Living in an Age of Apostasy

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Conference Overview
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13C The End Times

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Given by Mr. David Rodriguez , November 19, 2016 (Restore the Holy Sacrifice.)

Living Our Catholic Faith in an Age of Apostasy
A traditional Catholic conference sponsored by the St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation with talks by Fr. Michael Rodríguez and David V. Rodríguez. M.Th. - Seven CD Audio Set

These talks are a “must hear” for any Catholic striving
to recover and restore our spiritual heritage and glorious tradition.

An Urgent Need: More and more Catholics are realizing that we are living in a time of unprecedented crisis in the Catholic Church – we are living in an Age of Apostasy. But how is one to live as a faithful Catholic and grow in holiness in this turbulent time? This most pressing “practical” spiritual question inspired this conference.

Summary: In the opening sermon, Fr. Rodríguez introduces the two dominant themes for the conference: [1] man must focus on God first and [2] with God’s grace, man must strive for holiness. In the first talk, Our Lady’s Heavenly Solution for Our Time, Mr. Rodríguez fills us with hope by showing that, though the Blessed Virgin Mary, God has prepared us for these times and already provided the solution. Next, Fr. Rodríguez explains how a principal and indispensable element of the solution is that we must all strive towards The Restoration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In his second talk, Mr. Rodríguez provides seven Spiritual Survival Skills for Catholics living in this age of diabolical disorientation. In his second sermon and talk, Father presents The Most Necessary Means to Sanctity in Today’s Time of Crisis as five ways of loving God: love of the Truth, of God’s will, of the Cross, of the Church, and of His Mother. In the final conference, Father emphasizes how everything in the Mass must be for the greater glory and Majesty of the Lord.

Exhortation: These talks showcase a synthesis of nearly all the major themes promoted by this Foundation. If someone were only able to hear one conference from our website, this is the one we would recommend.

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(1) Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary
- Opening Sermon by Fr. Rodríguez
(2) Our Lady's Heavenly Solution
- First talk by Mr. David Rodríguez
(3) The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Must be Restored
- First talk by Fr. Rodríguez
(4) Christ, Holiness and the Cross
- Second Sermon by Fr. Rodríguez
(5) Seven Spiritual Survival Skills
- Second talk by Mr. David Rodríguez
(6) The Most Necessary Means to Sanctity in Today's Time of Crisis
- Second Talk by Fr. Rodríguez

CD 1

1. Our Lady's Heavenly Solution

CD 2

2. Restore the Holy Sacrifice


Additional Conference by Fr. Rodríguez
on the urgent need to
Restore the Traditional Latin Mass

(7) Part I: The Majesty of the Lord

(8) Part II: Sanctus, Sanctus, Sactus

CD 3

3. Christ, Holiness and the Cross

CD 4

4. Seven Spiritual Survival Skills

CD 5

5. Most Necessary Means to Sanctity

CD 6

6. The Majesty of the Lord

CD 7

7. Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus


"The Sermons and Deeds of the Antichrist" by Luca Signorelli (circa 1500 AD)

Signorelli was a Florentine artist of the Medici Renaissance school.
Here he portrays the sinister and mysterious atmosphere evoked in the prophecies of the Gospels surrounding Antichrist.

Against a vast and desolate background, the Antichrist is shown disseminating his lies and spreading his message of destruction. He has the features of Christ, but it is Satan (portrayed behind him) who tells him what to say. Antichrist will be supported by false religious leaders (the beast of the land from Apoc 13 that appears like a lamb but speaks with a forked tongue) and civil secular might (the beast of the sea from Apoc 13). The people around him, who have piled up gifts at the foot of his throne, have already been corrupted by iniquities.

Starting from the left, we have a description of a brutal massacre, followed by a young woman selling herself to an old merchant, and then more aggressive and evil-looking men. In the background of this scene all sorts of horrors and miraculous events are taking place. The renaissance church building is filled with tyrannical black figures: wolves in sheep's clothing, armed men, and apostate laity. The Antichrist orders people to be executed and even resurrects a man, while a group of clerics, huddled together like a fortified citadel, resist the devil's temptations by praying.

Lastly, in the upper left, Signorelli shows us how the age of the Antichrist is rapidly reaching its inevitable epilogue, with the false prophet being hurled down from the heavens by an angel and all his followers are being defeated and destroyed by the wrath of God.

This painting is located in the great cathedral of Oriveto, Italy.