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St. Margaret of Hungary (1242 -1271) was a Dominican nun and related by blood to numerous other Hungarian saints. MIRACULOUS BIRTH AND CONSECRATION Margaret was the daughter of King Béla IV and Queen Maria Laskarina. She was the eighth of ten children and the youngest daugther. She was born at Klis Fortress in the Kingdom of Croatia. At the time her conception, Hungary was under imminent threat of destruction from the terrible scourge of the pagan Tartars. Thus her royal parents consecrated ... Read more


St. Marcarius, the Elder, of Egypt (+390 AD) The name Macarius derives from macha, skillfulness, and ares, virtue, meaning “one skilled in virtue.” St. Macarius the Elder is often confused with St. Macarius of Alexandria. Both lived in the same part of the world around the same time and supervised monks, thus the confusion is understandable. It is particularly difficult for scholars to agree on how to assign authorship of extant writings attributed to Macarius. However, the life and works of St. ... Read more


St. Paul of Thebes is known as the First Christian Hermit. St. Paul of Thebes (lower Egypt), also known as St. Paul the Anchorite, is considered by many to be the very first Christian Hermit. May often attribute this honor mistakenly to St. Antony, but it was this great desert Father himself who gave the Christian world knowledge of St. Paul. Much of our saint’s life has been preserved by the great Church Doctor, Hermit and Biblical Scholar, St. Jerome in his ... Read more


St. Veronica, Virgin of Milan and Augustinian Nun (1445 - 13 Jan 1497) A MOST PIOUS YOUTH St. Veronica was born in the small village of Binasco, ten miles southwest from Milan, Italy. Her parents were extremely poor but they were hard-working and very pious. Her father worked in the fields and was known to be incredibly honest. For example, he would never sell an animal without disclosing all of its faults or imperfections to the buyer. Because she was so poor, she ... Read more


St. Theodosius the Cenobiarch (423-529) HEARING THE CALL St Theodosius was born in Mogarissos, a village in Cappadocia, in 423 (modern day central Turkey). St. Basil the Great had lived and governed this land. His parents were both very pious. Meditating upon the Sacred Scriptures, he was inspired by the example of Abraham, our Father in Faith. The Holy Ghost urged him to leave his family, his country and everything he knew. In total trust he abandoned himself to the providence by ... Read more

ST. WILLIAM – Jan 10

St. William, Confessor Cistercian Abbot and Archbishop of Bourges (+ 1209 AD) FORMATION FOR SANCTITY FROM INFANCY St. William Berruyer came from an illustrious and wealthy French family and was a descendant of the counts of Nevers. His pious parents had him receive his formation and education under the tutelage of Peter the Hermit, Archdeacon of Soissons (this saintly man was William’s uncle). Thus, from his infancy, William learned to disdain the vanities of the world and tremble at its danger. As ... Read more


THE CONCLUSION TO THE STORY OF THE THREE KINGS - PART IV [Read Part III] All their life, the Three Kings remained celibate, quite contrary to the custom of their peoples. They built a chapel upon the Hill of Vaus (Victory Hill) and St. Thomas consecrated the chapel. There they preached to all the people concerning the Christian Faith and the Star which had appeared to them. Their fame became so great and spread to so many lands that people came from far ... Read more

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

THE STORY OF THE THREE KINGS - PART III [Read Part II -- Read Part IV] As we know the Angel also spoke to St. Joseph in a dream warning him to take the Holy Family and flee to Egypt until Herod had died and could no longer hurt the Newborn King. He and our Lady promptly obeyed. When Mary arose, she bound together in a cloth the gifts which the Three Kings had given them and took them with her. But somewhere ... Read more

Three Kings Adore Christ Child

THE STORY OF THE THREE KINGS - PART II [Read Part I -- Read Part III] The three Kings journeyed to Jerusalem, each his own way with his own company. Yet as they neared the city, dark clouds covered the earth and they lost sight of the Star. In this event, the prophecy of Isaiah was fulfilled: "Arise, be enlightened, O Jerusalem: for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. For behold darkness shall cover the ... Read more

The Star of Bethlehem

THE STORY OF THE THREE KINGS - PART I [Read Part II] Many of us are familiar with the fact that three gentile kings came to adore the Newborn King. They brought Him gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. We celebrate this feast each year on January 6, Epiphany. Their appearance in the Gospel is quite unexpected and their departure equally sudden. Who were they? What did they do before and after this great event of their lives? While such details are not ... Read more
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