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SG03-25C Every Man Wants Happiness

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Given by Mr. David Rodriguez , April 16, 2016 (Creation - 2ndMotive.)

The Sinner's Guide
A course covering this spiritual masterpiece by Ven, Luis de Granada, OP (+1588) given by David V. Rodríguez. M.Th. - Five CD Audio Set

Summary of Text: “We are ALL destined to reign eternally with God in Heaven or to burn eternally with the devils in hell!” writes Ven. Luis de Granada. This inescapable fact is vividly brought to life on every page of this masterfully written spiritual classic. The Sinner’s Guide is a book of crystal clarity which cuts through the religious fog so prevalent today. It strips away the glamour of sin, fortifying the soul for the resolute practice of Christian virtue – those true riches which alone will accompany him beyond the grave. St. Teresa of Avila credited this book with having converted over one million souls in her own age! Ven. Luis was a favorite spiritual author of many of the saints of the 16th century and thereafter. Truly, this is one of those rare books that every person ought to read!

Note: A printed version of this book is available from TAN Books. The text is also available for free download at several websites and in various languages. The "Text of Book" button in the left column provides a .pdf copy of the text in English.

Summary of Audio Course: Ven. Luis’ goal in writing his book is to encourage one to grow in virtue and reject vice. He shows how this is the only path which can lead to peace, fulfillment and happiness – both in this life, and more importantly, in the next. Our course is designed to help lead one to a deeper understanding of this spiritual masterpiece. The discussion ranges from basic points of catechism (often forgotten or mitigated today) to sublime points for meditation. If these talks can encourage one to meditatively read, and re-read, this great work, then they will have served their purpose.

Ven. Luis convincingly shows how a proper and obligatory disposition of gratitude towards God will lead man to grow in virtue. If instead we remain in our vice, then we are guilty of the most terrible ingratitude. The inestimable gifts of Creation, Preservation, Providence, Redemption, Justification and Election are each in themselves a sufficient motive to lead man along the path of holiness.

Note: At present, this audio course only covers the first five chapters of the text.

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CD 1

1. Introduction and Ven. Luis de Granada

Audio Notes
CD 2

2. The First Motive to Virtue: God in Himself

CD 3

3. Second Motive to Virtue: Gratitude for Creation

Audio Notes
CD 4

4. Third Motive to Virtue: Gratitude for Preservation

CD 5

5. Fourth Motive to Virtue: Gratitude for Redemption

Audio Notes