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We are currently working to make this search feature more user friendly;
but for now, please read the directions below.
It should help you find any sermon we have archived.

To search for a sermon you can use a number of "filters" to narrow your search.
(1) Keyword - If you know the title of the sermon or a word in the title of the sermon, use this feature.
(2) Date - If you know the time frame when the sermon was given
(3) Series - All the sermons are organized into a series, for example Father's mission from a particular year, or his sermons from a particular year, or the name of a particular class. Very often, this is the most helpful search feature.

Once you have selected your filters using the drop down menus, click on the big blue button called "FILTER" and all the sermons which match your search parameters will be listed. Scroll down to find the ones you want to listen to or download.

Now you are ready to begin using the search sermon function to find any sermon in our database...