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(1) For the spiritual and temporal needs of Fr. Michael Rodríguez; and that God may grant Father the wisdom and patience to discern His Divine Will and the fortitude to carry it out.

(2) For the restoration and growth of Traditional Catholic parish life in El Paso, Las Cruces, and all over the world.

(3) For our Pope, our Bishop, and all members of the Church hierarchy, that they will faithfully uphold the Deposit of Faith and all our holy Catholic tradition.


For a traditional parish, or at least a regular Sunday and weekly Traditional Latin Mass, in:
- Austin (Texas) St. Augustine, pray for them.(Joreen) Posted 24 July 2015
- Quito (Ecuador) Mother Mariana, pray for them.(Quito Pilgrims) Posted 9 Feb 2015
- Presidio and Shafter (Texas) Bl. Maria of Agreda, pray for them.(115+ Faithful) Posted 1 Nov 2014
- Lubbock (Texas) St. Stephen Martyr, pray for them.(Astrid) Posted 28 July 2014
- La Paz (Baja California del Sur, México) Nuestra Señora de La Paz, ora pro nobis! (Barbara) Posted 1 June 2014
- Waco (Texas) St. Thomas Aquinas, ora pro nobis! (Antonio) Posted 29 May 2014
- Boise (Idaho) St. Leonard of Port Maurice, ora pro nobis! (June) Posted 1 Jan 2013


For N. (name of seminarian); O Holy Ghost, grant him perseverance, wisdom, and the grace to become a holy priest.
- Kyle Boor
- José Eduardo Limón
- Martín García
- David Ramírez
- William Rock
- Oscar Torres
- Jesús Valenzuela
- Luke Washiko

For N. (name of sister); O Holy Ghost, grant her fidelity in her vows, the grace to live perfect chastity, poverty and obedience, and the grace to be a holy religious
- For Sr. Philomena de Sacris Vulneribus Iesu, OSB (She took final vows on 25 Oct 2015)
- For Sr. Maria Irenea della Madonna di Guadalupe, SFI
- For Sr. Mary Martin, OP (she took the veil on 19 Jan 2016)
- For Ambar Garcia, Franciscan Nuns in Guatemala (entered 1 Jan 2017)


Réquiem ætérnam dona eis, Dómine, et lux perpétua lúceat eis. Requiéscant in pace. Amen. For the eternal repose of the souls of:

- Fr. Nicholas Gruner, + 29 April 2015. who was a great "apostle of Fatima."
- Fr. Peter Carota, a diocesan priest who recovered and restored Tradition, + 8 July 2016.
- Fr. Gabriel Amorth,, chief exorcist for the Diocese of Rome, + 16 Sept 2016.
- Fr. Kenneth Walker, FSSP (age 23) + 11 June 2014. Murdered in rectory, in Phoenix, AZ.
- Don Wells + 6 January 2017 (Estella, wife)
- Daniel Check + 29 May 2016 (Thomas, son)
- Mary Ann Scott + 12 April 2016 (Theresa, daughter)
- Maria Antonieta Gracia Terrazas + 7 April 2016 (Astrid, daughter-in-law)
- Luisito Jovita + 10 February 2016 (Jenny, niece)
- Leonor Carbajal + 15 January 2016 (Astrid, daugther)
- Julieto Belocura + 22 December 2015 (Jerome, brother)
- Fausto Rodríguez + 5 December 2015 (Alejandrina, daugther)
- Gene Johnson + 27 November 2015 (Will, stepson)
- Anita Aguilera + 13 August 2015 (Martha, daugther)
- Irene McKay + 15 March 2015 (Beatrice, sister)
- Vernon Walter (CJ, sister)
- Soledad Ureña + 18 Feb 2015 (Fabiola, granddaughter)
- Josephina Manuela Chávez + 12 Feb 2015 (Ruben, grandson)
- Jesús García + 25 Jan 2015 (Elvia, daughter)
- June Eloise Garza Leyendecker + 20 Nov 2014. (aunt of Manny Garza)
- Esther López (mother-in-law of Virginia, grandmother of Margarita)
- Richard Lazarin (Aurora Alvarado, sister)
- Rosalinda Simon (Jenny Caranto, niece)
- Thomas D. Rivera + 18 July 2104 (Karen, daughter)
- Cresencia Juanitas Gattis (Noel Gattis, son)
- Margaret Dillenburg + May 19, 2014. (Brother Paschal, son)
- Randy Siqueiros + 13 Sept 2013. (Elizabeth, sister)
- Nellie Marquez + 6 March 2013. (Sister Philomena, daughter)


- For the health of Espy López, for the health of Gabriel García and for the conversion of H. Garza. (Maria) Posted 4 Oct 2016

- For my husband, Michael, who has found himself without work. May Our Lady care for all the details of this difficult situation. (Emily) Posted 27 Sept 2016

- For my mother, Carleen, who had a stroke four months ago. For my father, Bill, who had a stroke five days ago. For their children, especially William, to have the grace and wisdom to know how and what to handle. For assistance in all the crosses surrounding this most difficult situation. (Emily) Posted 16 Sept 2016

- For my family and for healing in my marriage. For my son, his marriage, and children, that God may place them and keep them in a state of grace.(Karen) Posted 23 Aug 2016

- For Shayne who has had surgery to repair a venous aneurysm in the pelvic region which was unsuccessful; for his healing by a miracle if it be God's will. (Lorraine, mother) Posted 15 Aug 2016

- For Anna Deny and her miscarried baby. (Kamela, mother) Posted 10 Aug 2016

- For Barbara, who has been diagnosed with stage four cancer; for her healing by a miracle if it be God's will, for her peace, and for a holy death. (Gerard, friend) Posted 9 Aug 2016

- For the marriage of David and Renae, that they will be faithful to their marriage vows and overcome any and all obstacles to persevere in the marital bond until death do them part. (Renae H.) Posted 30 Apr 2016

- For Eddie Saucedo who is sick asnd unable to keep his food down. (Elizabeth, niece) Posted 8 Apr 2016

- For Renee Lovine, that if it be God's will she may be cured of her illnesses which have no known cures, and that she may offer all her sufferings in reparation for sins. Posted 8 Apr 2016

- That Drew may receive a job in construction so he can make a living and support his family.(Carlos) Posted 15 Mar 2016

- For my father, Michael, who is critically ill after a major heart operation. (Damian) Posted 9 Mar 2016

- Please pray for healing of my brain injury, of my diabetes, and various other illnesses; also that I may better serve the Lord and for our apostolate of "Mercy House;" and for my mother, Angela, and my dear friend, Avril. (Gerard McGoldrick) Posted 8 Mar 2016

- For Tony Diaz, his health and recovery. St. Anthony, pray for him! (David) Posted 10 June 2014, renewed 1 March 2016

- For the Chicago Headquarters of the Institute of Christ the King, as they experienced a fire on Ocobter 7, Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. (Lori) Posted 12 Oct 2015, Renewed 1 March 2016

- For the marriage and family of Stanley Salvador and Elizabeth Pires. (Stanley) Posted 22 Feb 2016

- For Emily and Amanda, that they may return to a regular and faithful practice of the faith and always be in a state of grace. (Elaine, mother) Posted 1 Jan 2016

- For my wife and my son in utero, that he may have a safe and healthy birth. (Tyler N.) Posted 17 Dec 2015

- For my ailing mother, Lillian Johnson. (Will J.) Posted 06 Dec 2015

- For my son Joseph Brian who is in rehabilitation and for my health. (Sally G.) Posted 01 Dec 2015

- In thanksgiving for continued health for Catalina Siqueiros (Elizabeth, daughter) Posted 01 Dec 2015

- For the Cascio family. They have four young children and Michelle, mom, is pregnant. She has been diagnosed with a terrible illness. In particular, we seek the intercession of Our Lady of Good Success and Mother Mariana that she may be miraculously cured. (David R.) Posted 01 Dec 2015

- For the conversion of Kevin R. (Mother-in-law) Posted 01 Dec 2015

- That Christ may bestow His divine mercy, grant me job security, and bless my family with good health and grace for the glory of His Name. (Charles O.) Posted 01 Dec 2015

- For all family members who have fallen away from the holy Catholic faith, for conversion of Shay and for my daughter, Melissa, who is pregnant. (Janet) Posted 2 Sept 2015

- For the conversion of James Roberts, who has been fighting cancer for the past five years. (Anonyomous) Posted 25 July 2015

- For the Coking Family. Their two year old son Charlie has been diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. The family is devastated. Please keep his parents and twin sister in your prayers. (Anonyomous) Posted 25 July 2015

- I am a 63 year old grandmother living paycheck to paycheck. My car broke down and I lost my job since I could not get to work. I have no income presently and my rent is due. Please pray that I can find an honest mechanic and a way to fix my car so I can find another job. I am close to being homeless. (Anonyomous) Posted 13 July 2015

- Facing serious illness and the prospect of losing my home, I humbly request prayers for security, healing and peace of mind as I grow older. (Andrew) Posted 11 May 2015

- For my children and family in Haiti. (Claudette) Posted 8 May 2015

- For my cousin. Lord let not his heart be troubled. (Cedric) Posted 28 Apr 2015

- For James and Judith Butler James is in very had health and suffers from the effects of agent orange. For Gregory and Wendy Butler, who homeschool their eight children, four of whom have special needs. Wendy suffers from poor health. (Maryanne) Posted 29 Mar 2015

- For Abigail Cardona, who is a single mother with an 8 yr old boy living in Thailand. She is currently very ill with hardly any money for medical expenses. To make matters worse, her teaching contract with her current employer is not being renewed (it ends on March 13) and she has not yet found a new employer. (Jenny, cousin) Posted 11 Mar 2015

- For St. Michael Parish in Atlantic City, NJ, that our Blessed Mother will intercede to prevent the Church from closing. (Elaine) Posted 9 Feb 2015

- For the health of Manuel and Andrea Colmenero. They are both ill and their health is deteriorating. Please pray for hte family, especially their daugther, Velia. (Joseph V) Posted 29 Jan 2015

- For Linda who is very ill and also her daughter Jennifer who lost her 21 yr. old son to suicide. (Maryann Andrade) Posted 17 Jan 2015

- For Isabel Duarte, that the doctors may employ whatever dialysis procedure will work best for her. (Irma, mom) Posted 21 Dec 2014

- For the guidance of the Holy Ghost, that He may grant my husband Fernando the job Christ deems appropriate and best for our family. That my children will not be influenced by anyone who might take them away from Christ or the True Faith, and especially that they may be preserved from any occult influences. That all of our family will be and remain in a state of grace. (DeAngelis) Posted 17 Sep 2014

- For my sister Bridget, that she will experience a true conversion. Also for my parents, Joe and Sue, and for Patrick and Andrew, and Brenda, and for all my family - that they may all accept the true moral teachings of the Catholic Church and live in accordance with them. For a greater imitation of Thee, O Immaculata, ora pro nobis! (Melissa Collins) Posted June 7, 2014

- That my family, those I love and all the members of our community will reach heaven. That my physical sufferings may serve for their salvation and sanctification. (Ruben Borrego) Posted May 18, 2014


- In thanksgiving, especially to our Lady of Good Success for a prayer answered in the birth and baptism of Mariana Lucia Bernadette, born on 14 Jan at 1950hrs, 10lbs 2oz, 23". (David and Rosie) Posted 17 Jan 2015

- In thanksgiving for the birth and baptism of Lucia María Guadalupe de Jesús, born on 27 Dec. (Rudy and Xochitl) Posted 16 Jan 2015

- In thanksgiving for the birth and baptism of Bernadette Marie Cabrini born on 3 Dec. (Raul and Lizette) Posted 15 Jan 2015

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