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It was exactly one-hundred years ago that Our Lady of the Rosary first appeared at Fatima (13 May 1917). She brought us from Heaven the most important message for our times. Yet the vast majority of men remain ignorant of it or fail to obey it. Therefore, to honor this centenary anniversary, we have used this podcast to study the message in-depth. A particular emphasis was placed on understanding 20th century world history in light of Our Lady's message.

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Below is an image of the book we are basing these podcasts on: Fatima in Twilight by Mark Fellows. (Marmion Publications, Niagara Falls, copyright 1996.)

2016 May 17 (Episode 1)

Fatima in Twilight

Restore all Things in Christ: The Message of Fatima is the most important heavenly communication for our times. Sadly, many Catholics are unfamiliar with the entirety of Our Lady's request. Thus, we shall undertake an in-depth study of this message in light of the panorama of 20th century history. Today we will consider such things as (1) the importance of Penance, (2) Reparation for sins against the Blessed Sacrament and Immaculate Heart of Mary, (3) the Conversion of Islam, and (4) the miraculous Holy Communion brought by the angel to the three shepherd children.

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Given by Mr. David Rodriguez , May 17, 2016 (-.)


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2016 May 24 (Episode 2) Only Our Lady Has the Victory:
A discussion of some of the less well known details regarding Our Lady's apparitions at Fatima. (1) Our Lady came to Fatima and brought an end to WWI in response to Pope Benedict XV's prayer. (2) Only Mary is the solution for our world's terrible plight because God so wills it. (3) An unknown light will signal the onset of terrible chastisements. (4) The devil hates the Secret of Fatima for therein is the undoing of his worldwide revolution. He will stop at nothing to conceal, confuse, and deceive mankind regarding the Message. Satan knows that if - and only if - we are faithful to Our Lady's message, then he will be defeated.

2016 June 1 (Episode 3) Pontevedra and Tuy:
A cursory review of the 4th - 8th apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima. Many people do not sufficiently emphasize the last two. The seventh occurred at Pontevedra (10 Dec 1925) and is when our Lady requested the First Saturday devotion. The eight was at Tuy (13 June 1929). Then Our Lady showed Sr. Lucia a mystical vision of the Blessed Trinity and said it was now time for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

2016 June 14 (Episode 4) First and Greatest Error of Russia:
We first consider a reconstruction of how the text of the famous Third Secret of Fatima might read. Without a doubt, the nation of Russia plays a pivotal role in the Message of Fatima and modern world history. It is common place to ask "Why Russia?" A cursory understanding of Russia's Catholic history is indispensable in answering that question. Catholicism came to Russia around 1000 AD, but by 1054 AD, the Russian Church had gone into schism from Rome. We conclude by explaining how the most enduring and destructive error of Russia is a religious one, namely rejecting the primacy of the Roman Catholic Pope.

2016 June 21 (Episode 5) Revolution and Communism in Russia:
Today we study the origins of communism and revolution in Russia, from the ideological battle between Bakunin and Marx, to the murder of Tsar Nicholas, and to the rise of Lenin and Stalin. We see how the Revolution, seeking to destroy God's right order, works to abolish the right authority, the right to property, and the true faith. The Bolshevik Revolution was a hideous monstrosity which employed lies and mass murder; tell-tale signs that the devil is its source. The only successful solution is a supernatural response, The Message of Fatima.

2016 June 29 (Episode 6) Counter-Revolution in Portugal:
Few Catholics realize how Our Lady of Fatima has already wrought great victories against Communism. In fact, Portugal almost followed the same path as Bolshevik Russia, except for Portuguese Catholics who obeyed our Lady's Message. At the start of the twentieth century, Portugal was suffering terribly from the revolution. Anti-Catholicism had been gathering strength for more than 150 years. The king was assassinated, the Church was persecuted, and civil war caused untold damage. The bishops of the country then publicly consecrated their nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This stemmed the tide of the bloody, atheistic revolution and ushered a successful counter-revolution, which brought stability and faith to Portugal (until after Vatican II).

2016 July 5 (Episode 7) Pius XI on Fatima and Russia:
Today we look at some history of the 1930s in light of the Message of Fatima. We discuss Sr. Lucia's supernatural visions at Tuy (1929) and Rianjo (1931). It was Pius XI who was first asked by Our Lady to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. But he failed to do so. Instead he followed a policy of Ostpolitik and did not trust Sr. Lucia. The situation in Russia continued to worsen and Russia's errors spread throughout Europe. This led to terrible wars and great bloodshed across the face of Europe (and the world!) in the 1930s and 40s.

2016 July 15 (Episode 8) Revolution Against God in Spain:
The communist revolution against God reached Spain in the 1930s and caused terrible destruction. Many were cruelly tortured and horribly martyred. All that could have been avoided if Pius XI had consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1929 as Our Lady requested. Many Spaniards turned to God and Our Lady, begging for their intercession. They prayed for another "Pelayo" - that Catholic nobleman who began the Reconquista against the Moors in the 8th century. A successful counter-revolution ousted the communists and kept Spain Catholic (that is, until the post Vatican II revolution which devastated the Church from within).

2016 July 21 (Episode 9) Prayer Defeats Revolution:
We discuss how God wishes the world to acknowledge and venerate the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Many question why Sr. Lucia did not speak or act more forcefully, yet because she did not wish to lead anyone astray, she only spoke when absolutely certain and with permission. It was prayers and faith that helped stem the tide of Revolution: (1) Pope Pius XI's prayer and (2) The heroic defense of the Alcazar by Spanish Catholics, including the sacrifice of the commander's only son. Viva Cristo Rey!

2016 July 28 (Episode 10) Pawns on a Chessboard:
Given historical hindsight, a probable theory suggests that the Communists 'sacrificed' Spain as a pawn on the chessboard of European domination. Lenin famously plotted that with one world war the revolutionaries would conquer Russia, with a second world war they would take mastery over Europe, and with a third world the Communists would take over the world. Let us never forget that at Fatima, Our Lady warned against the errors of Russia spreading to the whole world. This has indeed happened, and largely because the Catholic Church has stood by passively. Sadly, Church leaders did not heed the teaching of Pope Pius XI in Divini Redemptoris (1937), his encyclical condemning Communism as an intrinsic evil. The podcast concludes with a brief discussion of that landmark papal document.

2016 Aug 3 (Episode 11) Supernatural Signs and Attacks:
On 28 Jan 1938, an unknown light was seen in the heavens all over the world. It colored the sky blood-red. Many have tried to explain it away by calling it an aurora borealis, yet the evidence does not support such an assertion. Sr. Lucia of Fatima understood it to be the light prophesied by Our Lady at Fatima. When Sr. Lucia fell gravely ill, her bishop was concerned that she might die without ever revealing the Third Secret of Fatima. He commanded her to write it down. Yet a supernatural power (the devil) prevented her from complying. On 2 Jan 1944, Our Lady appeared to her once more and gave her a special grace so that she could write the terrible Secret and entrust it to her bishop in a sealed envelope.

2016 Aug 9 (Episode 12) Signs in the Heavens:
In Matthew 24, Our Lord speaks of “signs in the heavens” as one of the tell-tale signs for the faithful to prepare themselves for trials, tribulations and end times. Consider the parallels and connections between our Lord’s own words in that apocalyptic chapter and the Message of Fatima, the Miracle of the Sun, and our own troubled times. In 1938, an unknown light in the heavens also signaled the onset of much suffering, persecution, and world war. On 31 Oct 1942, Pope Pius XII consecrated the world to Our Lady of Fatima (he did not do this in union with the world’s bishops and only implicitly mentioned Russia in a veiled manner). Nevertheless, Our Lord rewarded this partial papal obedience to the Message of Fatima by allowing a swifter end to the global warfare.

2016 Aug 16 (Episode 13) LaSalette, the Assumption and Pius XII:
Contrary to Pius XI's teaching, Catholics collaborated with Communists. Consequently, Communism spread across Europe, China and many other countries after WW2. Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima also grew and Pius XII was viewed as the "Pope of Fatima." Following a Rosary Crusade by Austrians, Russia peaceably evacuated their occupation of that country. In 1950, Pius XII declared the dogma of the Assumption and personally witnessed a "miracle of the sun" in Rome. There are many parallels between Our Lady's apparition at LaSalette (1846) and at Fatima (1917). Yet despite all this, we still have not complied with Heaven's command...

2016 Aug 24 (Episode 14, Part 1) The New Theology:
We must have an understanding of history from the supernatural perspective of faith. During a critical forty year period, the Message of Fatima was not heeded, and we are undergoing the divine chastisement for this (still ongoing) disobedience. Pius XII's consecration of Russia to the IHM (1952) was only a half-measure. A significant dimension of this heavenly punishment is the "new theology" which arose at this time. Its proponents sought to merge Catholicism with modern philosophical thought, marxist praxis, and religious pluralism. This "new theology" came to ascendancy at Vatican II. Today, it dominates nearly all the human structures of the Church and bears a great deal of the responsibility for the grave crisis within the Church.

2016 Aug 25 (Episode 14, Part 2) Nouvelle Theologie:
A brief study of the corrupting thought of three of the founders of the 'new theology': Jacques Maritain, Teilhard de Chardin and Maurice Blondel. Examples of how pervasive their errors have become help one understand the root and nature of the current ecclesial crisis.

2016 Aug 31 (Episode 15) Casting Doubt Upon Fatima:
Fr. Dhanis, a Belgian priest, sought to discredit the Message of Fatima by claiming there were "two Fatimas." The first consisted of the apparitions in 1917 and he accepted. The second, according to him, were fabrications of Sr. Lucia's imagination and included Pontevedra and Tuy. Despite a great Marian miracle at Syracuse, Sicily (1953), when an image of the Blessed Virgin wept tears, Pius XII's enthusiasm in Fatima waned in the latter part of his life. Instead, a grand convergence of the new theology, promoted through Vatican II, was opposed to the Message of Fatima.

2016 Sep 14 (Episode 16) Miracle and Deception:
Today we look at two major points under which the entire Message of Fatima for our times must be understood. First, the importance and significance of the Miracle of Sun. God can work any miracle He chooses, so what things was He revealing to us through the specifics of this miracle? Second, there is much deception, confusion, and dilution of the Message of Fatima. In turn, we must study the Message in all its authenticity and do our best to share it with others.

2016 Sep 21 (Episode 17) Lucia's Final Interview:
Under the pontificate of Pius XII the "winds were changing." The future Paul VI, Msgr. Montini, rose and fell. The faith was defended and undermined. Yet perhaps most telling was the fate of the Third Secret of Fatima. In 1957, Pius XII commanded the Secret be sent to Rome. The Portuguese episcopacy was thereby unable to reveal it to the world in 1960 as intended. Seeing the twilight descend upon Fatima and disobedience against Our Lady growing, Sister Lucia was able to give one final interview before she was completely silenced. This interview is extremely important. It highlights the coming crisis of apostasy within the Church, the imminent chastisement, a decisive battle between the devil and Our Lady, and the importance for our salvation of the Rosary and the Immaculate Heart.

2016 Sep 28 (Episode 18) Calling a Council:
Two opposed "schools of thoughts" battled for supremacy within the Church. One favors the infallible dogma of the Social Kingship of Christ and sought to restore all things in Christ. The other exalts man's 'reason' and 'freedom' and seeks 'salvation' in a new order of a universal brotherhood of all men. The first is in complete harmony with the message of Fatima, the later opposed. This new order was inaugurated within the Church through the suppression of the Message of Fatima and the calling of the Second Vatican Council. Under the false guise of obedience it has been thrust upon Catholics all over the world and even treated as a 'second pentecost.'

2016 Nov 12 (Episode 19) Pope John Reads the Secret:
We consider the historical context under which Pope John XXIII first read the Third Secret of Fatima (on 18 Aug 1959). His decision, “I make no judgment on this” and his judgment, “This does not apply to my pontificate,” were far from indifferent comments. There is reason to believe the Third Secret warned against “an evil Church council.” Yet John XXIII remained adamant in calling a council, which he touted as a “Second Pentecost” by which a mysterious force would awaken and create a new order in the Church. He thought this would lead to a human utopia. Yet the real outpouring of God’s grace is meant to lead to the triumph and reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the consecration or Russia. Thus began a cataclysmic inversion: the message of Fatima would appear eclipsed by the papal vision of the conciliar popes, who have attempted to silence, distort and subvert the Fatima message.

2016 Nov 25 (Episode 20) The Third Secret is Buried
A chronology of events regarding the Third Secret helps one understand how and why it was buried by Pope John XXIII. Yet even more important for realizing why it still remains hidden, and why Our Lady's heavenly command continues to be disobeyed, is an understanding of its terrible contents. The Third Secret consists of two parts. [1] The Vision of the Bishop in White, which was finally made public in 2000. Sister Lucia had written this in her Fourth Memoir and it has been kept in the Vatican archives. [2] The Words of Our Lady which were written on twenty-five lines one one sheet of paper and was kept in the private papal apartments. This is the portion which has yet to be made public. In all likelihood, Our Lady spoke about an evil council, disastrous changes to the Mass, and/or a false pope.

2016 Nov 30 (Episode 21) Prophets of Gloom
In his speech opening Vatican II, Pope John XXIII decried the 'prophets of gloom' who cry out against the growing evil in the world and warn of God's chastisement. Instead he was full of optimism for the 'new order' that the Council would usher into the Church. Thus, his papal program was in direct conflict with Heaven's command at Fatima. He 'buried' the Third Secret by seeking to discredit Sr. Lucia and by driving a wedge between the apparitions at Fatima and the words which Our Lady gave to the shepherd children. Many people think Fatima is "just" private revelation and so they don't have to accept it. This is utterly false. If a private revelation is judged true by the Magisterium, then it is binding upon whomever and in whichever manner God intends for it to be binding. Such details would be contained within the private revelation and are an essential factor in the appropriate Magisterium judging its authenticity.

2016 Dec 07 (Episode 22) Who was John XXIII
After the start of the Council, John XXIII issued his famed encyclical, Pacem in Terris. Instead of condemning Communism for its atrocities against human dignity, its persecution and murder of Catholics, and its atheistic affront against God, John XXIII gave the world the impression that Communism could be compatible with the teachings of Christ. He also had many close ties to Freemasonry and many independent sources have claimed he himself was a member of the secret sect. These and many of his other actions were directly responsible for helping usher in the Age of [Silent] Apostasy that pervades the Church today.


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2017 June 20 (Final Episode)

Vatican I on Papacy Part_1

A class on the Church’s magisterial teaching regarding the papacy from the First Vatican Council (1870). Most Catholics today do not know this teaching and incorrectly think one must obey the Pope regardless of what he says and does. Obedience is very important, but the Church clearly teaches that “the first rule of salvation is to keep the true Faith.” A major them at Vatican I, taught in Pastor Aeternus, is that the Apostolic primacy is of divine origin. The supreme power of teaching is part of the apostolic primacy, because the pope has the solemn duty of preserving and propagating the Rule of Faith. It is the popes solemn duty to defend the faith and define the faith when questions are raised. He accepts this duty when he accepts the office of the papacy. For this reason, Pope Francis is indeed obligated to respond to the Dubia and Corectio Filalis – because that obligation is given to him by Christ and he willingly accepted it. If the hierarchy of the Church, and worse the pope himself, Is not keeping the Rule of Faith then we are faced with a terrible crisis and every Catholic who wishes to remain faithful to Christ must respond according to his state in life.

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Given by Fr. Michael Rodriguez, November 4, 2017 (-.)


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2017 June 13 (Episode 42) Vindication
The present darkness that has engulfed our world and Church is quite clearly a consequence of disobedience to God, and specifically, disobedience to Cardinal Bertone's 'recalling' of quotes by Sr. Lucia is ever-shifting according to circumstances and new discoveries. As a witness, he has show himself quite unreliable. Moreover, in 2010 Pope Benedict himself vindicated 'The Fatimists' by publicly stating that the prophecies of Fatima were still being slowly unveiled and that anyone who thought Fatima's prophetic value was in the past deceives himself. By God's providence it is the popes themselves, up to and including Francis, who keep the Message of Fatima in the Church's limelight. Might this also be on account of conscience - knowing that collectively they have yet to obey Our Lady's heavenly message? Just this past month (May 2017), even Cardinal Burke and Bishop Athanasius have called for the proper consecration of Russia!

2017 June 6 (Episode 41) A Cover-Up That Failed
Although many thought that Fatima was 'over and done with' following the Vatican's publication of part of the Third Secret in 2000, various events in the last decade have brought it back into the Church's limelight. The first crack in the Curia's attempted cover-up was Archbishop Capovilla's admission that there are two envelopes, each containing one of the two parts of the Third Secret. Cardinal Bertone attempted to smooth this over with a book, live TV interview, and radio interview. In their respective books, both Antonio Socci and Christopher Ferrara have adeptly shown how these attempts contain further contradictions and misinformation. Thus, it has become patently obvious that the truth is not being disclosed and that the Secret of Fatima still remains hidden.

2017 May 30 (Episode 40) Sr. Lucia and the Pirates
On several occasions it has been shown that false information has been attributed to Sister Lucia; for example, that she claimed the Consecration of Russia was accomplished or that the entirety of the Third Secret was revealed. We have incidents of such deceptions in 1982, 1989 and 1992. Yet perhaps the most significant and incriminating of these was the summary of an interview of Sr. Lucia conducted by Archbishop Bertone in 2001. The use of ambiguous language, the absence of digital recording, the lack of testimony by other witnesses, the unofficial means of publicizing the report, and other irregularities, all indicate that something is gravely amiss and intentionally being hidden. It is important for us to be familiar with the specific details so that we can help dispel the errors and darkness which shroud the true and complete Message of Our Lady at Fatima.

2017 May 25 (Episode 39) This Present Darkness
The present darkness that has engulfed our world and Church is quite clearly a consequence of disobedience to God, and specifically, disobedience to the Message which Our Lady brought us at Fatima. There have been countless 'missed opportunities' when Russia could have been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Yet the devil has employed misdirection, deceit, and cunning words - even veiled by naturally good human intentions - to cloud, confuse and bury the Message of Fatima.

2017 May 9 (Episode 38) Papal Ambiguity on Fatima
The Vatican named Fr. Joaquin Alonso (+1981) as Fatima's official historian; yet they've never allowed his work to be published. This strongly suggests that the Message of Fatima has an ever more important role to play today. Some argue that popes JP2 and Benedict were great supporters of Fatima and others claim they were adversaries. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. The evidence seems to suggest they were supportive of Fatima, but not of every aspect of the Message. It is also quite possible they changed their perspective over time. Most likely, we will never have sufficient information to arrive at an incontrovertible opinion on this question.

2017 May 2 (Episode 37) Conspiracy of Silence
Two very helpful books in understanding how a conspiracy of silence has surrounded a portion of the Third Secret of Fatima since 2000 are (1) The Fourth Secret of Fatima by Antonio Socci and (2) The Secret Still Hidden by Christopher Ferrara. They present sufficient evidence, from high-ranking Church witnesses who have read the Secret, which demonstrates that there is an explosive and terrible portion of the Third Secret which has yet to be revealed.

2017 Apr 26 (Episode 36) A Deficient Vatican Interpretation
On 26 June 2000, the Vatican released a dossier entitled "The Message of Fatima" in which was revealed the Vision of The Third Secret and a supposed "official" interpretation of that Vision. However, there are numerous problems, omissions, and inconsistencies with this interpretation. Many Catholic supporters of Fatima do not realize that Cardinal Ratzinger explicitly stated that this Vatican interpretation is not meant to be binding upon anyone. Moreover, in 2010, the same Pope Benedict stated that the prophecies of Fatima are yet to be fulfilled, Thus, we can be certain that the 2000 interpretation is deficient and we ought to be familiar with its inadequacies.

2017 Apr 18 (Episode 35) Martyrdom of the Pope
Today we conclude our discussion of the Vision of the Third Secret, highlighting its intrinsic link to the Mystery of the Passion of the Mystical Body of Christ, to the Mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and to the Vision of Tuy. We attempt to provide insights into what the following prophetic details may mean: The pope struggles through a devastated city, prays for many souls, climbs a hill with a Cross and is there executed by soldiers with bullets and arrows. An organized mass execution of Catholics then follows. Two angels stand beneath the arms of the Cross and collect the blood of the martyrs in aspergillums. We conclude by beginning a discussion that demonstrates the Third Secret of Fatima has two parts: the Vision and Words of Our Lady which explain and elaborate upon the Vision. This second part remains unrevealed to this day.

2017 Apr 11 (Episode 34) Vision of the Third Secret
On 13 May 2000, the Vatican revealed the Vision of the Third Secret of Fatima (the words of Our Lady which explain the Vision have yet to be revealed). The Vision has many important details which all of us need to read more carefully, pay more attention to and reflect upon prayerfully. In this podcast, we offer a personal interpretation of the Vision because, after all, the Vatican formally declared no one was bound to the interpretation they released in 2000. We are convinced the revelation should not be reduced to the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in 1981. Instead our interpretation focuses on many details that are specifically Catholic, the Vision’s chiastic structure (a structure found throughout the Sacred Scriptures), and the personages of the angel with a flaming sword and the mysterious bishop dressed in white.

2017 Apr 3 (Episode 33) Mystery of Iniquity
St. Paul’s teaches the Thessalonians about the Mystery of Iniquity (2 Thes 2). He warns of a revolution, a great deception, and false worship - all of which will accompany the coming of antichrist (once he is no longer held back by some great grace). Nevertheless, God allows these trials to test us, that we may prove our love for Him. St. Paul exhorts us to stand fast and hold on to our traditions! Let us also consider the error of “lived tradition,” the pattern of revolution, the vision of Pope St. Pius X, and why Our Lady chose to place this part of the Message of Fatima in the context of a “secret.”

2017 Mar 26 (Episode 32) Apocalypse 12-13
Today we begin a special four podcast series on Catholic Prophecy. In particular, we will read and discuss the 12th and 13th chapters of the Apocalypse. This study is prompted by Sister Lucia's indication that the Message of Fatima is contained within the 7th - 13th chapters of that Sacred Book. Today we will consider the multi-layered symbolism in that book, the connection between the Two Beasts and the diabolical revolution, and the Passion of the Church.

2017 Mar 18 (Episode 31) The Living Secret
The dynamic of revolution involves sophisticated deception and wave upon wave of increasing disorder. It also relies on creating a milieu where many who think they oppose the revolution unwittingly further its cause. If men are fooled by the illusion that they are “free” and succumb to growing immorality, then they are lulled into an apathy that makes them ripe for enslavement. Those who claim Fatima is over and done with actually help promote a great deception, albeit perhaps unknowingly. In reviewing the three main parts of the Fatima Secret, we can be certain that the entirety of Our Lady’s Message is yet to be revealed.

2017 Mar 7 (Episode 30) The Grand Convergence
Do we know what the errors of Russia are? Some think they are merely political or economic but the errors run far deeper into the moral and spiritual realms. Under the Solidarity Movement, JP2 worked towards a Hegelian synthesis of Communism and post-V2 Catholicism. However, such an effort ran directly against the teachings of his predecessors popes St. Pius X, Pius XI and Pius XII. Fellows calls this papal vision of JP2 the Grand Conversion which advances the “cause of man” uniting all here on earth in a ‘civilization of love’ with peace, brotherhood, and human dignity for all (a variation on the destructive themes of the French Revolution). Yet such an ideal will not be realized here on earth because it fails to advance the “cause of God.” The rotting fruits of this illusory effort are seen today all over the world as Russia remains unconverted and her diabolical errors have spread to every nation and religion on earth.

2017 Mar 1 (Episode 29) The Other Master
If we only consider those things said and approved by the hierarchy, it is patently obvious that there is much regarding Fatima which remains concealed and unfulfilled. For example, we consider the Ratzinger Report and some of JP2's post-1984 actions. Is it possible that Glasnost, Perestroika and the Fall of the Iron Curtain are part of a diabolical deception?

2017 Feb 23 (Episode 28) Russia Remains Unconsecrated
In 1929, Our Lord commanded that Russia be consecrated, in a specific manner, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Pope, in union with all Catholic Bishops is to consecrate Russia by name in a public ceremony. To date, eight popes have failed to obey God in this most important matter and Russia remains unconsecrated. Today we examine the insufficient attempts made by JP2 (including 1984) and begin to attempt to understand the reasons behind this failure.

2017 Feb 17 (Episode 27) The Warsaw Heresy
John Paul I had the shortest papacy in history and there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding his death; many believe he was murdered. After his death, Karol Wojtyla, the Cardinal of Cracow, was elected pope. He was not a “conservative” but part of the “progressive” group at Vatican II. Following Vatican II, he held a synod in Cracow (1) To help his flock recognize that the fundamental aspects of the Council were ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue; and (2) To facilitate the adaptation of the pre-conciliar Church to the conciliar Church and the conciliar Church to the modern world. Thus, we see JP2 applying a Hegelian dialectic to provide a new understanding of what the Church is. During this time, the Communists in Poland were actively engaged in much disinformation to convince the world of the Warsaw Heresy, namely that Catholicism and Communism could co-exist and meld into one.

2017 Jan 31 (Episode 26) Diabolical Disorientation
A term coined by Sister Lucia which accurately describes the grave crisis in the Church today is “diabolical disorientation.” For more than a century, Our Lady has been pleading with mankind to stop sinning and offending God so much. The good and evil have largely ignored her words and man’s sin has greatly increased. This increase in sin has in turn given the devil the “right” to request more power and time from God to try and destroy the Church and drag many souls to hell. The post-conciliar papal vision of a utopia based on universal brotherhood and human dignity is the devil’s illusion. Only obedience to Our Lady’s message at Fatima can stop the spread of evil. Four themes that run through Sr. Lucia’s letters are (1) Pray the Rosary every day, (2) the devil preys on those who fail to pray, (3) the Church hierarchy have failed in their responsibility, (4) and we have to pray and do penance for those suffering from the diabolical disorientation.

2017 Jan 23 (Episode 25) The Cult of Man
A dichotomy seems to surround the post conciliar popes, for some consider them “liberal” and others “conservative.” Yet these conflicted popes can’t be pigeonholed by labels because ambiguity, i.e. an oscillation between orthodoxy and heterodoxy, is a tell-tale sign of the modernist. Paul VI spoke of the Church’s auto-destruction, yet never identified its root causes nor acknowledged the part he played. Those root causes include (1) the ‘new theology,’ which blurs the distinction between nature and grace; (2) the promotion of the cult of man; (3) and the policy of ‘ostpolitik,’ which attempts to appease communism instead of opposing the “errors of Russia.”

2017 Jan 11 (Episode 24) Scandalous Actions of Paul VI
In 1963, Paul VI read the Third Secret of Fatima but never spoke of it in public; he then had it announced that the Secret would never be revealed. In the following years, Paul VI renounced the papal tiara, gave away the Shepherd’s Crook and Fisherman’s Ring, and returned the Standard of Lepanto to the Muslims. He went on to rescind the Oath Against Modernism and abolish the Index of Forbidden Books. He restructured the Curia and placed the Secretary of State above the Holy Office (CDF). Then in 1969, Montini promulgated the New Mass and began working towards the extinction of the true Catholic Mass. It is thus that the ramparts of the Church were demolished from within and the path laid open for the spread of heresy, loss of faith and the mass apostasy we are suffering under today.

2016 Dec 29 (Episode 23) The Spirit of V2 Opposes the Spirit of Fatima
Author Mark Fellows masterfully demonstrates how the "Spirit of Vatican II" opposes the "Spirit of Fatima." The later is filled with unique and quintessentially Catholic realities - truths which our world so desperately needs today. The former is filled with modernism, ecumenism, collegiality, religious indifferentism, and the appeasement of protestantism and communism. The Message of Fatima is God's solution for peace and grace in our contemporary world, whereas the elusive "Spirit of Vatican 2" is man's attempt to create a human utopia on earth apart from God's plan. It is doomed to fail because it is the Revolution against God entering into the Church.