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Special Conferences

Total Consecration to Mary
My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord
2017 Marian Retreat by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Six CD Audio Set

Theme of Retreat: Mary's Immaculate Heart and St. Louis de Montfort's Perfect Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Exhortation: True Devotion to Mary is a sure, short, certain and perfect way to arrive at that union with God which is Christ-like perfection.

Summary: A central theme of the Mission is Mary's Immaculate Heart, which proclaims the infinite greatness, wisdom, and love of God. By growing in our love and devotion to the most holy Mother of God, our hearts become like hers, and we too can magnify the Lord with our entire being--all our thoughts, sentiments, words, and actions. A marvelous way to accomplish this is St. Louis de Montfort's Perfect Consecration to Jesus Christ, or Perfect Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

These retreat talks begin by presenting a brief summary of the Message of Our Lady of Fatima as it relates to Perfect Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The talks then continue by presenting some foundational principles of Catholic doctrine and spirituality, which are also the basis for St. Louis de Montfort's Perfect Devotion to Mary: God, baptism, consecration, sin, dying to self, ridding oneself of the spirit of the world, the theological virtue of faith, and Mary's indispensable role in God's Plan of Salvation.

Finally, the talks explain, more specifically, the method taught by St. Louis de Montfort of Perfect Consecration to Jesus Christ/Perfect Devotion to Mary.

The conference talks each being with powerful and profound meditations from The City of God, the definitive biography of Our Lady by Ven. Mary of Agreda. Three sermons on “faith” are also included in this conference set.

Living in an Age of Apostasy

Living in an Age of Apostasy

Living in an Age of Apostasy
2016 Traditional Catholic Conference - Fr. Michael Rodríguez and David Rodríguez

These talks are a “must hear” for any Catholic striving
to recover and restore our spiritual heritage and glorious tradition.

An Urgent Need: More and more Catholics are realizing that we are living in a time of unprecedented crisis in the Catholic Church – we are living in an Age of Apostasy. But how is one to live as a faithful Catholic and grow in holiness in this turbulent time? This most pressing “practical” spiritual question inspired this conference.

Summary: In the opening sermon, Fr. Rodríguez introduces the two dominant themes for the conference: [1] man must focus on God first and [2] with God’s grace, man must strive for holiness. In the first talk, Our Lady’s Heavenly Solution for Our Time, Mr. Rodríguez fills us with hope by showing that, though the Blessed Virgin Mary, God has prepared us for these times and already provided the solution. Next, Fr. Rodríguez explains how a principal and indispensable element of the solution is that we must all strive towards The Restoration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In his second talk, Mr. Rodríguez provides seven Spiritual Survival Skills for Catholics living in this age of diabolical disorientation. In his second sermon and talk, Father presents The Most Necessary Means to Sanctity in Today’s Time of Crisis as five ways of loving God: love of the Truth, of God’s will, of the Cross, of the Church, and of His Mother. In the final conference, Father emphasizes how everything in the Mass must be for the greater glory and Majesty of the Lord.

Exhortation: These talks showcase a synthesis of nearly all the major themes promoted by this Foundation. If someone were only able to hear one conference from our website, this is the one we would recommend.

A King Is Born To You

A King Is Born To You

A King Is Born To You
2016 Pilgrimage Conference Talks - Fr. Michael Rodríguez

Brief Description: In six conferences, Father Rodríguez engages the faithful with profound meditations that lead one to a much greater appreciation of Christ's love for us and what His Kingship truly means, especially in a personal and practical way. Father masterfully weaves together the theme of the Kingship of Christ with the mysteries of Our Lord's infancy and the mysteries of His Passion. Even one's entire appreciation for Lent takes on a whole new dimension through the Passion's connections to Christmas and the Kingship of Christ. These interconnections are something we rarely consider, yet Father shows that they are essential. They bring us a greater knowledge of Christ and help us respond to Him with a more profound love.

Resource: Fr. Rodríguez prepared a special prayer book for this spiritual pilgrimage and conference. It contains numerous prayers to Christ the King, the Holy Ghost and Our Lady. Each conference begins and ends with prayers from this marvelous prayer booklet (56 pages).

Exhortation: "All Christian sanctity is contained in two things: the knowledge of God and the knowledge of self," wrote Fr. Jean Nicholas Grou, an 18th century Jesuit mystic. St. Augustine similarly prayed, "Lord, that I may know Thee and that I may know myself." These spiritual conferences lead one to a deeper knowledge of Christ and of one's self. Thus, they are a valuable tool in aiding one's growth in sanctity.

The Ninety-Nine Left Behind

The Ninety-Nine Left Behind

Ninety-Nine Left Behind
2016 Pilgrimage Conference - Fr. Ioannes Petrus
(to Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador)

Exhortation: Have you ever wondered what the ninety-nine sheep went through while their Shepherd was away seeking that one lost sheep? Did they get along without the Shepherd around? What were they supposed to be doing while He was away? Throughout salvation history, there have been many times when it seems that Our Lord, the Good Shepherd, the Shepherd of shepherds, went away for a spell. During this time the storms seem to rage and the water rises, such that divisions, weaknesses, and even golden calves are revealed. Even relatives and friends are at odds with each other. What can be done? Many Saints have been here before us. They reveal a survivor spirituality that calms the winds and the waves and helps the Good Shepherd return with the one lost sheep.

Quick Summary: The Church Fathers point out that the Ninety-Nine Left Behind are the good angels and the one lost sheep which Jesus went in search for is Adam (who stands for all fallen human men). We are living in the time of a terrible revolution which aims to destroy our world, our civilization, and, if it could, even the Church. In order to survive the moral filth and smog of this 21st century Sodom & Gomorroah, we need an angelic spirituality and the armor of saints. These talks will help prepare you to face the worsening crisis, to persevere in grace, and to grow in virtue.

Our Lady of Lourdes and Catholic Restoration

Our Lady of Lourdes and Catholic Restoration

Our Lady of Lourdes and Catholic Restoration
2015 Mission - Fr. Simplicius

Mission Talks

Theme: Our Lady of Lourdes and the Catholic Restoration
Summary: Our Lady's apparition to St. Bernadette Subirous in the Cave of Massabielle (at Lourdes) marks a definitive step in the restoration of the Catholic Faith. At the final restoration, all bodies will be Resurrected according to the Judgment; goats on the left to everlasting damnation and sheep on the right to eternal blessedness. Incorruptible bodies prefigure this destiny. Many of the elect will first have to pass through the purifying fires of Purgatory. The Church's teaching on this subject is part of her infallible dogmatic patrimony. Today it is often neglected or denied and all Catholics of good will must recover this teaching and its associated practice. Sadly, "Modern Man" has turned towards atheism and even many bad Catholics live a practical atheism. Like the Prodigal Son we must return to God. Throughout history we see how such a Catholic Restoration has begun in caves filled with Faith. This restoration can only be accomplished through Our Lady. She is the Immaculate Conception who crushes the devil. She is the Co-Redemptrix who testifies that human suffering has great value and dignity. The other pillar of this Catholic Restoration must be the Most Blessed Sacrament. Many blasphemies, outrages and sacrileges are committed daily against the Person of Our Lord, the King of Kings, in His Holy Eucharist. Let us faithful Catholics instead make acts of reparation and love - for in His great mercy our Lord has poured down bounteous grace and wondrous miracles.

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Our Lady of Lourdes, the Virtue of Piety, and Healing

Our Lady of Lourdes, the Virtue of Piety, and Healing

Our Lady of Lourdes, Piety and Healing
2015 Mission Conference and Catechism - Fr. Ioannes Petrus

Mission Conference

Theme: Our Lady of Lourdes and the Virtue of Piety
Summary: Piety is the foundation of all virtue. It gives us a filial affection for God as a most loving Father. This 'godliness' makes us love what God loves and abhor what God abhors. It is a virtue desperately needed in our times to dispel diabolical confusion, to make grace more readily accessible, and to restore God's right order. Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette show us how piety leads us to (1) Pray for the poor souls in purgatory, (2) Love the Church and our Lady, (3) Fulfill the duties of our state in life, (4) Discern the voices of Heaven above and distinguish them from the voices below, and (5) Grow in our devotion to the Most Holy Eucharist.

Catechism Course

Theme: Traditional ways of healing wounded man.
Class 1: Overview of the spiritual life under the aspect of the Mountain of God. Man resists climbing due to four wounds and various obstacles.
Class 2: Overcoming obstacles caused by external agents. The need for the discernment of spirits and deliverance from malignant spiritual foes.
Class 3: Overcoming obstacles caused by interior dispositions. The need for detachment.
Class 4: Overcoming obstacles caused by our relations with others. The need for forgiveness.
The Mystery of Grace: Mary Brings us the Life of Christ

The Mystery of Grace: Mary Brings us the Life of Christ

2015 Pilgrimage Conference Talks - Fr. Michael Rodríguez

Summary of the Conference: Jesus Christ is the origin, center, and end of the Catholic religion. God has created us in order for us to choose freely to know Him, love Him, and serve Him. The Mystery of God's grace is that He Himself accomplishes this for us in Christ Jesus Our Lord. Thus, it is our Christian vocation to live the life of Christ; not only to know and love Christ, but to live His very life.

In the Mystery of God's grace, it is the Holy Ghost and the Blessed Virgin Mary who form Christ in souls. The Blessed Virgin Mary brings us the life of Christ. She is also the perfect Christian, because she lived the life of Christ to perfection, full of grace.

The Catholic Church is the one, true Church, outside of which there is no salvation. She is the only one who has the mission of forming the life of Christ in her members. She does this primarily through her divine Liturgy: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Sacraments.

God is always at work in His Church to form Christ in souls. Four very important ways which He gives us are: devotion to the Holy Ghost, devotion to the Holy Eucharist, conformity of man's will with God's Will, and St. Louis de Montfort's method of perfect consecration to Jesus through Mary.

These talks include sermons (usually the first track on a given CD) and devotional prayers (usually at the start and end of each talk). A listing of all 99 tracks can be found under the "Conference Overview.

Here are a few comment from some listeners:
"There was something for everyone. Father went over the 'fundamentals' but in a profound way, so that the neophyte could follow along and even the well-studied Catholic would learn much."
"These talks have awakened in me a greater love for our Blessed Mother and a deeper awareness of the tremendous gift that Jesus gives us in the Holy Eucharist."

Our Lady of Good Success and the Mystery of the Cross

Our Lady of Good Success and the Mystery of the Cross

2014 Pilgrimage Conference Talks - Fr. Michael Rodríguez

Theme: If we wish to save our souls and be faithful disciples of Christ, then we must (1) battle against evil and (2) fervently carry out the work of reparation in union with Christ. Relying on the wisdom of the saints, Fr. Rodríguez emphasizes in these talks: (1) Growing in Grace, especially in Faith, Hope and Charity; (2) Growing in our devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament; (3) Growing in our devotion to the Passion of Christi; and (4) Growing in our devotion to Mary.

These talks were given to pilgrims during a pilgrimage to Quito, Ecuador. Each day included Holy Mass, the Holy Rosary, the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success, numerous devotions and visiting holy shrines. The spiritual conferences, given each evening, include many stories from the lives of the saints, in particular those associated with Ecuador and saints who were Victim Souls. The pious Catholic will learn much from these talks regarding the spiritual life, especially how we are to bear our crosses and offer up our sufferings so as to make reparation for our sins and the sins of others. The conference talks also include various daily sermons and devotional prayers from the pilgrimage.

Here are a few comments from some listeners:
“Father has very clearly marked out for us the path towards sanctity.”
“This is a must hear for every Catholic that wants to get to heaven.”
“These are the best talks I have ever heard from Fr. Rodríguez, and that’s saying a lot!”

Sanctity via Mental Prayer


2013 Easter Conference - Fr. Michael Rodríguez

Brief Description: The saints tell us that prayer is absolutely necessary for salvation and that mental prayer is a most sure way to advance in sanctity. In fact, if one perseveres in mental prayer, it is a sure sign that one is among the elect. Yet very few of us practice mental prayer because it has never been taught to us or we find it intimidating. These talks teach you why and how to do mental prayer in the most basic and simple ways. All you need is the desire to persevere, and Father's words are a great inspirational fount to help instill that commitment within us.

Definition: Mental prayer is a silent elevation and supplication of our mind and heart to God in order to offer Him our homage and promote His glory by our advancement in virtue.

Content: In this course you will learn: (1) The five elements of mental prayer. (2) The structure and basic parts constitutive of mental prayer. (3) The methods taught by St. Ignatious of Loyola, St. Francis de Sales, and St. Alphonsus Liguori. (4) How mental prayer can be more fruitful through a union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Holy Rosary. (5) Sufficient topics for meditation to keep you growing in sanctity for the rest of your life.

Exhortation: God gives man all the helps he needs to get to Heaven - but does man do his part? Are YOU willing to commit just fifteen minutes a day to developing your relationship with God and growing in sanctity via mental prayer?

The Message of Our Lady of Fatima


2013 Parish Conference Talks - Fr. Michael Rodríguez

Theme: Every single Catholic (every single person!) ought to be familiar with Our Lady of the Rosary's Message at Fatima, because IT IS the most important message for the times in which we are living (the 20th and 21st centuries) It is the ONLY path to peace and to the restoration and glorious flourishing of the Catholic Church.

God sent His Mother to the Cova de Iria (Portugal) in 1917 with the remedy for ALL our world’s evils, to usher in real peace, to begin the glorious triumph of her Immaculate Heart over all the earth, and to save many souls from hell. Yet very few have paid attention to Our Lord and our Lady; thus we suffer calamities and worse chastisements are to come. All must know that the Rosary and the Immaculate Heart of Mary have been granted even greater power and grace by God in our days and will remain as our final remedies.

These spiritual conferences were given in North Carolina. Each day included Holy Mass, the prayer of the most Holy Rosary, and opportunities for Confession. These talks connect the Message of Fatima to the current crisis in the Church, mysteries in the lives of Jesus and Mary, other approved private revelations, and with the need for reparation and Victim Souls, like Bl. Alexandrina Maria da Costa.

Unlike many talks on this topic, the unique advantage to these talks is simply how spiritually practically they are: truly illuminating and inspirational.

Here are a few testimonies from some listeners:
A traditional homeschooling mom said: “Hearing these talks made me want to go home and be a much better mother."
A traditional catechist commented: “I thought I knew all the essentials of Fatima, even the current controversy surrounding the 'Fourth' Secret, but I learned a number of very important things about Fatima through these talks.”

The Traditional Latin Mass


2007 Parish Conference given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Five CD Audio Set
Following Pope Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum, Fr. Rodríguez prepared his flock for its implementation. He led the faithful to a deeper understanding and love for the Mass of our ancestors and saints. How do I follow the sacred action at the altar? How do I benefit from the silence? How do I unite myself to the sacrifice of Christ? This is a must hear for anyone who desires to receive abundant graces through a more conscious, meditative, and actively engaged participation at Holy Mass.

Traditional Latin Mass
Catholic Marriage


2007 Parish Class taught by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Seven CD Audio Set
Practical, catechetical and theological instruction on the true nature of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and how it ought to be lived. It is a great mystery mirroring the bond of truth, love and sacrifice which unites Christ, the Bridegroom, to the Church, His mystical bride. This seven week course was taught by Father Rodríguez for couples preparing for marriage, for married couples wishing to strengthen their marriage, and for singles discerning marriage as a possible vocation.

Lenten Missions

Jesus Christ, His Love, My Perfection


2017 Lenten Parish Mission given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Six CD Audio Set

2017 Lenten Mission Talks by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Six CD Audio Set

Theme of Mission: We can never sufficiently contemplate the eternal, perfect and infinite love that Jesus Christ has for us. The more we meditate upon this profound reality, the more we will seek to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect.

Exhortation: This mission presents foundational principles of the Christian spiritual life. If you strive to live according to the principles presented herein, you will indeed become the saint God desires you to be.

Summary: Charity consists in that God has first loved us and in that He has so greatly loved us. It is the love of God, particularly expressed through Jesus Christ, that enables us to even have the ability to love. Without knowing the love of God, man cannot love God, his neighbor, or even himself. Yet in order to have charity, one must first come to know Jesus Christ. This can only be done by "seeing" Him through Faith. As disciples of Christ, we must focus on His Person (The Word-made-flesh). Privileged means of coming to know Christ are the Gospels, the Mysteries of His life, the lives of the Saints, and the Church and her Sacraments. If we wish to profit spiritually from these means, then we must be guided by the Holy Ghost (authentic Church doctrine) and strive to be clean of heart. The charity of Christ will then in turn impel us to seek Christian perfection. In this mission we consider eight paths and eight obstacles to Christian Perfection. The path Christ trod is best expressed in the Beatitudes. It was by living according to those principles of perfection that every saint in fact became a saint.

The Enemies of our Soul's Salvation


2011 Lenten Parish Mission given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Five CD Audio Set

Theme of Mission: Man's final end is eternal blessedness with God; yet it is an arduous task. Our life is a great battle, a spiritual battle, in which we must defeat the three main enemies of our soul's salvation: the world, the flesh and the devil.

One of the most prevalent heresies causing great destruction today is 'universalism' (the belief that everyone, or nearly everyone, goes to Heaven). Quite the opposite is true. In fact, it is a sure and certain teaching of the Church that few are saved. This teaching is even contained in our Lord's own words (cf. Matthew 7:13-14). Yet convincing people that nearly everyone goes to Heaven is one of the devil's most effective stratagems, along with making people believe that he does not exist.

Our life is a spiritual combat. The battle ends when we die; the spoils of victory is the eternity of our soul. The Christian must daily and continually fight to overcome the three great enemies of his soul. He must resist the deceits of the devil, flee from the vanity of the world, and subdue the concupiscence of the flesh.

Basing himself upon the wisdom and examples of the saints, Father provides practical remedies for man's concupiscence of the flesh, of the eyes, and the pride of life. It is Our Lady of the Rosary's Message at Fatima that is a sure antidote to the seductions of satan. To counter the great havoc being wreaked by the devil upon the world, and the Church, we must rely ever more on the three great friends of the soul's salvation.

The Ten Commandments


2010 Lenten Parish Mission given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Five CD Audio Set

Theme of Mission: God's Love is clearly manifested in His Law. Christ taught us: "If you love Me, keep My Commandments" (Jn 14:15). Sadly, many Catholics see God’s Law negatively. In response, Father illuminates the beauty and joy of living in accordance with God’s signified will.

When the rich young man asked Jesus what he had to do to gain eternal life, Our Lord reminded him to keep the Commandments (cf. Matthew 19). Being faithful to God's holy Law is but a 'first step' in living the Christian life. Yet how many Catholics do not even know the Ten Commandments by heart? We can't live what we don't know. Therefore, these mission talks are essential for everyone.

Fortunately, Father speaks at a level which is easy enough for even the uninitiated to understand, but also deep enough for life-long Catholics to be greatly edified. He not only provides the traditional teaching of the Church in a clear unambiguous way, but he explains the reasons and motives behind the teaching. He also narrates examples from the lives of the saints and shares many other practical examples.

In particular, Father focuses on how we need to pray for a heart and will which desire to fulfill God's Law because we know, in faith, that this obedience is essential to His Divine Love (how He loves us and how we love Him in return). Father provides prayers and tools for meditation so as to grow in this much needed grace. These mission talks also serves as a helpful guide in examining one’s conscience.

On Mortification


2009 Lenten Parish Mission given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Five CD Audio Set

Theme of Mission: God wills our sanctification, but we must be willing to mortify ourselves. Every disciple of Christ must live a certain degree of asceticism; yet this essential aspect of Catholic spirituality often goes unmentioned today.

We must mortify ourselves if we wished to be saved, for reaching heaven is not easy. Our Lord said: "Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat. How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life: and few there are that find it!"

Fr. Rodríguez explains the Purgative Way: how one must keep custody of his eyes, ears and tongue, one must purify his passions, mortify his interior senses (memory and imagination) and his higher spiritual faculties (mind and will) as well.

The practice of mortification is a hallmark of our authentic Catholic tradition. If we wish to restore our Faith, we must recover and practice this essential discipline. The Spiritual Life is a battle and only he who is willing to crucify his flesh and its lusts will emerge victorious!

The Parish Mission lasted five days. Each Mission began with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The sermon from the Mass is included in the audio recordings. These sermons focused on different methods by which the faithful may purposefully, devoutly and actively participate at the Traditional Latin Mass. Following the spiritual conference, Father would have a Holy Hour which included various devotions and praying the most Holy Rosary. The Sacrament of Penance was also available every evening of the Parish Mission.


2009 English Sermons


51 Sermons given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Sixteen CD Audio Set
This set includes series of teachings on Lenten Practices, the Holy Ghost, Parenthood, the Holy Eucharist, the Rosary and much more. Some of the most popular sermons include Devotion to the Passion of Christ, Shortage of Priests, Exaltation of the Holy Cross, The Immaculate Conception, and It's Advent not Christmas. To see a full listing of these sermons, PLEASE CLICK HERE
(All 51 sermons can also be requested on one MP3 disc.)

Exaltation Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Sept 14) Bishop Zacharias of Jerusalem and the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius venerate the Holy Cross after having won it back from the Persians (629 AD)
2010 English Sermons


61 Sermons given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Sixteen CD Audio Set
This set includes series of teachings on Christian Warfare, Heaven, Obedience and God's Commandments, the Holy Eucharist, Morality, Purgatory and much more. Some of the most popular sermons include The Fewness of the Saved, True Obedience and Moral Centers of Formation, Your Body is Not Your Own, Beheading of the Baptist, Church Teaching on Homosexual Acts, Quas Primas, and The World Will End. To see a full listing of these sermons, PLEASE CLICK HERE
(All 61 sermons can also be requested on one MP3 disc.)

Salome Salome with the Head of John the Baptist (Aug 29) The Great Precursor of Christ gave his life witnessing to the true nature of marriage, cf. Mt 14:1-12; Mk 6:16-30. Painting by Bernardino Luini (~1525 AD).
2011 English Sermons


57 Sermons given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Fifteen CD Audio Set
This was the year Fr. Rodríguez was transferred away from San Juan in El Paso and reassigned to Santa Teresa in Presidio and Sacred Heart in Shafter (21 Sept 2011). This set of sermons includes series of teachings on Faith, the Angels, Christian Marriage, The Sacraments, Christ's Kingship, Restoring our Catholic Tradition and much more. Some of the most popular sermons include Thy Faith Sleeps, The Passion and the Mass, The Fatima Message, Fathers Represent God, A Proud Skinny Shepherd, Faith and Charity, Gaudium Joy, and Venite Adoremus. To see a full listing of these sermons, PLEASE CLICK HERE
(All 57 sermons can also be requested on one MP3 disc.)

Wieskirche" The Second Coming of Christ. The majestic ceiling fresco of the Wieskriche shows Christ in Heavenly glory surrounded by angels, saints, and the tortures of His Passion. The Wieskirche, located in Bavaria, is perhaps the greatest perfection of rococo (late Baroque) art. The frescoes were painted by the brothers Dominikus and Johann Baptist Zimmermann (~1750 AD).
2012 English Sermons


64 Sermons given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Eighteen CD Audio Set
This set includes series of teachings on the Crisis in the Church, E Supremi, Confirmation, The Precious Blood, Our Blessed Mother, the Virtues and much more. Some of the most popular sermons include The Enemy is Within, The Star of the Sea, First Holy Communion, A Plea to Our Nation's Bishops, This is Why You Were Born, The Heresy of Religious Indifferentism, and The Four Last Things. To see a full listing of these sermons, PLEASE CLICK HERE
(All 64 sermons can also be requested on one MP3 disc.)

Alphonsus St. Alphonsus Liguori is the Moral Doctor of the Church and the greatest bishop of his time. Yet he suffered much persecution from within the Church. We seek his intercession, that today God will grant His Church many holy and heroic bishops molded in his likeness.
2013 English Sermons


70 Sermons given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Twenty-One CD Audio Set
This set includes series of teachings on Suffering, the Attacks of the Devil, the Holy Ghost, Grace, Marian Dogma, Nuptial Sermons, the Crisis in the Church, the Social Kingship of Christ and much more. Some of the most popular sermons include They Have No Wine, The Easter Credo, The Epic Battle, Confusion Among Traditional Catholics, Sacerdos Secundum Cor Tuum, and Three Nuptial Christmas Graces. To see a full listing of these sermons, PLEASE CLICK HERE
(All 70 sermons can also be requested on one MP3 disc.)

St St. Michael Vanquishing Satan. It is St. Michael who victoriously leads God's armies over the powers of Satan that are wrecking such havoc in the Church today. This masterpiece of Reniassance art is an oil painting by Raphael (1506 AD). Today it is housed in the Louvre (Paris).
2014 English Sermons


#? Sermons given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - #? CD Audio Set
This set is still incomplete. However, for a current listing of these sermons, PLEASE CLICK HERE
(All #? sermons can also be requested on one MP3 disc.)

2014 Sermons by Fr. X


#? Sermons given by X - #? CD Audio Set
This set is still incomplete. However, for a current listing of these sermons, PLEASE CLICK HERE
(All #? sermons can also be requested on one MP3 disc.)


Mental Prayer

Mental Prayer

2013 Eastertide Retreat given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Five CD Audio Set
The saints tell us prayer is absolutely necessary for salvation and that mental prayer is a most sure way to advance in sanctity. If one perseveres in mental prayer, it is a sure sign one is among the elect. Yet very few of us practice mental prayer because it has never been taught to us. These talks teach you why and how to do mental prayer in the most basic and simple ways. All you need is the desire to persevere, and Father’s words are a great inspirational fount to help instill in us that commitment.


Classes for Children

Classes for Children by Topic

Brief Description: Each of these is a stand alone class which Fr. Rodríguez gave to a group of children. Their purpose is to provide basic catechesis and an introduction to each topic. Although the intended audience is children (age six-twelve), many adults have commented that they too have learned a great deal from these classes.
Classes include: [1] The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; [2] Praying the Rosary Well; [3] How to Make a Good Confession; [4] Our Lady of Fatima.

Class Page
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Formation in the Faith and Homeschool

Formation in the Faith and Homeschool

Five talks given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez (Sept 2013) - Two CD Audio Set
The first CD includes (1) a sermon given at Mass during a day-retreat for homeschool families; (2) a talk for the younger children (K-5th); (3) and a talk for adults (teachers, parents and confirmation students included) on how to prepare for the reception of the sacraments. The second CD includes (4) a talk given to parents regarding the goal and purpose of homeschooling along with some spiritual tips; (5) and a talk Father gave the older students explaining their duties and responsibilities (6th-10th).

Class Page
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Confirmation Retreat

Confirmation Retreat

Brief Description: Two talks given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez to youth on retreat who were preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation (March 2012).

Class Page
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Misiones en Español

La Misa - Misterio de Fe

2015 Misión: La Misa - Misterio de Fe

Cinco conferencias dadas en Nicaragua por el Padre Michael Rodríguez (Nov 2015)
Tema: La Misa Tradicional es un Gran Misterio de Fey y el vínculo principal para fielmente transmitir a la Fe.

Explicación: Esta misión fue dirigida a aquellos feligreses que no están familiarizados con la Misa Tradicional, ya que la parroquia donde el Padre hablo no tenía ninguna Misa Tradicional. La mayoría de las personas que asistieron a la Misa estaban asistiendo a la Misa Tradicional por primera vez. Sin embargo, estas pláticas pueden servir como una gran catequesis y fortalecimiento de la fe para aquellos que ya han ido a la Misa Tradicional por muchos años.

Testimonio: “Yo tengo diez años yendo a la Misa Tradicional y voy a la Misa entre semana. Mi participación en la Misa ha sido mucho más orante y fructífera esta semana debido a lo que escuché en está misión.”

Sinopsis: Temas que se tratan en esta misión incluyen:
[1] La ley de oración se la ley de lo que se cree.
[2] En la Santa Misa, los signos visibles de religión y piedad nos llevan a la contemplación de las altísimas realidades que están ocultas en el Sacrificio.
[3] En la Santa Misa, estamos en la presencia del poder, grandeza, santidad, inmensidad, bondad, y amor de Dios.
[4] La Santa Misa es el Sacrificio de Cristo.
[5] En el Sacrificio de la Misa y en el Sacrificio de la Cruz, el Sacrificio y el Sacerdote principal que sacrifica son idénticos; únicamente la forma del ofrecimiento es diferente.
[6] El Cuerpo y la Sangre de Cristo junto con Su Alma y Su Divinidad están verdaderamente presentes en la Eucaristía.

La Misa - Fuente de Santidad

2015 Misión: La Misa - Fuente de Santidad

Cinco conferencias dadas en Guatemala por el Padre Michael Rodríguez (Nov 2015)
Tema: La Misa Tradicional es la Fuente de la Santidad y de Nuestra Espiritualidad Católica

Resumen: El Sacrificio de Cristo en la Cruz es la fuente de toda gracia y santificación. Por lo tanto, la Santa Misa -- que es la actualización del Sacrificio de Cristo en la Cruz a lo largo de los siglos -- es la fuente de nuestra santificación y espiritualidad.
¿En qué consiste la santidad?

[1] La santidad es unión con Dios y separación del mundo.
[2] La santidad implica dar muerte al hombre terreno pare poder revestirse de Cristo.
[3] Una espiritualidad auténtica siempre nos lleva hacia la santidad.

Ahora bien, como fuente de santificación, la Santa Misa nos une a Dios en Cristo Jesús y nos separa del mundo. Como fuente de la espiritualidad auténtica y católica, la Santa Misa nos enseña e inculca en nosotros:
[1] Vivir en la Presencia de Dios;
[2] La verdadera fe y el verdadero sentido de la fe;
[3] La Cruz de Cristo (nos llama a cargar con la cruz); y
[4] El desapego a lo terreno y el apego a lo celestial.

Homilías en Español
Disponible en los próximos meses
Coming Soon
Traditional Latin Mass

Thirty Principles Governing the Divine Liturgy


Introductory Series on the Mass given by Mr. David Rodríguez, M. Th. - Four CD Audio Set

Not all valid Masses are the same! The Divine Liturgy is the glorification of God and the sanctification of man through the priestly office of Jesus Christ. As the source and summit of life, Catholics ought to be particularly familiar with its basic principles, though confusion on this matter is rampant. Learn what buzz terms like ‘organic growth’ and ‘active participation’ really ought to mean and how & why the Liturgy is sacred, transcendent, sacrificial, revealed, and much more. This knowledge in turn helps the faithful Catholic identify that sacred liturgy which best disposes one to receive God’s grace.
A Mass which is more sacred, reverent, beautiful, and oriented towards God helps raise man's mind from the visible to the invisible (lifting our heats to heaven), as opposed to one which is more banal, irreverent, improvised and oriented towards man. Moreover, the prayers which are prayed are also incredibly significant and many have been changed to express different ideas and to request less grace. Man needs God's grace and therefore every Catholic ought to be extremely concerned with assisting at a Mass which is most in harmony with the basic principles (truths!) of the Liturgy; to give greater glory to God and greater sanctification to man.
Topics include: The Liturgy is Theocentric, Christocentric, Pneumatological, Ecclesiological, Soteriological, and Eschatological. Each of these categories is then subdivided into various important principles, such as Lex Orandi Lex Credendi or how the Liturgy is Incarnational.

The Most Obvious Differences and Advantages of the Latin Mass


Second Series on the Mass given by Mr. David Rodríguez, M. Th. - Fifteen CD Audio Set

This class focuses on the most obvious differences between the New Mass and the TLM. Topics covered include the priest facing God, the use of Latin, sacred silence, modesty, the chapel veil, Gregorian chant, incense, candles, bells, the Sign of the Cross and more. Each topic is analyzed from a scriptural, theological, historical & pastoral view; always showing why the traditional practice is of greater spiritual advantage. It is exceptionally helpful for those who are unfamiliar with the TLM, yet still provides great benefit to those who have assisted for years, especially in explaining the truth, beauty, and glory of the Traditional Roman Rite.

The Holy Mass IS a Sacrifice


Third Series on the Mass given by Mr. David Rodríguez, M. Th. - Nine CD Audio Set

Today many Catholics see the Mass primarily as a communal celebration or meal; yet, it is the one eternal Sacrifice of Christ. This class explains the nature of sacrifice (a concept largely forgotten today), why man must offer God sacrifice, and the scriptural foundations for sacrifice. It also teaches how Holy Mass is the most perfect sacrifice and how each one must offer himself in union with the Divine Victim in the only true worship acceptable to God. (Note: Only the first six CDs of this course are ready for distribution. The latter three are in the production process.)

Our Right to the Traditional Latin Mass


Fifth Series on the Mass given by Mr. David Rodríguez, M. Th. - Four CD Audio Set

By virtue of our Baptism, every Catholic has the right to the Traditional Latin Mass! This right is inseparable from the perennial patrimony of our Catholic heritage. Most simply, this is because the Traditional Latin Mass is part of God's divine revelation to man regarding right worship. It has been offered - effectively unchanged - since well before the time of Pope St. Gregory the Great(+604). The most hallowed parts of the Mass, such as the Roman Canon, originated in the first centuries of Christianity. Countless saints have been formed in their faith by this Mass. Moreover, irrevocable papal legislation guarantees that every Catholic has the right to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Did you know that Pope St. Pius V infallibly declared that the Traditional Latin Mass was never to be altered, always had to be available for all Catholics, and that no priest could ever be punished for offering the Traditional Latin Mass? He also issued strong curses, condemnations, upon anyone who would try to alter this sacred liturgy. Did you know that even Pope John Paul II affirmed the Traditional Latin Mass had never been abrogated? Did you know that Pope Benedict promulgated legislation reaffirming this right and clearly stating that every priest has this right and it does not depend on any permission from his bishop, or even permission from the Pope? Did you know that Pope Benedict decreed a bishop was obligated to provide the Traditional Latin Mass to any stable group of faithful who requested it? Yet sadly most bishops throughout the world continue to make it difficult for the faithful to have access to the Traditional Latin Mass and many priests are unwilling or hesitant to offer the Traditional Latin Mass. This is a clear sign of a deep crisis in the Church and grave disobedience among the hierarchy. It should spur us to do all we can to recover and restore all our Catholic Tradition!

In this series, you will learn how to explain and defend the Church's authentic teaching - from a theological and canonical perspective - regarding the right of every single baptized Catholic to worship God through the Traditional Latin Mass.

Documents studied include: Pope St. Pius V's Apostolic Constitution Quo Primum (1570), Pope John Paul II's Ecclesia Dei (1986), and Pope Benedict XVI's Summorum Pontificum (2007) and Universæ Ecclesiæ (2009).

The Proper Reception of Holy Communion: Kneeling and on the Tongue - COMING SOON
In Depth Study of Every Prayer in the Traditional Latin Mass - IN PROGRESS

The Sacraments
Coming Soon
Doctrine and Magisterium

The Popes Against Modern Errors


An in-depth study of papal encyclicals presenting perennial Catholic teaching on 'controversial' topics given by Mr. David Rodríguez, M. Th. - Thirty CD Audio Set

For over two centuries, the Popes consistently and courageously used their holy office to dispel the modern heresies which plagued our world. On account of their consistency with Tradition and papal insistence spanning several centuries, these teachings do form part of the ordinary and universal magisterium. Yet the warnings issued by these Vicars of Christ have gone unheeded, even up until today. The same errors they refuted (the ‘spirit of diabolical revolution’) have seemingly triumphed in every corner of society. Thus, their wise and prophetic words are even more pertinent for us NOW; for in them God has already granted us the antidote against the grave evils afflicting our days.
This was a year long course in which the faithful studied over 13 papal encyclicals (from 1830-1950) and numerous "hot" topics, such as Infallibility, Ecumenism, Social Justice, Democracy, Capitalism, Religious Indifferentism, and Modernism, the synthesis of all heresies. It is impossible to understand the current crisis or its solution without the providential teachings which God gave us through these Sovereign Pontiffs. Catholics who desire to remain faithful to God and the perennial teaching of Holy Mother Church, especially in these times of confusing times, must know these papal teachings.

Basic Dogmas of the Faith


Basic Catholic Dogma series given by David Rodríguez, M.Th. - Two CD Audio Set

CD #1 - I Believe in God, Creator of Heaven and Earth: The first article of the Creed, the first chapter of Dei Filius (Vatican I's Dogmatic Constitution on the Faith), the first five canons (i.e. infallible statements) from Dei Filius, errors of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, Basic Catechism on what it means to say God is the Supreme Being (based on This is the Faith, Chp 1 and My Catholic Faith, Chp 3), what it means to say God is incomprehensible, and God's essence is existence (I AM WHO AM, Ex 3:14).

CD #2 - I Believe in God, The Errors of Atheism: A basic flaw made by all atheists, specifically opposing man to God, the evil of nihilism and Jean Paul Sartre syllogism exalting human freedom, the Problem of Evil, the Problem of Suffering, divine attributes of God (My Catholic Faith, Chp 4), and Blassie Pascal's Wager, a practical 'proof' for God's existence to convince the skeptic.

God the Creator
Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul


We are living in very confusing and difficult times for Catholics who wish to remain faithful to Christ and His Church. Sister Lucia of Fatima famously described our times as being under a great diabolical disorientation. This course is extremely helpful in understanding what is happening today, but more importantly how we are to respond as faithful Catholics. It is extremely important for us to love the Truth and adhere to the Truth at all costs, for God is Truth. Salvation is not possible without this love for the Truth. Yet the devil has launched an all out assault against the Truth and his errors have swept across the world in a torrent of Revolution. - given by Mr. David Rodríguez, M. Th. - Fifteen CD Audio Set

PART 1: LOVE THE TRUTH - In this course we study the reality that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to God except through Him, through the Truth. Hence no man is saved without a love and desire for the Truth. In this course we consider: (1) Truth from a philosophical and theological perspective. (2) Our duties and obligation towards Truth. (3) The need to place Truth first and abide in the Truth in order to be saved. (4) The attack on Truth by modern philosophies. These have culminated in Modernism, the synthesis of all heresies, which is rampant in the secular and ecclesial societies.

PART 2: FAITH AND DOGMA - In order to avoid the diabolical disorientation and universal apostasy that are plaguing this world and the Catholic Church, man must know the Truth with certitude. In this course, we study how man is able to have certitude with regard to the dogmas necessary for salvation. In this course we consider: (1) What is absolutely essential to remain within the only Ark of Salvation, the Catholic Church. (2) The nature of true Faith, which must be preserved whole and entire. (3) How one can know the saving dogmas with certitude. (4) The necessary foundation faithful Catholics need to resist the heresies being promoted today. (5) And a study of the Church's Apostolic Constitution on Faith, Dei Filius, from the First Vatican Council.

PART 3: THE MAGISTERIUM AND THE DEPOSIT OF FAITH - The sources for the infallible and unchanging Deposit of Faith are Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture, and the Infallible pronouncements of Holy Mother Church. In this course we learn how fidelity to this Rule of Faith governs the hierarchy and the relations among the members of the Mystical Body of Christ. In this course we consider: (1) The nature and character of papal infallibility. (2) A proper understanding of the living Magisteirum and development of doctrine, two terms grossly abused by modernists. (3) The duty of Catholics to recognize legitimate Church authority and to resist all doctrinal error. (4) True obedience as framed by the correct hierarchies of authority and obedience. (5) And a study of the Church's Apostolic Constitution on the Papacy, Pastor Aeternus, from the First Vatican Council.

Catholic Morality
The Sinner's Guide


A course covering this spiritual masterpiece by Ven, Luis de Granada, OP (+1588) given by David V. Rodríguez. M.Th. - Five CD Audio Set

Summary: Ven. Luis’ goal in writing his book is to encourage one to grow in virtue and reject vice. He shows how this is the only path which can lead to peace, fulfillment and happiness – both in this life, and more importantly, in the next. Our course is designed to help lead one to a deeper understanding of this spiritual masterpiece. The discussion ranges from basic points of catechism (often forgotten or mitigated today) to sublime points for meditation. If these talks can encourage one to meditatively read, and re-read, this great work, then they will have served their purpose.

Ven. Luis convincingly shows how a proper and obligatory disposition of gratitude towards God will lead man to grow in virtue. If instead we remain in our vice, then we are guilty of the most terrible ingratitude. The inestimable gifts of Creation, Preservation, Providence, Redemption, Justification and Election are each in themselves a sufficient motive to lead man along the path of holiness.

This text is truly one of those rare books that every person ought to read. St. Teresa of Avila claimed it converted more than one million souls in her own lifetime!

Note: At present, this audio course only covers the first five chapters of the text.

Christian Duties of State in Life


A series consisting of three courses on the duties of Christians given by David V. Rodríguez. M.Th. - Fourteen CD Audio Set

Summary: The Sacred Heart of Jesus promised St. Margaret Mary that He would give those consecrated to Him all the graces necessary in their state of life. At Lourdes and Fatima, we have been commanded to do Penance! Penance! Penance! To clarify this repeated threefold request, His Majesty later came to Sr. Lucia dos Santos, saying: “the sacrifice required for every person is the fulfillment of his duties in life and the observance of My law. This is the penance that I now seek and require.” Many fail to complete this penance because they do not know their duties beyond those basic ones owed to God and His Church as indicated in the Ten Commandments and the Precepts of the Church. Here, then, we discuss the social duties of men, women and children according to reliable moral handbooks and catechisms, but principally from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard (cf. Eucharistic Handbook).

Duties of Men


This is the first course in the series on Duties of State in Life, given by Mr. David Rodriguez, M.Th. - Three CD Audio Set

Summary: Men have three principal roles in the family, that of Husband, Father and Provider. God has divinely decreed that the man is called to be the Head of his family and this is a heavy responsibility. The man ought to be the spiritual leader in his family. He must share the faith, work hard, give correction, and provide for his family. He must love his family, which means he does what is truly good for them no matter the sacrifice to himself. He puts the family's needs above his own desires. In order to attain Heaven, he must faithfully fulfill these duties.

Duties of Women


This is the second course in the series on Duties of State in Life. The first talk was provided by Fr. Michael Rodríguez, the last was delivered to a group of women only by Mrs. Roseanne Rodríguez, and the other four talks were given by Mr. David Rodriguez, M.Th. - Six CD Audio Set

Summary: Woman has three principal roles in her family, that of Wife, Mother and Nourisher. She is the heart of the family and guardian of the home. Unfortunately, the majority of society no longer values the role of woman in accordance with the truth and beauty given to it by God. This is because the diabolical revolution that has flooded our age, spreading the errors of communism across the globe, ferociously attacks authentic femininity (the ancient serpent has always hated the woman and works hard to seduce her). Thus, we have to recover an esteem for true womanhood and restore feminine dignity. In order to attain Heaven, a woman will have to fight the currents of the world and faithfully fulfill her duties.

Duties of Children


This is the third course in the series on Duties of State in Life, given by Mr. David Rodriguez, M.Th. - Five CD Audio Set

Summary: Parenting in this 'Age of Diabolical Disorientation' is a formidable challenge. The assaults of the devil and world are seemingly overwhelming. It is of paramount importance that children be formed in accordance with the virtues needed to live as faithful disciples of Christ. This course provides practical examples, numerous helps, and warns of pitfalls on the child's path of virtue. For example: how filial piety involves a love that is respectful, submissive and devoted; or how children have the obligations to honor, obey, and assist their parents. In addition, this course presents a plan by which parents can help their children steadily grow in virtue. It concludes by discussing the complex issue of discerning a vocation, a task all children must face as they mature into adulthood. Above all, parents are reminded to cooperate with God, trusting that He will provide the graces they need to help their children reach Heaven.


Theotokos, Mother of God


An introduction to Mariology and a study of the dogma that Mary is the Mother of God given by Mr. David Rodríguez, M. Th. - Five CD Audio Set

This is the first course in the series on the Blessed Mother and Marian Dogmas

Devotion to Mary is necessary for our salvation! - thus teach the saints and the perennial tradition of Holy Mother Church. Therefore, every Catholic, every person, ought to be extremely concerned with having such a devotion. Yet a proper devotion (orthopraxy) always depends upon right doctrine (orthodoxy).

In this course on Mariology we study the true doctrine concerning our Blessed Mother - from the doctrinal, scriptural, apologetic, liturgical and historical perspective.

We begin with a basic overview of Mary in Sacred Scripture. Then we study the fundamental Marian dogma on which all others hinge, namely that Mary is the Mother of God (Theotokos / Dei Genitrix). This dogma is elucidated from infallible Church teaching, Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and faith and reason. The controversies surrounding this title and the heresies about Christ's person, that led some to deny Mary's Divine Maternity, are studied and critically exposed. Finally, we study several important spiritual and practical implications of this dogma.

The Immaculate Conception

The Immaculate Conception

A detailed study of the dogma that Mary is the Immaculate Conception and an object lesson on the authentic meaning of the 'development of doctrine' given by Mr. David Rodríguez, M. Th. - Five CD Audio Set

This is the second course in the series on the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church's Marian Dogmas.

In the first part of this course we study the Immaculate Conception from the Church's infallible dogma, Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, the Church Fathers, and magisterial teaching. The eminent suitability of God acting in this manner is then demonstrated from faith and reason, following the argument "God can, it is most fitting, therefore God did" (potuit, decuit, ergo fecit).

In the second part we consider the theological controversy and ultimate resolution surrounding this dogma. We debunk ancient heretics such as Tertullian (2nd century), Origen (3rd century) and Pelgaius (4th century), and note the errors of great doctors such as St. Bernard (12th century) and St. Thomas Aquinas (13th century). We conclude with how the Church clarified the constant dogma of the faith, settling the matter with the aid Bl. John Donus Scotus' (+1308) subtle reasoning.

In the third part, we study the Apostolic Constitution Ineffabilis Deus (1854) by Pope Pius IX in which he infallibly defined this dogma. We link his teaching and hoped for results with events surrounding em>Church approved Marian apparitions.

In the fourth and final part of the course, we consider important spiritual implications of this dogma, as well as practical lessons for our daily life of faith.

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima

A course covering the importance of Our Lady's Apparitions and Message at Fatima. This is the MOST IMPORTANT message from Heaven for our times. There will be terrible wars, cataclysmic disasters, and much suffering until mankind obeys Our Lady of Fatima.
- Given by David V. Rodríguez, M.Th. - Seven CD Audio Set

Summary: Our Lady brought us all, the entire world, a heavenly message of paramount importance at Fatima. Unfortunately, too many remain unfamiliar with it, despite it being more relevant than ever today in the 21st century! This course discusses her message of salvation and condemnation, the great Miracle of the Sun proving its authenticity, and places this supernatural event in the context of our contemporary history and Catholic prophecy regarding future events. It also describes the handling of this message by Vatican authorities: to this day a portion of the Message remains unrevealed and Our Lady's requests remain unfulfilled. Other topics covered include: The Immaculate Heart of Mary, The Five First Saturdays Devotions, the Necessity for Penance, the Consecration of Russia, The Rosary, and the Secret Still Hidden. Most importantly, we discuss what each person can do - and ought to do - in order to respond faithfully to the most important message Our Blessed Mother has ever given mankind.

This course was targeted for Catholics who do not have an extensive knowledge of Fatima. However, the material is presented with sufficient depth, that even many among those devoted to Our Lady of Fatima have gleaned new insights. Above all, it is meant to serve as a motivation for all of us to live Our Lady's Message more faithfully and earnestly.

Lives of the Saints

Saint Vincent Ferrer

SAINT VINCENT FERRER - Patron of the Foundation

Lives of the Saints series given by David Rodríguez, M.Th. - Three CD Audio Set

CD #1 - Angel of the Judgment, His Life and Times: Stunning miracles by the Angel of Judgment, the historical context in which he lived (1350-1420) including the Black Death, the Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy in Avignon, and the Great Western Schism; his early years; his training in the School of St. Dominic; and his apostolate for the conversion of the Jews.

CD #2 - Glory of the Dominicans, His Divine and Apostolic Mission: His role as legate of Christ, his unique and extraordinary apsotolate, his company, his theological virtues, his prophetic spirit, his innumerable miracles, his apostolic journeys across all of Western Europe.

CD #3 - Angel of the Apocalypse, His Spirituality and Wisdom: His conversion of the Moors, the end of the Great Schism, his entrance into glory, his spirituality, lists of his spiritual wisdom, a sermon on the End Times, why he is a saint for our times, prayer to St. Vincent Ferrer.

- You can download the CD booklet for this audio series here or download a pdf version of the same information.

Saint Athanasius

SAINT ATHANASIUS - Against the World

Lives of the Saints series given by David Rodríguez, M.Th. - Six CD Audio Set
St. Athanasius the Great is the first Doctor of the Church. It is arguable that no other saint (outside the Apostolic Age) has had a greater influence upon our understanding of the mysteries of the Holy Trinity and Incarnation. He is known as the Apostle of the Holy Trinity, Doctor of the Incarnation, Champion of Orthodoxy and Defender of Truth. He helped fashion the Nicene Creed to defend Catholic orthodoxy against the arch-heresy of Arianism (a denial that Jesus Christ is God). He stood up against mighty emperors and resisted the machinations of heretical bishops and malevolent churchmen. For many years, soldiers scoured the Egyptian deserts hunting him down with an imperial 'death warrant.' Nearly every bishop in the world (who formally remained head of his dioceses) signed a condemnation against St. Athanasius, refusing to hold communion with him, and even Pope Liberius [falsely] excommunicated him. As St. Jerome famously wrote, the world groaned in astonishment to find itself Arian and it was Athanasius against the world. Despite his greatness and importance, St. Athanasius remains a largely unknown saint today, ignored or forgotten by many Catholics.

This six CD set informs Catholics about his life, work, writings and also provides an excellent summary of Catholic history in the 4th century. It was a highly tumultuous age and controversial time which had a decisive impact upon the development and growth of the Church. It also contains many parallels resembling our own age.

The first segment of these talks can he heard HERE. The presentation notes include timelines, a map, excerpts of his writings, and a 'cast of characters' easy reference sheet.

The Three Kings


Lives of the Saints series given by David Rodríguez, M.Th. - One Single Disc
All of us are familiar with the story of the Three Kings who came to worship Baby Jesus (cf. Mt 2), but most Catholics don't know anything else about these three great saints. Learn about their lives as preserved by tradition through John of Hildesheim, a Carmelite Monk and historian living in the 14th century. Find out where they were from, why they came to adore Jesus, what happened to the gifts they gave Him, and how they became great bishops. Learn as well about their deaths and the fate of their relics, housed today at St. Peter's Cathedral in Cologne, Germany. The talk concludes with a discussion of popular Catholic devotional practices associated with the Three Kings.


Catholic Prophecy


Class on the Coming Chastisement and Glorious Future Flourishing of the Catholic Church given by David V. Rodríguez. M.Th. - Seven CD Audio Set

Our Lady has promised ‘In the end Russia will be converted, my Immaculate Heart will reign, and the world will be granted a period of peace.’ Yet, as the situation in our world and our Church steadily grows worse, many wonder if, how, or when this promise will be fulfilled. In this class, we study prophecies which address this issue. The sources studied come from dozens of approved Church apparitions and canonized, blessed and venerable saintly men and women (most of which have been compiled by Mr. Yves Dupont in his work Catholic Prophecy [TAN, 1970]). When all these individual prophecies are viewed together as a whole, their consistency and harmony, as well as their correlation to prophecies in Sacred Scripture, is remarkable! They form a compelling argument for credible belief and greatly encourage the supernatural virtue of hope.
Topics include: the importance and role of private revelation, the diabolical global revolution, infiltration and attacks against the Church, the signs and calamities of the coming chastisement, the Passion which the Church must endure, the Three Days of Darkness, the great future monarch and holy pontiff, the glorious triumph of the Catholic Church throughout the world, and prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success.

On Limbo

On Limbo

2016 Conference given by Father Simplicius

Summary: Has the Church ever taught the existence of Limbo? We must begin by defining what actually is meant by Limbo. The word comes from the Latin word limbus, meaning edge or border. In short, Limbo is the edge or border of hell. It is the very outer circle of hell. We can split Limbo into sections. First the Limbus Patrum, that is the Limbo of the Fathers where the saints of the Old Testament remained until Christ's coming and the work of Redemption. But we also need to consider another section of Limbo, one that is not temporary, but rather forever, that is the Limbus Infantium or Limbus Puerorum, the place for those infants who die in Original Sin but are innocent of any actual sins. Today we are told that the Limbo of the Infants doesn’t exist; that it is a leftover theological position of the Middle Ages. But is this true? Listen to this talk and discover the answer according to Tradition.

The Rosary and Brown Scapular

The Rosary and Brown Scapular

2016 Conference given by Father Simplicius

Summary: Two of the greatest spiritual aids we have are the Rosary and the Brown Scapular. Both of them were given to mankind miraculously and directly by the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the 13th century, Our Lady gave the Holy Rosary to St. Dominic and the Scapular to St. Simon Stock. Both devotions also have wondrous promises guaranteed to their faithful devotees by the Mother of God herself. Over history, they have proven their supernatural origin and promises on numerous occasions. However, in these times, they are even more important and have been endowed with even greater graces.

What is Truth?

What is Truth?

2016 Conference given by Father Petrus Ioannes

Summary: Truth is fundamental to the good working of any society. It touches on every aspect of our lives: What we know, how we know it, what we believe and why we believe it, who we have as our friends, how we live our lives and how we die. All these depend on our understanding of truth. If someone gets the fundamentals of truth wrong, it can lead to some pretty serious problems later. As all of us should know by now, a small error in the premises can lead to bigger problems in the conclusion.

What is troublesome today is that there are two different, competing, and mutually exclusive ways of defining truth: the traditional way (as explained by St. Thomas Aquinas and many others) and the modern way (as follows from the thinking of Rene Descartes and those who followed him). All things fundamental to our Church and society will be affected by the definition of truth we build upon. In the end, we should never forget that the only truth that really hurts is a twisted truth. In this conference, we attempt to show how truth is twisted by using the modern definition.

Miracles Explained

Miracles Explained

An excellent conference on miracles: what they are, why God works them, how we can identify them, how to avoid the false ones, and why they are important.

Miracles are often scorned by modern, “enlightened” rationalistic men, yet they are a very important aspect of our Catholic Faith. The Church teaches that miracles are one of the privileged means which God uses to guarantee the content of His self revelation to man. Truths necessary for our salvation are supported by God through miracles. God also knows that men suffer from doubt and skepticism. Therefore, in His goodness He provides man with helps. The two principal ones are (1) miracles and (2) prophecies fulfilled.
Miracles are often misnamed and misunderstood, so we need to know the characteristics of a bonafide miracle. Men can do some very extraordinary things and the devil can work in the preternatural realm, but neither of these acts is properly speaking a miracle. The Resurrection of Christ is the most important miracle, and our entire Faith hinges upon is. As St. Paul says, if Christ is not resurrected then we disciples of Christ are the most pitiable of men (cf. 1 Cor 15:19). This conference includes many examples of the miraculous, including many at Lourdes.

Why God Became Man

Why God Became Man (Cur Deus Homo)

A Christmas Octave conference on "Why God Became Man." Herein we discus the Mystery of the Incarnation, the Hypostatic Union, and our Salvation.

In the Creed we confess that His Majesty, Christ our Lord, came down from Heaven propter nos homines et propter nostram salutem (on account of us men and our salvation). Yet the exact nature of the relationship between Christ’s coming amongst us and our salvation remains undefined by the Church. This should not surprise us since the effects of original sin are manifold (wounding us in a number of ways such as ignorance, concupiscence, and malice), we should then expect the cure to most likely be manifold as well. Fallen man must be healed and instructed; he must offer reparation to God Whom he has offended.
Thus we find a number of ways in which the Scriptures and Fathers and Doctors of the Church present the matter, reducible, it seems to seven ways: pedagogical, transactional/redemption, recapitulation, physical, sacrificial, satisfactory and meritorious. Although we are mostly interested in the physical category at this time (due to the Christmas season and prevalent modern errors), let us nevertheless look into them all, even if only briefly.
When any one way is looked at exclusively, dismissing the others, then heresy rears its venomous head. Today an overemphasis on the physical way has led to such errors as ‘the Cosmic Christ,’ the anonymous Christian, and the heresy of Universalism. Understanding proper distinctions helps us avoid these errors, explain the truth, and hold fast to our Faith.

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Please Note: None of the items in our brochure are for sale, rather suggested donations are listed next to each item. These donations are free will contributions provided in order that this apostolate can help maintain itself and continue providing these spiritual goods for the faithful. This is a way in which all can help contribute to the recovery and restoration of our Traditional Catholic Faith.

Regarding the Foundation: The St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation of Texas is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that relies solely on the prayers and financial donations of supporters to maintain its existence and further its apostolate. Donations are therefore graciously accepted. Benefactors are also encouraged to consider pledging themselves to a regular modest monthly donation. A receipt is provided for tax purposes and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered by Fr. Rodríguez on the 13th day of ever month for the intentions of all benefactors.