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Class Overview
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064 You Have Been Forewarned

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Given by Mr. David Rodriguez , December 10, 2014 (Watch Against Error and Wolves.)
PART 2: FAITH AND DOGMA - In order to avoid the diabolical disorientation and universal apostasy that are plaguing this world and the Catholic Church, man must know the Truth with certitude. In this course, we study how man is able to have certitude with regard to the dogmas necessary for salvation.

This is the second course in the series on Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul, given by Mr. David Rodriguez, M.Th. - Five CD Audio Set

SYNOPSIS: In His great mercy, God has entrusted to His Church, outside of which there is no salvation, saving truths known as dogmas - which are infallible, never change, and never fail. Since eternal salvation is one's FIRST concern, each person must make every effort to know these truths with certitude. Ultimately, this is based on Faith - a supernatural gift from God, without which "no man is pleasing to God" (Heb 11:6). Therefore, when the true Faith is attacked, changed or mitigated, then our very salvation is at risk.

In this course we consider (1) What is absolutely essential to remain within the only Ark of Salvation, the Catholic Church. (2) The nature of true Faith, which must be preserved whole and entire. (3) How one can know the saving dogmas with certitude. (4) The necessary foundation faithful Catholics need to resist the heresies being promoted today. (5) And a study of the Church's Apostolic Constitution on Faith, Dei Filius, from the First Vatican Council.

Although our principal text for this course is the book Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul by Fr. Nicholas Gruner, a number of others sources are also used.

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Notes and Readings

Notes 2
Dogma Never Fails
Reference 1
No Salvation Outside the Church
Notes 3
Preserve the True Faith
Prayer 1
Canticle of Isaias
Prayer 2
An Act of Faith
Reading 3
Dei Filius from Denziger
CD 6 (1 of 5)

6. Faith and Truth with Certitude

CD 7 (2 of 5)

7. The Dogmas of the Faith Never Fail

CD 8 (3 of 5)

8. Preserve the Faith, Whole and Entire

The Pearl of Great Price
CD 9 (4 of 5)

9. Watch against Error and Wolves

CD 10 (5 of 5)

10. Dei Filius - Vatican I on Faith