Ninety-Nine Left Behind (6 CD’s)


This product contains the complete pilgrimage mission on 6 CD’s:

[1] Ninety-Nine Angels
[2] An Angelic Spirituality
[3] The Church, St. Joan, and Types
[4] Catholics Living in the Smog of Gomorrah
[5] The Great Siege of Malta
[6] God is in Heaven, He Does What He Wills

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Ninety-Nine Left Behind
2016 Pilgrimage Conference - Fr. Ioannes Petrus
(to Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador)

Exhortation: Have you ever wondered what the ninety-nine sheep went through while their Shepherd was away seeking that one lost sheep? Did they get along without the Shepherd around? What were they supposed to be doing while He was away? Throughout salvation history, there have been many times when it seems that Our Lord, the Good Shepherd, the Shepherd of shepherds, went away for a spell. During this time the storms seem to rage and the water rises, such that divisions, weaknesses, and even golden calves are revealed. Even relatives and friends are at odds with each other. What can be done? Many Saints have been here before us. They reveal a survivor spirituality that calms the winds and the waves and helps the Good Shepherd return with the one lost sheep.

Quick Summary: The Church Fathers point out that the Ninety-Nine Left Behind are the good angels and the one lost sheep which Jesus went in search for is Adam (who stands for all fallen human men). We are living in the time of a terrible revolution which aims to destroy our world, our civilization, and, if it could, even the Church. In order to survive the moral filth and smog of this 21st century Sodom & Gomorroah, we need an angelic spirituality and the armor of saints. These talks will help prepare you to face the worsening crisis, to persevere in grace, and to grow in virtue.