There are a number of ways in which  YOU  can unite yourself to the St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation:

(1) SUBSCRIBE - Stay informed! The Foundation sends out regular emails regarding updated sermons, classes, prayers, saints stories, resource material at our website, as well as Catholic news of interest, especially in regards to our mission of recovering and restoring our Catholic Faith.

(1a) You can become a subscriber to our website and email by Registering HERE. It is free.

(2) PRAYER - We are truly engaged in what is first and foremost a spiritual combat; thus, nothing is more important than prayer. Please pray for the work of the Foundation.

(2a) We encourage you to pray for the Foundation on a daily basis using this prayer card.
(2b) Once a month we pray this novena to St. Vincent Ferrer.  We generally pray it from the first to the ninth day of each month.
(2c) Once a month we pray a second novena. (Always found under the tab "Prayer" and "Current Novena".) We generally pray this on the 19th through the 27th day of each month.
(2d) Please pray for the Foundation as an intention in your daily family rosary.

(3) PENANCE - Our Lord said that some particularly malevolent demons are only cast out by prayer and fasting (cf. Mt 17:21; Mk 9:29). Therefore, penance and fasting is an indispensable component of our spiritual armory. We encourage you to fast for the intentions of the Apostolate.

(4) ALMS - The St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation of Texas is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that relies solely on the prayers and financial donations of its supporters to maintain its existence and further its apostolate. Donations are therefore greatly needed and graciously accepted. Benefactors are also strongly encouraged to consider pledging themselves to a regular modest donation of $20 per month. All donors who provide their contact information will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is also offered by Fr. Michael Rodríguez on the thirteenth day of every month for the intentions of all benefactors of the Foundation (the 13th was chosen in honor of Our Lady of Fatima).

(4a) To learn more about how you can become a regular donor to the St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation, please click HERE.
(4b) You can make a donation anytime to the Foundation through Paypal by clicking HERE .
(4c) You can send a check or money order to the Foundation via US Mail (3155 David Ct, Edgewood, KY 41017)
(4d) You can sign up for regular monthly donations via Paypal by clicking the button below and then check-marking the "Make This Recurring" box.
(4e) You can sign up for regular $20 / month donations via Paypal by clicking the "Share the Apostlate" button.

If you have any questions regarding these matters, please contact us at

(5) STUDY THE FAITH - We offer a number of audio, video and printed resources that help Catholics recover their Traditional Catholic Faith. It is imperative that every Catholic commit to learning the traditional teachings of our Church and all those doctrines revealed by God which are necessary for salvation and which never change. The Truth always remains the same (semper idem).  Once a person is convicted by the Truth, then it is far harder to be shaken or scandalized away from one's convictions. Many resources for this end are available free of charge through this website. All of them are also available gratis for our regular financial benefactors.

(6) EVANGELIZE - Please help spread the word regarding our Foundation, our apostolate and this website. If you believe the Foundation or this website can help promote and further efforts in your local area in support of the Traditional Latin Mass and recovery of our traditional Faith, please contact us. The work of promoting and distributing our resources for learning the faith can be carried out by anyone and these efforts are sorely needed for the good of Holy Mother Church. Furthermore, if you wish to have presentations, seminars, or workshops dedicated to the Traditional Latin Mass and the recovery of our traditional Faith in your local area, please contact us as well.


The apostolate of the St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation of Texas is focused upon recovering and restoring the beauty, truth, and majesty of our traditional Catholic Faith all over the world.

This organization was founded by Catholic lay faithful to help spread, promote, and foster the practice of our traditional Catholic Faith in all its integrity: doctrine, morals, devotions, corporal and spiritual works of mercy, penance, mortification, liturgy, etc. As the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the source and summit of our Catholic life, we naturally also place a unique emphasis upon the Traditional Latin Mass.

It is our heart-felt  prayer that our humble efforts, in cooperation with God's manifold graces, will help individuals, families, society, and nations restore all things in Christ (omnia instaurare in Christo).

We are firmly convinced that the recovery and restoration of our traditional Catholic Faith, including a return to the Traditional Latin Mass as the universal norm for the Holy Sacrifice, is an absolutely necessary step in bringing about an end to, and a cure for, the current grave crisis in the Church. Therefore, all of our efforts are also aimed at doing all things for the good of our Spiritual Mother, the one, holy, roman, and apostolic Catholic Church (omnia pro sanctis Matre Ecclesia).

We invite all Catholics who share these goals and desires to unite themselves to the efforts of this apostolate. Each individual's union with these efforts is to be completely free-willed, and motivated by their conviction (and prayerful discernment) that God is indeed calling them to this work of recovery and restoration.


St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation of Texas

3155 David Ct.

Edgewood, KY 41017

Phone: (915) 541-5853