Catholic Prophecy (MP3)


This product contains the complete class, all 53 tracks of the seven CD set, on one MP3 disc. The titles of the seven classes are:

[1] The Importance of Private Revelation
[2] A Great Monarch and a Holy Pontiff
[3] The Coming Chastisement, Councils and the Blessed Mother
[4] Crisis in the Church
[5] False Religion
[6] Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich
[7] Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success

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Class on the Coming Chastisement and Glorious Future Flourishing of the Catholic Church given by David V. Rodríguez. M.Th.

Our Lady has promised ‘In the end Russia will be converted, my Immaculate Heart will reign, and the world will be granted a period of peace.’ Yet, as the situation in our world and our Church steadily grows worse, many wonder if, how, or when this promise will be fulfilled. In this class, we study prophecies which address this issue. The sources studied come from dozens of approved Church apparitions and canonized, blessed and venerable saintly men and women (most of which have been compiled by Mr. Yves Dupont in his work Catholic Prophecy [TAN, 1970]). When all these individual prophecies are viewed together as a whole, their consistency and harmony, as well as their correlation to prophecies in Sacred Scripture, is remarkable! They form a compelling argument for credible belief and greatly encourage the supernatural virtue of hope.

Topics include: the importance and role of private revelation, the diabolical global revolution, infiltration and attacks against the Church, the signs and calamities of the coming chastisement, the Passion which the Church must endure, the Three Days of Darkness, the great future monarch and holy pontiff, the glorious triumph of the Catholic Church throughout the world, and prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success.

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