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Sanctity via Mental Prayer


2013 Eastertide Retreat given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez

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DESCRIPTION: The saints tell us that prayer is absolutely necessary for salvation and that mental prayer is a most sure way to advance in sanctity. In fact, if one perseveres in mental prayer, it is a sure sign that one is among the elect. Yet very few of us practice mental prayer because it has never been taught to us or we find it intimidating. These talks teach you why and how to do mental prayer in the most basic and simple ways. All you need is the desire to persevere, and Father's words are a great inspirational fount to help instill that commitment within us.

Definition: Mental prayer is a silent elevation and supplication of our mind and heart to God in order to offer Him our homage and promote His glory by our advancement in virtue.

Content: In this course you will learn: (1) The five elements of mental prayer. (2) The structure and basic parts constitutive of mental prayer. (3) The methods taught by St. Ignatious of Loyola, St. Francis de Sales, and St. Alphonsus Liguori. (4) How mental prayer can be more fruitful through a union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Holy Rosary. (5) Sufficient topics for meditation to keep you growing in sanctity for the rest of your life.

Exhortation: God gives man all the helps he needs to get to Heaven - but does man do his part? Are YOU willing to commit just fifteen minutes a day to developing your relationship with God and growing in sanctity via mental prayer? If so, then this course is for YOU.
-- The saints assure us that mental prayer and grave sin can not endure within the same soul -- one of them has to go! Hence, the baptized man who perseveres in fidelity to daily mental prayer will undoubtedly be saved. Could God make it any easier for us? What's more, it is through mental prayer - that is through a disciplined and well nurtured relationship with God - that man achieves true peace and joy, even in the face of great trials and tribulations.
-- The world is so fragmented, it is seeped in apathy and evil, it is in such great disarray; in large measure because mental prayer has fallen into disuse. Never before in the history of Christianity have so few people within the Church practiced daily mental prayer. If we wish to restore our glorious Catholic Faith, we must recover the spiritual discipline of Mental Prayer.
-- Catholic families are strongly encourage to develop the practice of mental prayer at home. Even little children can do mental prayer. If you ever watch small children at play (for example 2-3 years), you will notice that they are in continual conversation. When they direct that conversation towards God, Our Lord, and Our Lady, often with the help of statues or images, then they are practicing mental prayer at and age appropriate level.


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