The Mystery of Grace: Mary Brings Us the Life of Christ

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The Mystery of Grace: Mary Brings Us the Life of Christ


2015 Pilgrimage Conference Talks – Fr. Michael Rodríguez

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DESCRIPTION: Jesus Christ is the origin, center, and end of the Catholic religion. God has created us in order for us to choose freely to know Him, love Him, and serve Him. The Mystery of God's grace is that He Himself accomplishes this for us in Christ Jesus Our Lord. Thus, it is our Christian vocation to live the life of Christ; not only to know and love Christ, but to live His very life.

In the Mystery of God's grace, it is the Holy Ghost and the Blessed Virgin Mary who form Christ in souls. The Blessed Virgin Mary brings us the life of Christ. She is also the perfect Christian, because she lived the life of Christ to perfection, full of grace.

The Catholic Church is the one, true Church, outside of which there is no salvation. She is the only one who has the mission of forming the life of Christ in her members. She does this primarily through her divine Liturgy: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Sacraments.

God is always at work in His Church to form Christ in souls. Four very important ways which He gives us are: devotion to the Holy Ghost, devotion to the Holy Eucharist, conformity of man's will with God's Will, and St. Louis de Montfort's method of perfect consecration to Jesus through Mary.

These talks include sermons and devotional prayers (usually at the start and end of each talk).

Here are a few comment from some listeners:
- "These talks have awakened in me a greater love for our Blessed Mother and a deeper awareness of the tremendous gift that Jesus gives us in the Holy Eucharist."
- "Father consistently brings a greater appreciation of the teachings of the Catholic Church and provides many practical applications to growing in holiness, regardless of one's state in life."
- "Father's beautiful explanation of Mary's role with Christ was both insightful and compelling."
- "These talks are a banquet of spiritual knowledge that I can share with others that have been deprived."
- "There was something for everyone. Father went over the 'fundamentals' but in a profound way, so that the neophyte could follow along and even the well-studied Catholic would learn much."
- "Father Rodriguez speaks with persuasion and authority utilizing a wide knowledge base for reference. He incorporates Scripture, encyclicals, and the writings of the saints into his lessons, which help to convey the pure clarity of his Catholic teaching.”


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