The Message of Our Lady of Fatima

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The Message of Our Lady of Fatima


2013 Parish Conference Talks – Fr. Michael Rodríguez

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DESCRIPTION: Every single Catholic (every single person!) ought to be familiar with Our Lady of the Rosary's Message at Fatima, because IT IS the most important message for the times in which we are living (the 20th and 21st centuries) It is the ONLY path to peace and to the restoration and glorious flourishing of the Catholic Church.

God sent His Mother to the Cova de Iria (Portugal) in 1917 with the remedy for ALL our world’s evils, to usher in real peace, to begin the glorious triumph of her Immaculate Heart over all the earth, and to save many souls from hell. Yet very few have paid attention to Our Lord and our Lady; thus we suffer calamities and worse chastisements are to come. All must know that the Rosary and the Immaculate Heart of Mary have been granted even greater power and grace by God in our days and will remain as our final remedies.

These spiritual conferences were given in North Carolina. Each day included Holy Mass, the prayer of the most Holy Rosary, and opportunities for Confession. These talks connect the Message of Fatima to the current crisis in the Church, mysteries in the lives of Jesus and Mary, other approved private revelations, and with the need for reparation and Victim Souls, like Bl. Alexandrina Maria da Costa.

Unlike many talks on this topic, the unique advantage to these talks is simply how spiritually practically they are: truly illuminating and inspirational.

Here are a few testimonies from some listeners:
A traditional homeschooling mom said: “Hearing these talks made me want to go home and be a much better mother."
A traditional catechist commented: “I thought I knew all the essentials of Fatima, even the current controversy surrounding the 'Fourth' Secret, but I learned a number of very important things about Fatima through these talks.”


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