Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul (Set of 5 CD’s)


This product allows you to study just one part of the “Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul” course at a time. Each part includes 5 CD’s and focuses on one aspect of the process by which we come to know, love and abide in the Truth that is necessary for salvation. After studying one, if it has proved beneficial, you can choose to study another. The suggested donation starts is $13 per set.

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PART 1: LOVE THE TRUTH - Outside of the Truth, there is no salvation. The devil, father of lies, has unleashed a revolutionary torrent of errors against Truth. Many men do not see Truth for they are too enamored with their vice, and God sends them an operation of error. Our world today is blinded by a diabolical disorientation. Thus, we desperately need God's grace to desire, study, and love the Truth. In this course we consider: (1) Truth from a philosophical and theological perspective. (2) Our duties and obligation towards Truth. (3) The need to place Truth first and abide in the Truth in order to be saved. (4) The attack on Truth by modern philosophies. These have culminated in Modernism, the synthesis of all heresies, which is rampant in the secular and ecclesial societies.

PART 2: FAITH AND DOGMA - In His great mercy, God has entrusted to His Church, outside of which there is no salvation, saving truths known as dogmas - which are infallible, never change, and never fail. Since eternal salvation is one's FIRST concern, each person must make every effort to know these truths with certitude. Ultimately, this is based on Faith - a supernatural gift from God, without which "no man is pleasing to God" (Heb 11:6). Therefore, when the true Faith is attacked, changed or mitigated, then our very salvation is at risk. In this course we consider: (1) What is absolutely essential to remain within the only Ark of Salvation, the Catholic Church. (2) The nature of true Faith, which must be preserved whole and entire. (3) How one can know the saving dogmas with certitude. (4) The necessary foundation faithful Catholics need to resist the heresies being promoted today. (5) And a study of the Church's Apostolic Constitution on Faith, Dei Filius, from the First Vatican Council.

PART 3: THE MAGISTERIUM AND THE DEPOSIT OF FAITH - The Holy Ghost transmits the Deposit of Faith, with absolute fidelity, to all generations of Catholics through magisterial teaching and papal infallibility.Yet in these times of rampant heresy, pseudo-doctrines, and para-magisteriums, it is incumbent upon all Catholics to know the characteristics of, and criteria for, infallible teaching. In this course we consider: (1) The nature and character of papal infallibility. (2) A proper understanding of the living Magisteirum and development of doctrine, two terms grossly abused by modernists. (3) The duty of Catholics to recognize legitimate Church authority and to resist all doctrinal error. (4) True obedience as framed by the correct hierarchies of authority and obedience. (5) And a study of the Church's Apostolic Constitution on the Papacy, Pastor Aeternus, from the First Vatican Council.