Enemies of our Soul’s Salvation

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Mission Overview
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LM11-03A Save Your Soul

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Given by Fr. Michael Rodriguez, April 4, 2011 (2011 LM Day1.)


Enemies of our Soul's Salvation
2011 Lenten Parish Mission Talks - Fr. Michael Rodríguez

Theme of Mission: Man's final end is eternal blessedness with God; yet it is an arduous task. Our life is a great battle, a spiritual battle, in which we must defeat the three main enemies of our soul's salvation: the world, the flesh and the devil.

One of the most prevalent heresies causing great destruction today is 'universalism' (the belief that everyone, or nearly everyone, goes to Heaven). Quite the opposite is true. In fact, it is a sure and certain teaching of the Church that few are saved. This teaching is even contained in our Lord's own words (cf. Matthew 7:13-14). Yet convincing people that nearly everyone goes to Heaven is one of the devil's most effective stratagems, along with making people believe that he does not exist.

Our life is a spiritual combat. The battle ends when we die; the spoils of victory is the eternity of our soul. The Christian must daily and continually fight to overcome the three great enemies of his soul. He must resist the deceits of the devil, flee from the vanity of the world, and subdue the concupiscence of the flesh.

Basing himself upon the wisdom and examples of the saints, Father provides practical remedies for man's concupiscence of the flesh, of the eyes, and the pride of life. It is Our Lady of the Rosary's Message at Fatima that is a sure antidote to the seductions of satan. To counter the great havoc being wreaked by the devil upon the world, and the Church, we must rely ever more on the three great friends of the soul's salvation.

The Parish Mission lasted five days; it was given in Spanish and English. Each Mission began with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The opening prayers are also included in the audio recordings, since they formed an essential component of the Mission. Following the spiritual conference, Father would have a Holy Hour which included various devotions and praying the most Holy Rosary. The Sacrament of Penance was also available every evening of the Parish Mission.

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CD 1

1. Few Are Saved (Day 1)

CD 2

2. Battle Against the Devil (Day 2)

CD 3

3. Prophecy, Fatima and the Devil (Day 3)

CD 4

4. Overcoming Our Concupiscence (Day 4)

CD 5

5. Resist the Vain World (Day 5)