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10 Resist the Spirit of the World

Sacramental Preparation - Part 5 of 5

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Given by Fr. Michael Rodriguez, September 6, 2013 (DiscOne.)

Classes For Children
There are Three Series Listed here by Fr. Michael Rodríguez


Brief Description: Each of these is a stand alone class which Fr. Rodríguez gave to a group of children. Their purpose is to provide basic catechesis and an introduction to each topic. Although the intended audience is children (age six-twelve), many adults have commented that they too have learned a great deal from these classes.

Details: Each class is between 60-80 minutes long. They can also be viewed on youtube using the following links:
. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
. Praying the Rosary Well
. How to Make a Good Confession


Brief Description: Five talks given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez (Sept 2013) in a two CD Audio Set.
The first CD includes (1) a sermon given at Mass during a day-retreat for homeschool families; (2) a talk for the younger children (K-5th); (3) and a talk for adults (teachers, parents and confirmation students included) on how to prepare for the reception of the sacraments.
The second CD includes (4) a talk given to parents regarding the goal and purpose of homeschooling along with some spiritual tips; (5) and a talk Father gave the older students explaining their duties and responsibilities (6th-10th)


Brief Description: Two talks given by Fr. Michael Rodríguez to youth on retreat who were preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation (March 2012). Each is a bit over thirty minutes long and both fit on one single CD.

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Files For Classes for Children
CD 1

1. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

CD 2

2. Praying the Rosary Well

CD 3

3. How To Make a Good Confession

CD 4

4. Our Lady of Fatima


Files For Faith Formation and Confirmation Talks
CD 5

5. Homeschool Conference
- Disc One

CD 6

6. Homeschool Conference
- Disc Two

CD 7

7. Confirmation Retreat Talks