Duties of Children: Sons and Daughters

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Duties of Children: Sons and Daughters


This is the third course in the series on Duties of State in Life, given by Mr. David Rodriguez, M.Th.


PRODUCT INCLUDES: 40 mp3 audio files, 1 pdf file: Duties of the Children

DESCRIPTION: Parenting in this 'Age of Diabolical Disorientation' is a formidable challenge. The assaults of the devil and world are seemingly overwhelming. It is of paramount importance that children be formed in accordance with the virtues needed to live as faithful disciples of Christ. This course provides practical examples, numerous helps, and warns of pitfalls on the child's path of virtue. For example: how filial piety involves a love that is respectful, submissive and devoted; or how children have the obligations to honor, obey, and assist their parents. In addition, this course presents a planby which parents can help their children steadily grow in virtue. It concludes by discussing the complex issue of discerning a vocation, a task all children must face as they mature into adulthood. Above all, parents are reminded to cooperate with God, trusting that He will provide the graces they need to help their children reach Heaven.


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