The apostolate of the St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation is focussed upon recovering and restoring the beauty, majesty, and truth of our glorious Catholic Faith all over the world.

This non-profit organization was founded by Catholic lay faithful in 2011 to help spread, promote, and foster the practice of our Catholic Faith in all of its traditional integrity: liturgy, doctrine, morals, devotions, and ascetic practices. As the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the source and summit of our Catholic life, we naturally place a unique emphasis upon the venerable and ancient rite of the Mass of Ages, the Usus Antiquior, commonly called the Traditional Latin Mass.

It is our heart-felt prayer that our humble efforts, in cooperation with God's manifold graces, will help individuals, families, society, and nations restore all things in Christ (omnia instaurare in Christo).

We are firmly convinced that the recovery and restoration of our traditional Catholic Faith, including a return to the Usus Antiquior as the universal norm for the Holy Sacrifice, is an absolutely necessary step in bringing about an end to, and a cure for, the current grave crisis in the Church. Therefore, all of our efforts are aimed at doing all things for the good of our Spiritual Mother–the one, holy, roman, and apostolic Catholic Church (omnia pro sanctis Matre Ecclesia).

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The specific objectives and purposes of the St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation are to:

  • Form and support the faithful through fostering prayer and pious devotions.
  • Provide classes that teach the Roman Catholic Faith with total fidelity to tradition and complete adherence to orthodoxy.
  • Distribute devotional and educational material including but not limited to books, pamphlets, audio recordings, and videos.
  • Sponsor seminars, workshops, guest speakers, retreats and pilgrimages.
  • Strengthen the family by promoting traditional Catholic morals, norms and roles, and by being 100% pro-life.
  • Engage in charitable works which sponsor the spiritual & temporal needs of the faithful.
  • Assist in the temporal needs of clergy, religious, and others who directly foster the Usus Antiquior of the Roman Rite.
  • Support the spiritual, liturgical and material needs of those entities, parishes, and chapels which practice the Usus Antiquior.
  • These activities are meant to be expanded and refined in order to better meet the continuing challenge of promoting fidelity to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the Traditional Latin Mass all over the world.


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Today many Catholics remain unfamiliar with the Traditional Latin Mass, even though this is the Mass which has been prayed by the one, holy Catholic Church since the very first centuries of Christianity. The Traditional Latin Mass was firmly established in its basic structure well before the time of Pope St. Gregory the Great (6th century). Following the Second Vatican Council, many Catholics mistakenly thought this venerable rite had been abrogated. In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI issued his Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum, which has resulted in the Traditional Latin Mass becoming more widely available. However, there still remains an incredible amount of work to be done to help all Catholics know, understand, and love the Mass of the Ages.


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 Every priest is ordained to act in persona Christi, offering sacrifice and meditating God's sanctifying grace to his flock. The priest is an alter Christus who teaches, governs and sanctifies in order to strengthen us in the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity. 
Our apostolate organized more than 1000 consecutive days of prayer so that a traditional parish would be restored within the structures and life of the diocese. Many locations have prayed for even longer. Through the intercession and merits of the Sacred Heart of Christ the King, our Lady of Fatima, St. Vincent Ferrer, and all the angels and saints, we earnestly pray to our Heavenly Father that a recovery and restoration of the Faith will happen all over the world!


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Christus vincit! Christus Regnat! Christus Imperat! ab omni malo plemem suam defendat. (Christ conquers, He reigns, He commands; may He defend His people from all evil.) Pope Sixtus V had these words engraved on the obelisk which stands in the center of Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican. These magnificent words are in the present tense, and not in the past, to indicate that Christ’s triumph is always actual.
 Fr. Rodríguez carries the Most Blessed Sacrament in honor of Christ the King through the town of Shafter, Texas.