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2016 Podcast on Easter Sermons by the Fathers of the Church

Weekly Podcast on Classic Catholic Literature from the Saints

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During Easter of 2016, this weekly podcast featured a sermon by a Church Father, for the preceding Sunday's gospel. The archived podcasts are located in the column on the right.

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This is an image of the book we used for the sermons (Volume II). It is translated and edited by M.F. Toal, D.D. and published by Ignatius Press, copyright 1996.

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St. Francis de Sales imparting his wisdom as a doctor of the Church and one of the world's greatest spiritual directors.


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2016 May 10 - On the Holy Ghost: Sermon by St. Basil the Great (+379) for Pentecost Sunday. St. Basil explains why the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity is called the Holy Ghost and details His principal operations. In order to dispel the errors of the Macedonian heretics (they denied the divinity of the Holy Ghost), St. Basil relies heavily upon Tradition and Scripture. His refutation is even more applicable today against those who wish to raze the apostolic foundations upon which rests the Catholic Faith, outside of which there is no salvation.

2016 May 3 - Rogation Days and the Ascension: Sermon by Pope St. Leo the Great (+461) for the Sunday after Ascension Thursday. St. Leo shows how the mystery of the Ascension strengthens our joy, faith and hope, how the Ascension has brought Christ's divinity more closely to men, and how this mystery helps us grow rich in charity by turning away from earthly things and keeping our gaze fixed upon Heaven. We also discuss the tradition of Rogation Days and the importance of observing Holy Days by devout assistance at Holy Mass.

2016 Apr 19 - The Mission of the Holy Ghost: Sermon by St. Cyril of Alexandria (+444) for the Fourth Sunday of Easter. St. Cyril shows why Christ must go to the Father in order to send the Holy Ghost. He clarifies these enigmatic words of Christ which described the mission of the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity: "He will convince the world of sin because they believed not in Me, of justice because I go to the Father and you shall see me no longer; and of judgment because the prince of this world is already judged."

2016 Apr 12 - I Will See You Again: Sermon by St. Bede for the Third Sunday of Easter. St. Bede deciphers several cryptic phrases in this gospel passage. They point to the supernatural virtue of Christian Hope. He shows how these words applied to the Apostles but also how they apply to us. He explains that The Woman is the Church and that these words are particularly directed to Christians suffering persecution, as we are in these evil times.

2016 Apr 7 - The Shepherd, the Thief, and the Hireling: Sermon by St. Augustine for Good Shepherd Sunday. He teaches how the shepherd must be loved, the hireling suffered, and the thief guarded against. The Church Doctor speaks of Christ as the cornerstone, of evil clerics who pervert scripture, of how a hireling can be identified, and of how the lay faithful are to properly understand and live out this this teaching of our Savior.