Jesus Christ, His Love, My Perfection (MP3)


This product contains the complete course, all 49 tracks of the six CD set, on one MP3 disc. The titles of the six discs are:

[1] Introductory Sermons
[2] The Love of Christ Impels Us
[3] Four Ways to Grow in Christ’s Love
[4] Seek Christian Perfection
[5] Eight Means to Christian Perfection
[6] Eight Obstacles to Christian Perfection

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Jesus Christ, His Love, My Perfection
2017 Lenten Mission Talks by Fr. Michael Rodríguez - Six CD Audio Set

Theme of Mission: We can never sufficiently contemplate the eternal, perfect and infinite love that Jesus Christ has for us. The more we meditate upon this profound reality, the more we will seek to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect.

Exhortation: This mission presents foundational principles of the Christian spiritual life. If you strive to live according to the principles presented herein, you will indeed become the saint God desires you to be.

Summary: Charity consists in that God has first loved us and in that He has so greatly loved us. It is the love of God, particularly expressed through Jesus Christ, that enables us to even have the ability to love. Without knowing the love of God, man cannot love God, his neighbor, or even himself. Yet in order to have charity, one must first come to know Jesus Christ. This can only be done by "seeing" Him through Faith. As disciples of Christ, we must focus on His Person (The Word-made-flesh). Privileged means of coming to know Christ are the Gospels, the Mysteries of His life, the lives of the Saints, and the Church and her Sacraments. If we wish to profit spiritually from these means, then we must be guided by the Holy Ghost (authentic Church doctrine) and strive to be clean of heart. The charity of Christ will then in turn impel us to seek Christian perfection. In this mission we consider eight paths and eight obstacles to Christian Perfection. The path Christ trod is best expressed in the Beatitudes. It was by living according to those principles of perfection that every saint in fact became a saint.