Lives of the Saints (MP3)


This product contains three complete talks on one MP3 disc:
(1) St. Vincent Ferrer (24 tracks from the three CD set)
[1] His Life and Times
[2] His Divine Mission
[3] His Spirituality and Wisdom
(2) St. Athanasius (45 tracks from the six CD set)
[1] Fourth Century Christianity
[2] Council of Nicea
[3] Imperial Arians Strike Back
[4] Councils The Battleground
[5] Against the World
[6] Champion of Orthodoxy
(3) The Three Kings (15 tracks from the single CD set)

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The Life and Times of St. Vincent Ferrer (1350-1419)

As Christ's legate, this Spanish Dominican led an extraordinary apostolate that spanned all of Western Europe. He worked towards the conversion of Jews and Muslims with unparalleled zeal. He brought many lapsed Christians to contrite conversion and fervent penance. He helped heal rivalries among the Spanish nobility and prevented a civil war in Spain.

St. Vincent served as papal confessor until he lay on his deathbed. Yet Our Lord appeared to St. Vincent, in the company of St.Francis and St. Dominic, and commissioned him to preach the Last Judgment. Miraculously revived by Christ, and sanctioned by both the Roman and Avignon popes, St. Vincent spent the last twenty years of his life as an itinerant missionary. Huge multitudes followed him as he preached the End Times. St. Vincent is one of history's greatest miracle workers and he even resurrected numerous from the dead. It was through his wisdom and tireless efforts that the Great Western Schism was finally healed (those times when Christendom was plagued by two and three rival popes).

In his bull of canonization, Pius II affirmed that St. Vincent Ferrer was the Angel of the Apocalypse.

This three CD set informs Catholics about the life, work, and writings of our Foundation's patron saint. We desperately need the spirit of St. Vincent Ferrer in these troubled times. Our hope is that this audio presentation will help many people grow in their devotion to this amazing saint and pray for his aid and intercession.

Saint Athanasius (4th Century)

St. Athanasius the Great is the first Doctor of the Church. It is arguable that no other saint (outside the Apostolic Age) has had a greater influence upon our understanding of the mysteries of the Holy Trinity and Incarnation. He is known as the Apostle of the Holy Trinity, Doctor of the Incarnation, Champion of Orthodoxy and Defender of Truth. He helped fashion the Nicene Creed to defend Catholic orthodoxy against the arch-heresy of Arianism (a denial that Jesus Christ is God). He stood up against mighty emperors and resisted the machinations of heretical bishops and malevolent churchmen. For many years, soldiers scoured the Egyptian deserts hunting him down with an imperial ‘death warrant.’ Nearly every bishop in the world (who formally remained head of his dioceses) signed a condemnation against St. Athanasius, refusing to hold communion with him, and even Pope Liberius [falsely] excommunicated him. As St. Jerome famously wrote, the world groaned in astonishment to find itself Arian and it was Athanasius against the world. Despite his greatness and importance, St. Athanasius remains a largely unknown saint today, ignored or forgotten by many Catholics. This six CD set informs Catholics about his life, work, writings and also provides an excellent summary of Catholic history in the 4th century. It was a highly tumultuous age and controversial time which had a decisive impact upon the development and growth of the Church. It also contains many parallels resembling our own age.

The Three Kings

Many of us are familiar with the fact that three gentile kings came to adore the Newborn King. They brought Him gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. We celebrate this feast each year on January 6, Epiphany. Their appearance in the Gospel is quite unexpected and their departure equally sudden. Who were they? What did they do before and after this great event of their lives? While such details are not contained in Sacred Scripture, Tradition does record their lives, including the fact that they became great bishops and saints. (The lack of scriptural details should not surprise us, as this hold true for many other great saints, including Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. John the Baptist, and the Apostles.) Knowledge of their life, and devotion to them, was quite popular in Catholic centuries past. However, our day and age which is so forgetful of past traditions (even intentionally abandoning or doubting them) has largely forgotten these saints. Many believers who actually accept their existence, simply consider them as three anonymous “wise men” or “magi.” Although tradition has even preserved some of their relics for twenty centuries, outside of the one event recorded in Matthew 2:1-13, the events of their life have been sadly relegated to the level of fable by most. Yet this was not always so! In this audio series we have gathered together the fascinating, rich, and miraculous history of St. Baltazar, St. Melchior, and St. Gaspar and hand-on some of the popular devotions associated with their feast.