Duties of State in Life (MP3)


This product contains all three courses on the Duties of State in Life: Men, Women, and Children. It includes all 115 tracks of the fourteen CD set on one MP3 disc. The titles of the fourteen classes are:

[1] Duties of Men as Husbands
[2] Duties of Men as Fathers
[3] Duties of Men as Providers

[4] Duties of Women – Introduction
[5] Esteem the Vocation of Woman
[6] Duties of Women as Wives
[7] Duites of Women as Mothers
[8] Mothers’ Mission to Sanctify
[9] Social Obligations of Women

[10] Filial Piety
[11] Pitfalls and Attacks
[12] Love Due to Parents
[13] The Plan
[14] Discerning Vocation

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Duties of State in Life
INTRODUCTION - The Sacred Heart of Jesus promised St. Margaret Mary that He would give those consecrated to Him all the graces necessary in their state of life. At Lourdes and Fatima, we have been commanded to do Penance! Penance! Penance! To clarify this repeated threefold request, His Majesty later came to Sr. Lucia dos Santos, saying: “the sacrifice required for every person is the fulfillment of his duties in life and the observance of My law. This is the penance that I now seek and require.” Many fail to complete this penance because they do not know their duties beyond those basic ones owed to God and His Church as indicated in the Ten Commandments and the Precepts of the Church. Here, then, we discuss the social duties of men, women and children according to reliable moral handbooks and catechisms, but principally from the writings of St. Peter Julian Eymard (cf., Eucharistic Handbook).

Duties of Men: Men have three principal roles in the family, that of Husband, Father and Provider. God has divinely decreed that the man is called to be the Head of his family and this is a heavy responsibility. The man ought to be the spiritual leader in his family. He must share the faith, work hard, give correction, and provide for his family. He must love his family, which means he does what is truly good for them no matter the sacrifice to himself. He puts the family's needs above his own desires. In order to attain Heaven, he must faithfully fulfill these duties.

Duties of Women: Woman has three principal roles in her family, that of Wife, Mother and Nourisher. She is the heart of the family and guardian of the home. Unfortunately, the majority of society no longer values the role of woman in accordance with the truth and beauty given to it by God. This is because the diabolical revolution that has flooded our age, spreading the errors of communism across the globe, ferociously attacks authentic femininity (the ancient serpent has always hated the woman and works hard to seduce her). Thus, we have to recover an esteem for true womanhood and restore feminine dignity. In order to attain Heaven, a woman will have to fight the currents of the world and faithfully fulfill her duties.

Duties of Sons and Daugthers: Parenting in this 'Age of Diabolical Disorientation' is a formidable challenge. The assaults of the devil and world are seemingly overwhelming. It is of paramount importance that children be formed in accordance with the virtues needed to live as faithful disciples of Christ. This course provides practical examples, numerous helps, and warns of pitfalls on the child's path of virtue. For example: how filial piety involves a love that is respectful, submissive and devoted; or how children have the obligations to honor, obey, and assist their parents. In addition, this course presents a plan by which parents can help their children steadily grow in virtue. It concludes by discussing the complex issue of discerning a vocation, a task all children must face as they mature into adulthood. Above all, parents are reminded to cooperate with God, trusting that He will provide the graces they need to help their children reach Heaven.