Ten Commandments (5 CD’s)


This product contains the complete set of 5 CD’s from the entire Lenten parish mission. The titles are:

[1] God’s Law and Love (Day 1)
[2] God’s Signified Will (Day 2)
[3] The First Commandment (Day 3)
[4] The Second and Third Commandments (Day 4)
[5] The Fourth through Sixth Commandments (Day 5)

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The Ten Commandments
2010 Lenten Parish Mission Talks - Fr. Michael Rodríguez

Theme of Mission: God's Love is clearly manifested in His Law. Christ taught us: "If you love Me, keep My Commandments" (Jn 14:15). Sadly, many Catholics see God’s Law negatively. In response, Father illuminates the beauty and joy of living in accordance with God’s signified will.

When the rich young man asked Jesus what he had to do to gain eternal life, Our Lord reminded him to keep the Commandments (cf. Matthew 19). Being faithful to God's holy Law is but a 'first step' in living the Christian life. Yet how many Catholics do not even know the Ten Commandments by heart? We can't live what we don't know. Therefore, these mission talks are essential for everyone.

Fortunately, Father speaks at a level which is easy enough for even the uninitiated to understand, but also deep enough for life-long Catholics to be greatly edified. He not only provides the traditional teaching of the Church in a clear unambiguous way, but he explains the reasons and motives behind the teaching. He also narrates examples from the lives of the saints and shares many other practical examples.

In particular, Father focuses on how we need to pray for a heart and will which desire to fulfill God's Law because we know, in faith, that this obedience is essential to His Divine Love (how He loves us and how we love Him in return). Father provides prayers and tools for meditation so as to grow in this much needed grace. These mission talks also serves as a helpful guide in examining one’s conscience.

Note: On account of a lack of time, Father was only able to provide instruction on the first six Commandments. (Later, the Foundation sponsored a class in which all Ten Commandments were covered in depth and these talks are also available.)