so we are slow to hear and swift to anger. Anger darkens our judgment, prevents prayer, and leads to resentment - even depression and despair. The angry man always thinks he is right. Yet anger is a waste of time, energy, and sacrifice. Anger gives a place to the devil and opens the door to many additional sins. It even hurts us more than that which caused the anger. Consider the following remedies: [1] Do you best not to get angry, avoiding those situations which lead to it. [2] Strive for truth, as it calms our mind and ameliorates anger. Errors, inconsistencies, changes that ought not be, and deceptions all throw the intellect off balance and lead to anger. [3] Do your duty as God's grace protects you there. [4] Channel your anger into something constructive. [5] See those things causing your anger as coming from the hand of God. [6] Draw near to the Precious Blood. [7] Meditate on the Passion. [8] Invoke Saint Juanuarius. May 2, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
All Three Loves Must Be Well Ordered View description ▼ True love needs to be ordered correctly, as all other ‘love’ is nothing but fools’ gold. Spiritual love, or love of God, must come first. Soul love, union with others, must make its choices in light of Heaven. Bodily love, provided by creatures around us, readily tends towards excess and must be moderated. When any one of these loves is out of place, one experiences trouble, emptiness and restlessness. Yet spouses, parents, siblings will inevitably fail their loved ones. One must expect this! Nevertheless, one can have perfect love, if and only if, one does not attempt to compensate these failures with disordered loves. So don’t give up and don’t try to fill the void with something else. Let God supply what is lacking. He will help when the time is right. May 23, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
Your Treasure Is Where Your Heart Is View description ▼ What do you love? If the heart is centered upon Heaven, then one thinks about and desires heavenly things; if on earth, then one thinks about and desires earthly things, even sinful ones. Whenever a thing is ardently loved, it draws to itself the mind and heart of the lover. The entire spiritual life can be mapped out in accordance with charity. Charity is the form of all the virtues. By it we can combat self-centeredness, lack of forgiveness, lust, selfishness, and many other vices. May 16, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
A Good Leader Enables His Followers View description ▼ When a good leader goes on ahead [1] he leaves behind what is needed for those following and [2] he leaves markers so they will not get lost. Thus, they can ultimately be reunited. This is certainly true of Christ, the perfect leader. He gave commandments, instructions and promises. He provides the Church, sacraments, grace, His own Mother, His Sacred Heart, etc. He has not left us powerless or orphans. He showed the way - in His own flesh - and opened the way to Heaven, leaving us all we need to follow Him up! May 13, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
Eight Points of Reflection on Motherhood View description ▼ Motherhood is under a terrible attack by the diabolical errors or Russia. Using typology we can look to the Ark of the Covenant (Our Blessed Mother) for eight points which help heal the wound in woman caused by Eve. These points of reflection include teaching, correcting, compassion, chastity, modesty, self-effacement, and others. Dear Mothers, know and take up your place, mirroring the Ark of the Covenant: to raise up saints to help the Church in this time of need. You may not be known in this world but many will say of your children, 'You must have had a good mother." May 9, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
No Sympathy for Satan View description ▼ A good shepherd removes all blockages that prevent his sheep from reaching their end. Like a boxing trainer, he prepares those under his care to persevere unto victory. On the other hand, the world seduces men into accepting these blockages. It leads us to feel sorrow for whom we ought not feel sorrow. A clear sign of warped evil is sympathy for satan (this theme runs in literature, art, music, movies). It even motivates many within the Church Militant (think of those who sympathize with Judas). Be on your guard! Avoid supporting anything that does not have a solid Catholic foundation or will not help remove the obstacles to our holy end. by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
A Firm Purpose of Amendment View description ▼ God becomes positively blind to our sins when we capture His heart. We do this by striving firmly and surely to have real contrition, to amend our lives, and to practice true repentance. Contrition is a rational sorrow of mind and detestation of sin with the purpose of not sinning in the future. It is always necessary for the forgiveness of sins. Without proper amendment, we risk making an invalid confession. A firm purpose requires much practice! And the grace available to us through the Sacrament is directly related to the response of the penitent. Don't be surprised if you fall every day. Instead, stand your ground bravely. Your guardian angel will respect your endurance and aid you. Nothing is impossible with God. April 11, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
Lock Me Up Tight I Will Still Escape View description ▼ Christ is Risen. He descended into the realm of the dead, freed the imprisoned, and broke the bonds of death. Yet the devil and his followers are always trying to lockup and imprison Christ. Do we not feel the noose closing about the Church now? Yet they always fail. They dig a pit and fall into it themselves. One such terrible pit is gnosticism. It ebbs and flows with the occult. It has been around since the first centuries of Christianity, but today spreads rapidly under the guise of 'new age.' Even worse, its primary tenants have become mainstream in modern culture. Sadly, they have also entered the Church. Gnosticism attempts to separate God from His creation. It devalues all creation (the cosmos, the human body). It preaches a liberation via a special knowledge. It rejects the Natural Law which flows from creation. It argues that morality has nothing to do with our body. Yet Christ's Resurrection loudly proclaims that we do in the body does indeed count! April 4, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
Why We Veil During Passiontide View description ▼ At the start of Passiontide we cover the cross and statues inside our churches and the relics are hidden. Veiling teaches many lessons. Our Lord hides from those who wish to kill Him until His hour arrives. Theologically, the Church too follows the Lord in His Passion. Liturgically, we veil that which is sacred and contains great power. Morally, veiling calls to mind the importance of modesty. Psychologically, veiling reminds us that many things remain hidden to us at present. It signals us to mortify our disordered curiosity and unhealthy suspicions, abandoning ourselves to Divine Providence. Anagogically, this practice foreshadows Christ veiling the sins and failings at the Final Judgment of the truly contrite and penitent. March 21, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
Saint Joseph the Sidelined View description ▼ Not only is St. Joseph silent and hidden in Scripture, but he was often sidelined. For example, he was excluded from Simeon's prophecy and was 'imprisoned' in Limbo during the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord. Many of the terrible sufferings he patiently bore are prefigured by the Patriarch Jospeh. Yet the glory of his bodily resurrection is prefigured in the Ark (type of Our Lady) and the bones of Joseph (type for him) which crossed over the Jordan River and into the Promised Land. If you think "I looked for help but found none," then go to St. Joseph! February 3, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
The Church Seemingly Possessed View description ▼ Consider Bl. Miriam of Jesus Crucified (+1878) as a type for the Church. God allowed the devil to possess this Carmelite mystic for forty days as a victim soul. She suffered terribly but never sinned as God preserved her soul in grace. Could Holy Mother Church presently be enduring a similar trial? The Church has so many failures and is seemingly possessed, yet she remains the holy and immaculate Bride of Christ. This has caused a breakdown in authority. All faithful souls feel a certain aloneness as they struggle to defend their fortress. We need great patience, perseverance and fortitude to stay the course and resist the many attacks of the devil. March 7, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
God Loves the Cheerful Alms Giver View description ▼ A perfect Lent requires prayer, fasting and giving alms. Our Lady at Lourdes and the Angel at Fatima insisted upon a three-fold ‘Penance! Penance! Penance!’ The Archangel Raphael reminds Tobias, “Prayer is good with fasting and alms more than to lay up treasures of gold: For alms delivereth from death, and the same is that which purgeth away sins, and maketh to find mercy and life everlasting” (12:8-9). The world undergoes terrible temptations towards materialism. In fact, the grave crisis we face is due in no small part to men failing to piously use their wealth to combat evil and support the mission of the Church. Never forget, God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:7) and that He is never outdone in generosity. February 7, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus
Love Your Cross View description ▼ What if this was your last Lent? It may be, so make it count! Love Lent and deepen your appreciation for it. Lent is a time to practice loving God more than self; a time to place neighbor before self; a time to love soul more than body. Man has the ability to merit by his sufferings because he has a body. Thus, Lent is a time to voluntarily embrace all our crosses, that we not be caught off guard by anything the world, flesh and the devil might throw in our path. If we flee from the cross, then we shall be crushed by it. Yet if we pray to love our cross, it will become sweet. To suffer lovingly is to suffer no longer. Verily, there is no happiness but in the cross. Lent is all about charity, the Love of God. When charity is put in order, our hearts and wills are perfected and then — despite all agonizing trials and temptations during this great Passion of the Church — we will conquer victoriously. February 14, 2021 by Fr. Ioannes Petrus