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Class Overview
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087 Second Council of Nicea

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Given by Mr. David Rodriguez , January 14, 2015 (On the Magisterium.)
PART 3: THE MAGISTERIUM AND THE DEPOSIT OF FAITH - The sources for the infallible and unchanging Deposit of Faith are Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, and the Infallible pronouncements of Holy Mother Church. Fidelity to this Rule of Faith governs the hierarchy and the relations among the members of the Mystical Body of Christ.

This is the third course in the series on Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul, given by Mr. David Rodriguez, M.Th. - Five CD Audio Set

SYNOPSIS: The Holy Ghost transmits the Deposit of Faith, with absolute fidelity, to all generations of Catholics through magisterial teaching and papal infallibility.Yet in these times of rampant heresy, pseudo-doctrines, and para-magisteriums, it is incumbent upon all Catholics to know the characteristics of, and criteria for, infallible teaching.

In this course we consider: (1) The nature and character of papal infallibility. (2) A proper understanding of the living Magisteirum and development of doctrine, two terms grossly abused by modernists. (3) The duty of Catholics to recognize legitimate Church authority and to resist all doctrinal error. (4) True obedience as framed by the correct hierarchies of authority and obedience. (5) And a study of the Church's Apostolic Constitution on the Papacy, Pastor Aeternus, from the First Vatican Council.

Although our principal text for this course is the book Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul by Fr. Nicholas Gruner, a number of others sources are also used.

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Notes and Readings

Notes 4
On the Magisterium
Reading 4
Can We Recognize and Resist?
Notes 5
Can We Recognize and Resist?
Notes 6
Pastor Aeternus
Reading 5
Text from Denziger
CD 11 (1 of 5)

11. Papal Infallibility and the Deposit of Faith

CD 12 (2 of 5)

12. On the Magisterium

CD 13 (3 of 5)

13. True Development of Doctrine

St. Vincent of Lerins
CD 14 (4 of 5)

14. Can We Recognize and Resist?

St. Bruno and Pope Paschal II
CD 15 (5 of 5)

15. Pastor Aeternus - Vatican I on the Papacy

Pope St. Peter