Our Right to the TLM (4 CD’s)


This product contains the complete set of 4 CD’s from the entire course. The titles are:

[1] St. Pius V’s Quo Primum
[2] John Paul II’s Ecclesia Dei
[3] Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum
[4] Benedict XVI’s Universæ Ecclesiæ

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Basic Introduction to Magisterial Documents that Guarantee the Traditional Latin Mass for ALL the Faithful given by Mr. David Rodríguez, M. Th. - Four CD Audio Set

This is the fifth course on the series on the Holy Mass

By virtue of our Baptism, every Catholic has the right to the Traditional Latin Mass! This right is inseparable from the perennial patrimony of our Catholic heritage. Most simply, this is because the Traditional Latin Mass is part of God's divine revelation to man regarding right worship. It has been offered - effectively unchanged - since well before the time of Pope St. Gregory the Great(+604). The most hallowed parts of the Mass, such as the Roman Canon, originated in the first centuries of Christianity. Countless saints have been formed in their faith by this Mass. Moreover, irrevocable papal legislation guarantees that every Catholic has the right to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Did you know that Pope St. Pius V infallibly declared that the Traditional Latin Mass was never to be altered, always had to be available for all Catholics, and that no priest could ever be punished for offering the Traditional Latin Mass? He also issued strong curses, condemnations, upon anyone who would try to alter this sacred liturgy. Did you know that even Pope John Paul II affirmed the Traditional Latin Mass had never been abrogated? Did you know that Pope Benedict promulgated legislation reaffirming this right and clearly stating that every priest has this right and it does not depend on any permission from his bishop, or even permission from the Pope? Did you know that Pope Benedict decreed a bishop was obligated to provide the Traditional Latin Mass to any stable group of faithful who requested it? Yet sadly most bishops throughout the world continue to make it difficult for the faithful to have access to the Traditional Latin Mass and many priests are unwilling or hesitant to offer the Traditional Latin Mass. This is a clear sign of a deep crisis in the Church and grave disobedience among the hierarchy. It should spur us to do all we can to recover and restore all our Catholic Tradition!

In this series, you will learn how to explain and defend the Church's authentic teaching - from a theological and canonical perspective - regarding the right of every single baptized Catholic to worship God through the Traditional Latin Mass.