A King is Born to You


2016 Pilgrimage Conference Talks – Fr. Michael Rodríguez

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PRODUCT INCLUDES: 60 mp3 audio files

DESCRIPTION: In six conferences, Father Rodríguez engages the faithful with profound meditations that lead one to a much greater appreciation of Christ's love for us and what His Kingship truly means, especially in a personal and practical way. Father masterfully weaves together the theme of the Kingship of Christ with the mysteries of Our Lord's infancy and the mysteries of His Passion. Even one's entire appreciation for Lent takes on a whole new dimension through the Passion's connections to Christmas and the Kingship of Christ. These interconnections are something we rarely consider, yet Father shows that they are essential. They bring us a greater knowledge of Christ and help us respond to Him with a more profound love.

Resource: Fr. Rodríguez prepared a special prayer book for this spiritual pilgrimage and conference. It contains numerous prayers to Christ the King, the Holy Ghost and Our Lady. Each conference begins and ends with prayers from this marvelous prayer booklet (56 pages).

Exhortation: "All Christian sanctity is contained in two things: the knowledge of God and the knowledge of self," wrote Fr. Jean Nicholas Grou, an 18th century Jesuit mystic. St. Augustine similarly prayed, "Lord, that I may know Thee and that I may know myself." These spiritual conferences lead one to a deeper knowledge of Christ and of one's self. Thus, they are a valuable tool in aiding one's growth in sanctity.


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