We implore St. Vincent Ferrer's patronage because he helped restore the Catholic Church during the 14th century when it was devastated by the Great Western Schism, rampant immorality among the clergy and lay faithful, and the encroachment of heretics, infidels and pagans. Our Lord appeared to him and entrusted him with a divine mission: to call a decadent Christendom to repent and do penance in order to be saved from the cataclysmic disasters of the End Times. He was God's chosen instrument to be the Angel of the Apocalypse (cf. Apoc 14:6) to preach: "Fear God, and give Him honor, for the Day of Judgment is at hand" (Apoc 14:7). Through St. Vincent's tireless efforts and profound interior life, God brought about tens of thousands of conversions, among both believers and unbelievers. His motto was: "Whatever you do, think not of yourself, but of God."

As a Dominican, he had a great love for and fervent devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and her most Holy Rosary. Moreover, his preaching is unsurpassed and his countless miracles are unmatched in the history of Christianity.

We see a striking parallel between our own days and those of St. Vincent Ferrer. Once again, our world is spiraling towards cataclysmic perils. Humble conversions, profound penance, fervent faith, deep devotion to our Blessed Mother, and obedience to God are absolute necessities in our day and age. Today, we desperately need the spirit of St. Vincent Ferrer to inspire all Catholics and forge new saints. As a Foundation and with all those united to our Apostolate, we humbly beg God to mercifully send us yet another Angel of the Apocalypse.

Yet despite how desperately our world needs the 'spirit' of St. Vincent Ferrer and how popular he has been in the past among Catholics, today he remains relatively unknown. We believe it is because his life and message stand in stark opposition with what is so often proclaimed in the world today, and even touted within certain elements of the Church. We have compiled a list of twelve very important aspects of St. Vincent Ferrer's life which oppose today's zeitgeist or 'spirit of our age.'

St. Vincent Ferrer's Message vs. (erroneous message of the world)
1. Thomistic Scholasticism vs. (Nouvelle Theologie & Modernism)
2. Supernatural Miracles vs. (Rationalism & Naturalism)
3. Exorcisms & Combat with the Devil vs. (New Age Mysticism, the Occult, "the devil isn't real")
4. Mortification of the Flesh vs. (Hedonism & Eroticism)
5. Rejection of the World, all worldly honors vs. (Materialism & Aggioramento)
6. Great insistence upon Penance vs. (False Optimism, “it’s a springtime”)
7. Holy Fear of God vs. (False Tolerance & Human Respect, “God loves and accepts everybody just as they are”)
8. Four Last Things, a focus on Eternal Goods vs. (Social Justice, a focus on Temporal Goods)
9. Conversion of the Muslims and Jews vs. (Religious Indifferentism and anti-supersessionism)
10. Conversion of all Heretics vs. (False Ecumenism)
11. Powerful Influence upon State Rulers, Union of Church and State vs. (False Religious Liberty)
12. True Loyalty to the Office of the Papacy vs. (False Collegiality & Papolotry)

In addition, the message of St. Vincent Ferrer has a great conaturality with the greatest heavenly message of our age: the Message of Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima. Not only are there significant parallels in the two (the prophecy of imminent and cataclysmic disasters, presence of angels, emphasis on true devotion to Our Lady), but the both salient points of Our Lady - with regard to what each of us must do now - were echoed by St. Vincent:
(1) Hell is real and many people go there.
- We must always remain focused on Heaven (centrality of the Four Last Things).
(2) Penance, Penance, Penance!
- We must do reparation and seek pardon for souls and their conversion.
(3) Pray for the Pope, for he will have much to suffer.

St. Vincent Ferrer, ora pro nobis!

Download a lengthier biography of his life, a timeline of his life, his sermon on the Last Judgement, and/or a prayer to St. Vincent Ferrer.

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Note: If you wish to read a well-written biography on St. Vincent Ferrer, we recommend St. Vincent Ferrer, Angel of the Apocalypse by Fr. Andrew Pradel, available through TAN books. You can also download a free pdf copy of that same text here (from the public domain). We also recommend the books on this saint by Fr. Stanislaus Hogan O.P. and Henri Ghéon.