Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul

Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul


We are living in very confusing and difficult times for Catholics who wish to remain faithful to Christ and His Church. Sister Lucia of Fatima famously described our times as being under a great diabolical disorientation. This course is extremely helpful in understanding what is happening today, but more importantly how we are to respond as faithful Catholics. It is extremely important for us to love the Truth and adhere to the Truth at all costs, for God is Truth. Salvation is not possible without this love for the Truth. Yet the devil has launched an all out assault against the Truth and his errors have swept across the world in a torrent of Revolution. – given by Mr. David Rodríguez, M. Th.
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PRODUCT INCLUDES: 113 mp3 audio files, 15 pdf files: supplemental readings, prayer, slide notes


PART 1: LOVE THE TRUTH - In this course we study the reality that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to God except through Him, through the Truth. Hence no man is saved without a love and desire for the Truth. In this course we consider: (1) Truth from a philosophical and theological perspective. (2) Our duties and obligation towards Truth. (3) The need to place Truth first and abide in the Truth in order to be saved. (4) The attack on Truth by modern philosophies. These have culminated in Modernism, the synthesis of all heresies, which is rampant in the secular and ecclesial societies.

PART 2: FAITH AND DOGMA - In order to avoid the diabolical disorientation and universal apostasy that are plaguing this world and the Catholic Church, man must know the Truth with certitude. In this course, we study how man is able to have certitude with regard to the dogmas necessary for salvation. In this course we consider: (1) What is absolutely essential to remain within the only Ark of Salvation, the Catholic Church. (2) The nature of true Faith, which must be preserved whole and entire. (3) How one can know the saving dogmas with certitude. (4) The necessary foundation faithful Catholics need to resist the heresies being promoted today. (5) And a study of the Church's Apostolic Constitution on Faith, Dei Filius, from the First Vatican Council.

PART 3: THE MAGISTERIUM AND THE DEPOSIT OF FAITH - The sources for the infallible and unchanging Deposit of Faith are Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, and the Infallible pronouncements of Holy Mother Church. In this course we learn how fidelity to this Rule of Faithgoverns the hierarchy and the relations among the members of the Mystical Body of Christ. In this course we consider: (1) The nature and character of papal infallibility. (2) A proper understanding of the living Magisteirum and development of doctrine, two terms grossly abused by modernists. (3) The duty of Catholics to recognize legitimate Church authority and to resist all doctrinal error. (4) Trueobedience as framed by the correct hierarchies of authority and obedience. (5) And a study of the Church's Apostolic Constitution on the Papacy, Pastor Aeternus, from the First Vatican Council.


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