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2016 Podcast on Lenten Sermons by St. Francis de Sales

Weekly Podcast on Classic Catholic Literature from the Saints

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During Lent of 2016, this podcast featured a sermon by St. Francis de Sales (+1622), Bishop and Doctor of the Church, for the preceding Sunday's gospel. The archived podcasts are located in the column on the right.

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St. Francis de Sales imparting his wisdom as a doctor of the Church and one of the world's greatest spiritual directors.

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2016 Mar 29 - Christ's Death has Two Causes: St. Francis de Sales teaches concerning the brass serpent which saved the Hebrews and how the inscription which Pilate placed upon the Crucifix revealed the two causes of Christ's death: [1] He is the Savior and [2] He redeems those who confess Him.

2016 Mar 22 - The Ass and the Colt: St. Francis de Sales teaches the ass and colt upon which Our Lord entered Jerusalem and what they represent, on humility, patience and submission, on obedience vs. worldly prudence, on the proper answer to make to the objection's of worldly prudence (The Lord has need of it!), and one's blessedness in imitating Christ.

2016 Mar 15 - Hearing God's Word: St. Francis de Sales teaches on teaches on the goodness which should be practiced by those who preach God's word, how we should esteem God's word even if it is taught by a sinful person, how a person's refusal to believe Our Lord's word proves the evilness of that person (not of Our Lord), and how all sin is a result of defection from truth.

2016 Mar 8 - God's Spiritual Providence: St. Francis de Sales teaches on God's special spiritual care and solicitude for those who love and obey Him, how we must diligently use the ordinary means He provides to attain perfection, how God tests souls asking us to be humble and generous, and how God often only provides sufficiency instead of all we would like to have.

2016 Feb 29 - Mutual Charity: St. Francis de Sales teaches on our Lord's commandment of love of neighbor, Our Lord's restoration of man to God's image and likeness, union with God and our neighbor in the Most Blessed Sacrament, and how we should love our neighbor with the same incomparable ardor and constancy with which Our Lord loves us on the Cross.

2016 Feb 22 - Eternal Happiness: St. Francis de Sales teaches on our inability to comprehend eternal happiness, the ability of the soul in Heaven to use all its faculties perfectly, the soul's joy in heavenly conversation with the angels, saints, Our Lady and Our Lord, and the endlessness of the joys of eternity.

2016 Feb 15 - On Temptation: St. Francis de Sales teaches on the universality of temptation, the spiritual danger of idleness, faith as a prime weapon against temptation, Our Lord's example in undergoing temptation from the devil, and battling one's faults with patience and perseverance.

This is an image of the book we read the sermons from. It is translated by the Nuns of the Visitation, edited by Fr. Lewis Fiorelli, OSFS, and published by TAN.